Title Ref: *3
First name(s)
George Charles Winter
Position(s) held at King's College London Ref: *5
  • Lecturer of Classical Literature, 1874-1879
  • Evening Class Lecturer of Latin, 1874-1896
  • Evening Class Lecturer of Greek, 1874-1896
  • Evening Class lecturer of Ancient History, 1879-1885
  • Lectures for Ladies at Kensington, 1879-1885
  • Professor of Classical Literature, 1879-1901
  • Dean of General Literature and Science Department, 1880-1882
  • Lecturer of Ancient history in the King's College Ladies Dept, 1885-1899
  • Lecturer of Latin in the King's College Ladies Dept, 1885-1893
  • Lecturer in advanced Greek in the King's Coll. Ladies Dept, 1895-1899
  • Dean in general Literature and Science Department, 1898-1899
  • Lecturer of Greek to the King's College Ladies Department
  • Dean of the Faculty of Arts

Education & professional details

School, college and/or university attended Refs: *1 *5

Royal Institution School, Liverpool, Cambridge University, Christ's College 1865, Trinity College 1866, Scholar 1867

Qualifications Refs: *3 *5

B.A.1869; M.A.

Position(s) held (non King's College London)
  • Assistant Master of St.Paul's School 1869-1870;
  • Professor of Latin at Queen's College, Harley Street 1884-1901.
Publications Refs: *2 *4


  • The Tale of Troy: scenes and tableaux from the Iliad and Odyssey of Homer, represented at Cromwell House, etc. [Greek text, with translation into English verse by G. C. Warr], London: Spottiswoode & Co., 1883
  • Echoes of Hellas. The Tale of Troy and the Story of Orestes from Homer and Aeschylus. With introductory essay and sonnets by Prof. G. C. Warr ... Presented in 82 designs by W. Crane, London: Marcus Ward & Co., 1887
  • Teuffel's History of Roman Literature. Revised and enlarged by L. Schwabe. Authorised translation from the fifth German edition, by G. C. W. Warr, 2 vols, London: G. Bell & Sons, 1891-2
  • The Greek Epic, London: E. & J.B. Young & Co., 1895
  • The Oresteia of Aeschylus (The Athenian Drama, vol. 1), tr. and explained by George C.W. Warr, London: George Allen, 1900

Personal details

Date of birth Refs: *1 *5
23rd May 1845
Place of birth Refs: *1 *5
Ontario, Canada
Date of death Ref: *5
21st February 1901
Place of death Ref: *5
Middlesex, England
Family details Ref: *5

Son of George Winter Warr and Anna Maria Denny; married Constance Emily Fletcher in 1885

Notes Ref: *6

Supported by G C W Warr, Professor of Classics at King's College London, and the Principal Alfred Barry, from 1878 lectures for ladies were held in the old town hall in Kensington. Attendance outgrew the lecture rooms, which in 1879 were moved to a house in Observatory Avenue, Kensington

See also Victor Plarr’s Men and Women of the Time: 1895 edn, p. 879: https://archive.org/details/menwomenoftimedi00plar 


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