First name(s)
Position(s) held at King's College London
  • Medical Registrar, King’s College Hospital (1865-1867) Ref: *1
  • Anaesthetist to Fergusson and Priestley at King’s College Hospital Ref: *3
  • Physician for Diseases of Women and Children, King's College Hospital Ref: *3

Education & professional details

School, college and/or university attended
  • Taunton College Ref: *3
  • King’s College, London Medical School (1861-)
  • BA Medicine and Arts (1839) Ref: *2 *4
  • License of the Society of Apothecaries (1863) Ref: *3
  • MRCS. Eng (1864) Ref: *3
  • MB (1867) Ref: *4
  • LRCP. Lond (1868) Ref: *4
  • MD.Bologna Ref: *3
Position(s) held (non King's College London)
  • Medical Officer of Health Strand District (during Cholera epidemic of 1866) Ref: *4
  • Medical Officer of Health, Isle of Wight Rural Sanitary Authority (1883-) Ref: *3 *4
  • Justice of the Peace Ref: *3
Professional activities
  • FGS
  • FSS
  • F.Met.S
  • Member of the Council of the British Medical Association (1897-)
  • President, Incorporated Society of Medical Officers of Health
  • Vice President Balncol and Climat. Society
  • Hon. Phys. Yorks Soc's Schs and Holloway Dispensary
  • Medical Registrar, Rest.Asst.Phys-Accouch and Res Ref: *4
  • Chairman, Public Health Committee (BMA)
  • Member of the Journal and Finance Committee (BMA)
  • Parliamentary Bills Committee
  • Ethical Committee
  • Colonial Committee
  • Vice-President, State Medical Sections Committee (1899 and 1906)
  • Conjoint Committee for the Teaching of Hygiene and Temperance (universities and schools of the British Empire)
  • Vice-President, Isle of Wight Horticultural Society
  • Vice-President, Isle of Wight Agricultural Society
  • Vice-President, Newport Literary Society
  • Member, Newport Benevolent Society
  • Member, Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society Ref: *3 *4
  • The Treatment of Insanity
  • The Isle of Wight as a Health Resort
  • House Sanitation in Rural Districts
  • Annual Reports of the Health of the Isle of Wight
  • The Health of Rome

Personal details

Date of birth
Place of birth
Date of death
May 1907
Place of death
Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight

It was a wonderful sight to see the signs of simple affection to him...He was simply worshipped by the poor, attending many for years without fees (account of funeral procession in Newport). "The Late Dr. Joseph Groves", Public Health Journal June 1907, 535

For the three weeks preceding his death his friends and the inhabitants of the Isle of Wight had been aware that he lay very seriously ill, but to many his very numerous and widely-scattered personal friends, and to those who have also known him in the Council and Committee meetings of the various associations and societies with which he has been so long and so honorably connected, the intimation of the end of his manifold activities and untiring efforts in the cause of suffering humanity must come with a sudden sense of irreparable loss. Br Med J 1907;1:1337

Family details

Eldest son of Joseph Groves of Newport. Mother was of the Roach family. Ref: *3 Never married. Ref: *2 *3


Groved closed the Holy Well, of Holywell Street, Strand, during the Cholera epidemic of 1866 only to be “mobbed and stoned” by locals. Thus began his life of public service. Ref: *3


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Photograph: Reproduced from British Medical Journal, 1907;1:1337 (2017) with permission from BMJ Publishing Group Ltd.

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