Ven, Revd
First name(s)
William Macdonald
Position(s) held at King's College London Ref: *6

Lecturer in Logic (1875)

Education & professional details

School, college and/or university attended Ref: *4

Repton School (1863-1868); Balliol College, Oxford University (1868-1875)

Qualifications Ref: *5

BA; MA; B.D.; D.D.; Hon D.D. Glasgow

Position(s) held (non King's College London) Ref: *7
  • Curate of Tortworth, Glos. (1874);
  • Assistant Minister Quebec Chapel, Marylebone (1875);
  • Resident Chaplain to Bishop of London; 
  • Vicar of St Stephen's Westminster (1880-1889);
  • Archdeacon of London and Canon of St Paul's (1889-1911);
  • Editor of 'The Churchman' (1892-1901);
  • Rector of Shermanbury (1911-1915);
  • Honorary Chaplain and then Chaplain-in-Ordinary to Queen Victoria (1889-1901);
  • Hon Chaplain to Edward VII (1901-1910 and to George V (from 1910);
  • Grand Chaplain of England (Freemasons) (1894);
  • Acting Chaplain to 21st Middlesex (Volunteer) Battalion (1900);
  • Chaplain of the Order of St John of Jerusalem (1900);
  • Examining Chaplain to Bishops Jackson, Temple, Creighton and Winnington-Ingram;
  • Chaplain to Royal Scottish Corporation;
  • Chaplain to Highland Society;
  • Chaplain to the Caledonian Asylum;
  • 'Special Preacher' Universities of Oxford and Cambridge
Professional activities Ref: *8

Elected to London School Board, Westminster Division 1885-1888; Fellow of Royal Society of Literature (1910); Fellow of Royal Geographical Society (1911); Director Clerical, Medical & General Life Insurance Co.; Chair of London Housing Society

Publications Ref: *9

'The Psalms: the Authorised Version in the original rhythm' London Hatchards, 1879; 'In memory of Sophia Sinclair: a sermon...' London, Hatchards, 1885; 'The Church, Invisible, Visible, Catholic, National..' London Eliot Stock, 1892; 'Leaders of thought in the English Church' [S.I.] Hodder & Stoughton, 1896; Points at issue between the Church of England and the Church of Rome' London, E.Stock, 1896; 'The Churches of the East' [S.I.]. Eliot Stock. 1898; 'Unto you young men' London, 1900; John MacWhirter (Royal Academician) his life and work' London, Virtue & Co., 1903; 'Memorials of St Paul's Cathedral' London, Chapman & Hall, 1909; 'The art of Joseph Farquharsen, A.R.A' in 'The Art Annual' London, 1912; and many other works

Personal details

Date of birth Ref: *1
3rd June 1850
Place of birth
Leeds, Yorkshire
Date of death Ref: *2
4th December 1917
Place of death Ref: *3
Armadale Castle, Sleat, Skye, Scotland
Family details Ref: *10

Son of Revd William Sinclair, Prebend of Chichester & Rector of Pulborough, West Sussex and Sophia Mary Georgiana Sinclair; grandfather: Sir John Sinclair, 1st Baronet of Ulster; siblings: Edward Alexander Sinclair (b1840); Helen Sinclair (b1848); John Stewart Sinclair (b1854); Hugh Montgomerie Sinclair (b1855); Janet Mary Sinclair (b 1858); unmarried.

Notes Ref: *11

Baptism 30th June 1850 (by his father); " Jesus of Nazareth" lecture notes used with Magic Lantern slide set; Drypoint portrait as a young man by Mortimer L Menpoes in British Museum (1880); There are 82 entries for works by him in the British Library Main catalogue alone. See also www.amazon.com.; Great Western Railway shareholder; Long profile and interview, including a photograph, in Charles H. Dant 'Distinguished Churchmen and Phases of Church Work' London, Anthony Treherne & Co., 1902, Chapter II. Text online in Wikisource; Resigned as Archdeacon of London in 1911 " acting under medical advice" ; Patient at Ticehurst House, Sussex, an asylum (15 Apr- 20 Dec 1916)

* References

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