First name(s)
Peyton Todd Bowman
Position(s) held at King's College London


  • House Surgeon, King’s College Hospital, c.1890
  • Elected to the staff as Assistant Surgeon 1893
  • Demonstrator of Physiology and Histology 1891-1904
  • Lecturer in Biology, 1891-1900
  • Evening Class Lecturer of Physiology, 1891-[1896]
  • Evening Class Lecturer of Vegetable Biology and Botany, 1892-[1896]
  • Assistant Surgeon at King's College Hospital, 1893-1901
  • Lecturer of Physiology and Artistic Anatomy, KCL Ladies Department, 1893-[1899]
  • Evening Class Lecturer of Botany, 1895-[1896]
  • Lecturer on Animal Biology, KCL Ladies Department, 1896-[1899]
  • Lecturer of Histology, KCL Ladies Department, 1898-[1899]
  • Full Surgeon at King's College Hospital, 1901-1910
  • Dean of Medical Faculty, KCL 1906-1910
  • Consulting Surgeon at King's College Hospital, 1925-1957 Ref: *1

Education & professional details

School, college and/or university attended
  • Westminster School Ref: *1
  • King's College London L.S.A (1888) under Junior Scholarship
  • London Conjoint Diploma (1899) Ref: *1


Position(s) held (non King's College London)
  • Examiner in Physiology and [later] Surgery to the Society of Apothecaries, London
  • Examiner in Surgery for Glasgow University
  • Examiner in Biology for London Conjoint Board
  • Consulting Surgeon, local cottage hospital, Milford-on-Sea
  • Member of surgical staff at Great Northern Central Hospital (in retirement) Ref: *1
Professional activities
  • Admitted to F.R.C.S 1890 Ref: *1

Practical Lessons in Elementary Biology (1894)

Aids to Physiology (1903)

Personal details

Date of birth
20 June 1864
Place of birth
Middlesex, England
Date of death
24 December 1957
Place of death
Lymington, Hampshire

Br Med J 1958;1:108-109

Family details

Son of Professor Lionel S. Beale, F.R.S (1828-1906) (Professor of Medicine at King's College, London) and the grandson of Dr. Lionel John Beale.Ref: *1 Mother was Frances Blakiston (1828–1892). Two daughters, Margaret Gertrude Beale (1893) and Phyllis Leyton Beale (1901). Ref: *4

Married Gertrude Louisa Attwell, 25 July 1892. Ref: *3



Was a keen botanist and microscopist, carpenter and metal-worker. Ref: *1

Between March 1891 and June 1895, there was a written dispute between William Dobson Halliburton (1860-1931), Professor of Physiology and Beale over Halliburton’s belief that Beale was not qualified to hold his post. Ref: *2




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Other Sources:
England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations), 1858-1966


Photograph: Resident Staff King’s College Hospital, Lincolns Inn, 1890. KHMS PH 3/4 King’s College London Archives

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