First name(s)
George William
Position(s) held at King's College London
  • Auditor, 1878-1879
  • Member of College Council, 1880-[1895]

Education & professional details

School, college and/or university attended

High Wycombe


Position(s) held (non King's College London)
  • Secretary of the Soldiers' Daughters' Home, n.d. Ref: *2
  • Secretary to the Law Fire Insurance Society c.1860s Ref: *2
  • Secretary of the Council of St John’s House c.1881 Ref: *1
Professional activities

Set up The Boy’s Home, Euston Road, with George Bell in 1858. Ref: *2


Recollections of my Life (London 1893)

Personal details

Date of birth
26 Nov 1822
Place of birth
164 Aldersgate Street, London
Date of death
12 October 1910
Place of death
7 Albert Road, Regents Park, Middlesex, England
Family details

Son of William Bell (1786–1873), a merchant, Ref: *2 and Elizabeth Kinnear (1799–1888). Siblings:  Anna Louisa (1824–1900), Thomas Evans, Major (1825–1887), Conora G (1828–), Octavius Plunket (1832–1914), Frederick Hayley (1833–), Archibald Hamilton, Lieutenant (Royal Artillery) (1834–1865), Valentine Graeme, CMG (1839–1908), Grace Henrietta Hamilton (1843–1909). Ref: *3

Married with two daughters, Jessie Fearne and Maud Anna, and a son, Edward Bell.Ref: *2


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George William Bell by David Octavius Hill [detail], and Robert Adamson calotype, 1843-1848 NPG P6(70) © National Portrait Gallery, London. Supplied under license, Creative Commons BY ND.

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