First name(s)
Bazalgette, QC
Position(s) held at King's College London

Member of the College Council, 1873-1888

Education & professional details

School, college and/or university attended
  • Balliol College, Oxford
  • Lincoln’s Inn (1823) Ref: *4
  • Balliol College, University of Oxford (matriculated 1818) Ref: *3
    Classics (1:1) Mathematics (1:2) (1822) Ref:*4
  • BA Balliol (1823) Ref: *3
Position(s) held (non King's College London)

Barrister in own practice at Chancery Lane

Professional activities

QC and Bencher 1858 Ref: *4

Treasurer of Lincoln’s Inn (1878) Ref: *4

Called to the bar at Lincoln’s Inn 25 May 1827 Ref: *2

Personal details

Date of birth
20 October 1801
Place of birth
St James Westminster, Middlesex, England
Date of death
21 July 1888
Place of death
Middlesex, England

Pump Court, The Temple Newspaper and Review, Volume 7

Family details

Evelyn was the fourth son of Louis Bazalgette (1750-1830) and Frances Bergman (1769-1847), uncle of Sir Joseph William Bazalgette (1819-1891) and younger brother of Louis Bazalgette junior (1792-1879) and Daniel Bazalgette (1793-1838), who were partners in Armstrong & Bazalgette.Ref: *1


“For many years he enjoyed an extensive Chancery practice and numbered among his contemporaries Lord Abinger, Lord Cairns, Lord Campbell, Lord Cottenham, Lord Cranworth, Lord Denman [son of one of the doctors who tried to cure his withered arm], Lord Hatherley, Lord Langdale, Lord Lyndhurst, Lord Romilly, Lord St Leonards, Lord Truro and Lord Westbury.” Ref: *4

Contemporary of 7th Lord Shaftersbury and Dr Pusey at Oxford Ref: *4

Bazalgette had a withered left arm.Ref: *5

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Photograph kindly supplied by Charles Bazalgette

Other Sources:

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