First name(s)
Gabriele Pasquale Guiseppe
Position(s) held at King's College London Ref: *3
  • Professor of Italian (1831-1847);
  • teacher of Italian, King's College School

Education & professional details

School, college and/or university attended Ref: *2

School in Vasto; University of Naples 1804 (for one year)



Position(s) held (non King's College London) Ref: *1
  • (1807 -?) librettist at the San Carlo Opera House, Naples;
  • 1817 appointment to Chair of Rhetoric was withheld by King Ferdinand for political reasons;
  • (? - 1821) Curator of Ancient Marbles and Bronzes, Capodimonte Museum, Naples;
  • Secretary for Public Instruction and the Fine Arts, Naples
Publications Ref: *1

Several collections of poetry (1807); Odi Town(1820); God and Man (1833); The Seer Alone (1840); Commentary on Dante's Divine Comedy, London (two volume, 1825 and 1826); Disquisitions on the Antipapal Spirit Which Produced the Reformation, London (1831); The Mystery of the Platonic Love of the Middle Ages, derived from the Ancient Mysteries (1840); La Beatrice di Dante, London (1842)

Personal details

Date of birth Ref: *1
28th February 1783
Place of birth Ref: *1
Vasto, Italy
Date of death
24th April 1854
Place of death


Family details Refs: *1 *4

Married Frances Polidori in 1826; children, Maria Francesca Rossetti (born 17th February 1827); Dante Gabriel Rossetti (born 12th May 1828); William Michael Rossetti (born 25th September 1829); Christina Georgina Rossetti (born 5th December 1830)

Notes Refs: *2 *4

Napoleon Bonaparte 'assumed the Imperial crown' in Naples and Rossetti met him and later other members of his family. Exiled from Italy for political reasons in 1821, having lived in hiding for several months. Fled to Malta and then to England, aided by Admiral Sir Graham Moore and his wife who had read his poetry. Buried in Highgate Western Cemetery in family grave.

* References

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