First name(s) Ref: *1
Surname Ref: *1
Position(s) held at King's College London Ref: *1
  • First House Surgeon At King's College Hospital 1840
  • Assistant Surgeon At King's College 1847-1861
  • Demonstrator Of Anatomy 1848-1851
  • Surgeon With Care Of Outpatients At King's College Hospital 1856-1861

Education & professional details

School, college and/or university attended Ref: *1
  • King's College London Student 1833
  • Transferred To St. George's Hospital 1834
Qualifications Ref: *1


Position(s) held (non King's College London) Refs: *1 *2
  • Surgical Registrar At St Georges
  • Curator Of The Museum & Lecturer In Physiology
  • Surgeon To Lock Hospital 1847
  • Surgeon At St George's Hospital 1861
  • Museum Lecturer On Surgery & Pathology
  • Hunterian Professor
Professional activities Ref: *1
  • Council Member Royal College Of Surgeons 1870-1878
  • Corresponding Fellow Of The Medical Society Of Florence
Publications Ref: *1
  • On Diseases of the Veins, Haemorrhoidal Tumours and Other Affections of the Rectum 8vo 2nd Ed London 1846;
  • Statistical Analysis of One Hundred and Sixty-Six Cases of Secondary Syphilis Observed at the Lock Hospital 1838-9" 8vo London 1849 (Reprinted From London Journ.Med);
  • On the Origin of Inflammation of Veins and on the Causes, Consequences and Treatment of Purulent Deposits" Jacksonian Prize Essay 1849, 8vo Plate London 1850 (Original Ms In Rcs Library);
  • Pathological and Surgical Observations Including a Short Course of Lectures Delivered at the Lock Hospital and an Essay on the Surgical Treatment of Haemorrhoidal Tumours 8vo 2 Plates, London 1854;
  • On the Radical Cure of Varicocoele by Subcutaneous Incision 8vo London 1860;
  • Lectures on Syphillitic ond Vaccino-Syphillitic Inoculations, Their Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment 2nd Ed 8vo 5 Plates London 1863;
  • "Syphilis" and "Gonorrhoea" in Holmes's Surgery 1st, 2nd and 3rd Editions, also "Veneral Disease" in 3rd Edition.
  • "Phlebitis” and "Diseases Of The Veins" in Cooper's Surgical Dictionary. "Phlebitis" 1850;
  • "Secondary Deposits and Mortification from Diseases of the Arteries" Brit and For. Med-Chir. Rev. 1857 Xx 214;
  • “Mercurial Fumigation in the Treatment of Syphilis”, Med-Chir Trans 1856 Xxxix 339;
  • "Abscesses and Purulent Infiltration of Bone" Lond Jour Of Med 1851-2.
  • "On Repair after Injuries to Arteries and Veins" Med-Chir Trans 1867 1, 477;
  • On the Tapetum Lucidum and the Functions of the Fourth Pair of Nerves 8vo London 1887

Personal details

Date of birth Ref: *1
Date of death Ref: *1
11th June 1898
Place of death Ref: *1
Family details
  • Son of Captain Pincke Lee; twice married: survived by his widow and daughters of both marriages; his only son predeceased him


Jacksonian Prize Royal College Of Surgeon 1849 with distinction

* References

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  2. King's and Some King's Men (1935)
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