First name(s)
Robert Frederick Millar [Muller]
Position(s) held at King's College London

Lecturer the in Civil Service Department (1881-[1909]) Ref: *3

Education & professional details

School, college and/or university attended

Downing College, Cambridge Ref: *1

  • BA 1891
  • MA 1895 Ref: *1
Professional activities

Merchant and Freemason. Initiated 1898 (Hampton Lodge). Ref: *2

Personal details

Date of birth
Date of death
Family details
Harcourt’s daughters, Edith and Caroline Elizabeth, appointed as Assistants within the Civil Service Department in 1893. Ref: *4 Married to Caroline. Children were Caroline Elizabeth, George R, Edith, John C, Henry and Grace. E. Ref: *5

* References

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  4. Secretary’s In-Correspondence,  KA/IC/H97, King’s College London Archives.
  5. 1881 England Census
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