A student of Wellington College and the Royal Military College Sandhurst, Campbell's career took him to India, where he served in a number of the border and colonial disputes of the late Victorian era including the Hazara Expedition in 1888 and the Chitral Relief Expedition in 1895.

He was second in command during the Malakand campaign in the North West Frontier in 1897 and during operations in Mamund country, North West Frontier, 1897-1898. He was Commanding Officer, Guides Infantry, Buner, North West Frontier, 1898 and Commander, 40 Pathans, between 1899 and 1906. Later, he commanded the 1 Peshawar Division between 1915 and 1919.

Perhaps his most memorable assignment was on the so-called Younghusband Expedition to Tibet in 1903-1904. The expedition had its origins in fears of Russian expansionism to the south, which was perceived to be a threat to British India. The military expedition was led by Colonel Francis Younghusband and consisted of around 3,000 troops - mainly Gurkhas and Pathans - and 7,000 sherpas. The force entered Lhasa in August 1904 causing the Dalai Lama to flee to safety.

Campbell's papers include maps of the route taken by the Younghusband forces, a typescript report entitled 'Reminiscences of Tibet', examples of Tibetan culture including paintings, monasteries and fortifications, landscapes, buildings and the looting of valuables by British forces; and a large number of photographs relating to North West Frontier active operations, tents and encampments, transport, and including numerous official reports on operations in the Swat Valley, Mohmand and related areas including soldiers' morale, conduct and casualties.

  • Deputy Assistant Adjutant General, Musketry, 1891-1895
  • Assistant Adjutant General, Musketry, Army Headquarters, India, 1906-1908
  • Commanded a Brigade, 1908-1915
  • Commandant, 40 Pathans, operations at Gyantse, Tibet, 1904
  • Younghusband Expedition to Lhasa, Tibet, 1904
  • Commander 1915-1919
  • Retired, 1920
  • Died, 1943

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