Title Ref: *2
First name(s) Ref: *1
Position(s) held at King's College London Ref: *6
  • Evening classes Lecturer in Dutch language; applied to be Professor of German

Education & professional details

Qualifications Ref: *5


Position(s) held (non King's College London) Ref: *7
  • Tutor to H R H The Prince of Orange [to William, who died in 1879? ];
  • [Teacher at Higher Civic School at Delft (1869) ]

Personal details

Date of birth Ref: *3
Place of birth
Date of death Ref: *4
[28 March 1899]
Place of death
[The Hague, Holland]
Family details Ref: *9

Spouse: Joan G b1832 Germany [possibly anglicised from Johanna Gertrude/Geertruida Koster ne van Harvevelt]

Notes Ref: *10

Advertised frequently in The Times between 1856 and 1864 as a tutor in French, German, Dutch, and Civil Service exams. The 1861 advertisement gives same address as Census record of 1861 (5 St John St, Holborn); The National Probate Calendar 1899 lists the will of a Dr Barend Koster of the Hague. The will itself was registered in 1869 in the Hague and is in Dutch but it also contains a full, authorised and official copy in English, made the same year. Unusual and possibly significant that the will was probated in London.  Described by the notary as " ...Doctor of Philosophy, Teacher at the Higher Civic School at Delft..." Legatee and executrix is his wife Johanna Gertruida (address given in the Hague). Reference also to " each of my children" .

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