First name(s)
John Henry
Position(s) held at King's College London Ref: *7

Evening Lecturer in English Literature & English Language Precis etc

Education & professional details

School, college and/or university attended Ref: *6

Warwick Grammar School (pre-1872); King's College School (1872-1874); King's College, University of London (1875-1877); Passed Indian Civil Service Examinations (1877); Passed Home Civil Service Examinations (1880); Admitted to Gray's Inn November 2nd 1883; Passed Council for Legal Education examinations (1886)

Qualifications Ref: *5


Professional activities Ref: *8

Fellow of Royal Historical Society (16th June 1898- 18th May 1916)

Publications Ref: *9
  • History of George the Third's Reign, London: Longmans & Co, 1891 
  • Introduction and appendix to Civil Service and Army Precis and Indexing, new and revised edition, by Robert Johnston, London: Longmans & Co, 1898
  • Notes on the Life of Stonewall Jackson and on his campaigning in Virginia 1861-1863, London: Hugh Rees, 1904
  • The Spanish Campaign of Sir John Moore, London: Hugh Rees, 1905
  • The Peninsular War: March 1 1811 to the close of the war in 1814, London: Hugh Rees, 1906 
  • Precis of Great Campaigns 1796-1815, London: Hugh Rees, 1907
  • The Waterloo Campaign 1815 or the Campaign in Belgium, London: Hugh Rees, 1907
  • The Austro-Prussian War in Bohemia 1866, otherwise known as the Seven Weeks' War or Needle-Gun War, London: Hugh Rees, 1908
  • Grant's Campaign in Virginia, May 1-June 30 1864, London: Hugh Rees, 1908
  • The Russo-Japanese War on Land 1904-1905 to the Battle of Liao Yang (August 24-October 30 1904), London: Hugh Rees, 1909
  • The Battle of Liao-Yang, London: Hugh Rees, 1910 
  • Russo-Turkish War 1877-8 in Europe, London: Hugh Rees, 1910 
  • American Civil War, London: Hugh Rees, 1910 
  • The Franco-German War July 15-September 1 1870 London: Hugh Rees, 1911;
  • The Napoleonic Campaign of 1805 London: Hugh Rees, 1912;
  • Notes on the Battles of Antietam and Fredericksburg London: Hugh Rees, 1912;
  • The Campaign of Jena 1806 London: Hugh Rees, 1913

Personal details

Date of birth Ref: *1
19th July 1857
Place of birth Ref: *2
Ilford Jail, Little Ilford, Essex
Date of death Ref: *3
31st May 1916
Place of death Ref: *4
Tooting Bec, Surrey
Family details Ref: *10

Father: John Mills Anderson, prison governor; Brother Alfred Sutton Anderson (1859); Brother: Walter Edward Anderson (b1860) Brother: William Frank Anderson (b1862); Brother: Septimus Anderson (b1865); Sister: Mary Kate Anderson (b1866); Brother: Octavius Anderson (b1867); Brother: Decimus Anderson (b1868); First wife: Blanche (b1865 Tunbridge); Second wife: Maude Ethel Armadale-Anderson;

Notes Ref: *11

In 1884 there are a number of letters from Anderson to King's College London, seeking appointment as an Evening Lecturer in English Literature. They include various testimonials including one which notes that it was decided that a defect in one eye (no impediment to his sight, it was later concluded) debarred him from being appointed to I.C.S in 1877.

* References

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