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Professor of Gujarati and Marathi, 1865-1873

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Wilson College, Bombay where he worked on the translation of the New Testament into Gujarati; then served for a few years with the Irish Presbyterian Mission in Kathiawar; on return to India in 1873 he joined the Baptists was sent by the Baptist Missionary Society to Poona as a missionary 1873-1890.

Publications Refs: *1 *4

With Revd Dhanjibhai Nauroji, Gujarati version of the New Testament, 1852 for Parsees; later became highly critical of the missionary movement and wrote an inflammatory pamphlet, all copies of which were destroyed; A native ministry in India, and what became of it: in connexion with the Irish Presbyterian Mission in Gujarat, in the case of their Parsi missionary, the Revd Hormazdji Pestonji; with prefatory remarks by a friend of Indian missions, with Dr. James Morgan, pub. D.R. Collie & Son, 1863

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Bombay, India
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Bombay, India
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Born into Parsi family in Bombay, converted to Christianity 1839; his wife and baby daughter were taken away from him because of his conversion and his wife was given in marriage to another man; was eventually reunited with his daughter who was also baptised and had married a prominent Indian pastor; later, Pestonji married a German woman and moved to London where he joined the Baptists.

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