Rt Revd
First name(s)
John Wogan
Position(s) held at King's College London
  • Member of the College Council, 1893-[1895]

Education & professional details

School, college and/or university attended
  • King’s School, Bruton
  • King’s College School, London
  • Trinity College, Cambridge
  • Wells Theological College Ref: *1
  • BA (1869)
  • Ordained Deacon (1869) Ref: *1
Position(s) held (non King's College London)
  • Assistant Honorary Secretary, Universities’ Mission to Central Africa (1863-1832)
  • Treasurer, Universities’ Mission to Central Africa (1882-1890)
  • Vice-President, Universities’ Mission to Central Africa (1890-1892)
  • President and Chairman, Universities’ Mission to Central Africa (1892-1902)
  • Curate of Christ Church, Westminster (1860-1873)
  • Vicar, St Luke, Berwick Street
  • Vicar of Christ Church, Albany Street
  • Rural Dean of St Pancras (1887-)
  • Prebend of Brondesbury in St Paul’s Cathedral (1888-)
  • Bishop of St Albans (1890-) Ref: *1

Personal details

Date of birth
13 August 1837
Place of birth
Brook House, Stourton, Somerset
Date of death
28 December 1902
Place of death
21 Endsleigh Street
Family details

Parents were Eliza Mammatt and Richard Grindall Festing. Unmarried. Ref: *1


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Photograph: Photograph: John Wogan Festing by Samuel Alexander Walker, albumen cabinet card, circa 1890 NPG x159044 © National Portrait Gallery, London. Supplied under license, Creative Commons BY ND [LINK HERE: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/legalcode]

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