First name(s)
Sara Mildred
Position(s) held at King's College London Ref: *2

Lecturer of Domestic Economy to the King's College Ladies' Department, Lent Term 1893

Education & professional details

  • Syllabus of lectures on Domestic Economy... to be given by Miss S M Davidson etc, 1892 
  • Monthly Balance Sheets, 1894

Personal details

Date of death Ref: *1
July 1893

Notes Ref: *5

Although there is very little information on Sara Davidson, her impressive course syllabus was printed in the King's College London (Ladies) Calendar, and is worth summarising:

  1. Domestic Economy - the real meaning. Intelligent women... not domestic drudges.
  2. House Structure, windows, stairs, roof, fittings.
  3. Quality: carpets etc. How to maintain
  4. Furniture and china: commercial and practical value.
  5. Fuel: candles, lamp oil, regulation of consumption.
  6. Arranging commissariat to suit circle, seasons, climate, locality.
  7. Staff: qualities etc.
  8. Children's minds: plastic, each look, word... a future harvest.
  9. Ladies - their own upper gardener, with head or hand.
  10. Poultry keeping: does it pay?
  11. Carriages: help for those who must have both, or neither.
  12. Accounts: the bane of most ladies. How to grapple.

     Samples will be handed round.

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