First name(s)
Position(s) held at King's College London Ref: *4
  • Demonstrator of Chemistry (1869-1870)

Education & professional details

School, college and/or university attended Ref: *3
  • Sidney, Sussex and Downing Colleges, Cambridge University
  • Inner Temple
Qualifications Ref: *3
  • BA
  • MA
  • FCS in Natural Sciences (1st),
  • Barrister, QC
Position(s) held (non King's College London) Ref: *5
  • Analytical Chemist, Dr Griffin lab, Bristol (1861)
  • Quantative Analytical work (for Dr Grace Calvert) & Composition of atmosphere in mining (for Dr August Smith) (1862-1865)
  • Natural Science Lecturer, Rossale School, Fleetwood (1868)
  • Barrister, North Wales, Chester & Glamorgan (1871)
  • QC (1886-)
  • Recorder of Birkenhead (1882-1907)
  • Liberal MP, Norfolk (mid Division) (1892-1895)
Professional activities Ref: *5

Chemist, Barrister, Queens Counsellor, Member of Parliament, Civil Engineer. Member of the Physical Society of London.

Publications Ref: *6

15 works in 34 publications, latest reprints in 2015.

  • A treatise on the law relating to the pollution and obstruction of watercourses together with a brief summary of the various sources of river pollution (11 editions 1877-1982)
  • A concise treatise on the Law and Practice of Patents for inventions, consisting of the patents designs and trademarks Act 1883 (5 editions 1884)
  • A digest of the Law and practice of letters patent for inventions:including the statutes and all cases decided from the passing of the statutes of monopolies to October 1890 (2 editions)
  • The Electric Lighting Act 1882, joint author with E W W Edwards (1883)

Personal details

Date of birth Ref: *1
10 January 1844
Place of birth Ref: *1
Born St Pancras, London
Date of death Ref: *2
4 December 1916
Place of death Ref: *2
Winterdyne, Bournemouth, Hampshire
Family details Ref: *7

Son of William Mullinger, an engineer and Mary. Married Augusta Mary Wright in 1870 in Nottinghamshire. Children were Florence Mary, Arthur, and Richard. Lived in several addresses in London (old middlesex), Gloucester, Bournemouth and probably in the Wales/Liverpool area when Recorder of Birkenhead. 

Notes Refs: *2 *8

  • Books on patents and pollution still in print online. He held shares in at least 3 private companies and was director of at least 2. He attended a levee at Buckingham Palace in 1883. He resigned his parliamentary seat in 1895 over his inability to agree with the Government Policy regarding the House of Lords.Joined the Liberal Unionist Party.
  • Left £10,310 to his daughter Florence.

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