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A photograph relating to the career of Rear-Admiral Victor Gallafent Gurner (15 January 1883 – 18 October, 1950).Saluting the flag at Wuchow (2.3.1919) after the outrage on the British Consul (to the right Smith Consul Wuchow, Jamieson C.G. Canton and Lt Com, F.N. Stagg, R.N, H.M.S Tarantula).


Travels Of A Naval Officer Volume 4 (Part 3): Gurner, V G


The last of three selections of photographs from the fourth volume belonging to Rear-Admiral Victor Gallafent Gurner features a wide variety of photography relevant to Gurner’s career and travels prior to World War One. These include naval photography, not least Gurner’s command, HMS Philomel, c 1909…

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