First name(s)
Hutchinson Royes
Position(s) held at King's College London
  • House Surgeon, Assistant Demonstrator of Anatomy, [1860]
  • Surgical Registrar at King's College Hospital, 1867-1868
  • Administrator of Chloroform at King's College Hospital, [1867]-1870
  • Instructor in Anaesthetics, 1870-[1886]
  • Assistant Surgeon at King's College Hospital, 1870-1877
  • Teacher in Operative Surgery, 1870-[1886]
  • Surgeon with Out-Patients at King's College Hospital, 1877-1886
  • Demonstrator in the Principles and Practice of Surgery, 1878-1886

Education & professional details

School, college and/or university attended
  • Private early schooling in Jersey
  • King’s College School
  • King’s College, London (entered 1859)
Position(s) held (non King's College London)
  • Protector at the Royal College of Surgeons c. 1860s
  • Surgeon to the St. Pancras and Northern Dispensary

Lettsomian Lectures, January-February 1882 on the subject of “Diseases of the Testicles and their Coverings” Ref: *2

The International Encyclopedia of Surgery (Philadelphia: Asshurst, 1886) Ref: *4

Personal details

Date of birth
Place of birth
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Date of death
Place of death
Eltham, Kent

"Hutchinson Royes Bell F.R.C.S." Br Med J 1886;1:1243

Family details

Father was Hutchinson Bell (1793-1847), mother was Emily Royes (1817-1875).

Siblings were George Hougham (1838-1838), Emily Elizabeth (1840-), Colonel Mark Sever, VC CB ADC (1843-1906), Dr John Hougham (1845-1910) and Anne Maria (1847-1882). Ref. *3


Royes-Bell was a key witness in the unsolved murder of Charles Bravo in 1876, which was widely covered in the press.


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Illustration: Court Sketch, produced during the Charles Bravo murder court case in 1876. Image reproduction taken from Yseult Bridges, How Charles Bravo Died (London: Jarrolds Publishers, 1956), 137. Scan kindly provided by Bruce Roy.

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