First name(s)
William Beecroft
Position(s) held at King's College London
  • Professor of Botany, 1893-1919 Ref: *1
  • Emeritius Professor 1920-1923 Ref: *1
  • Lecturer of Botany and Vegetable Biology at King's College Ladies Department, 1893-[1899]

Education & professional details

School, college and/or university attended
  • Royal Grammar School, Lancaster
  • King’s College, Cambridge
  • Master of Arts (Cambridge). Doctor of Philosophy.
Position(s) held (non King's College London)
  • Science Tutor and Lecturer on Biology, St Mary’s Hospital Medical School, (1886–91) Ref: *2

  • Camb. University Extension Lecturer (1891–94) Ref: *2

  • Professor of Biology, Royal Veterinary College, London [1891-] Ref: *2
Professional activities
  • Founder of South-Eastern Co-operative Agricultural Society

  • Hon. Sec., Agricultural Banks Association

  • Fellow of the Linnean Society

  • Fellow of the Chemical SocietyHon. Sec., English Land Colonisation Society

  • The Assimilation of Nitrogen by certain Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria in the Soil (1910)
  • Some Effects of Bacteriotoxins on the Germination and Growth of Plants (1911)
  • The Fixation of Nitrogen by Free-Living Soil Bacteria (1911)
  • Some Conditions Influencing Nitrogen Fixation by Aerobic Organisms (1912)
  • Some Effects of Humates on Plant Growth (1912)
  • Ammonium Humate as a Source of Nitrogen for Plants (1913)
  • The Effect of Soluble Humates on Nitrogen Fixation and Plant Growth (1913)
  • The Bacterial Treatment of Peat (1914)
  • Some Accessory Factors in Plant Growth and Nutrition (1914)
  • The Significance of Certain Food Substances for Plant Growth (1914)
  • The Formation of Humic Bodies from Organic Substances (1915)
  • A Bacterial Test for Plant-Food Accessories (Auximones) (1915)

Personal details

Date of birth
Place of birth
Apperley Bridge, Leeds
Date of death
24 March 1922
Family details

Son of J. Bottomley


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