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Ridley, Miriam

On June the 8th, Mrs. Bridges nee Ridley passed away at her home, 44, The College, Northfleet.

It seems so few years ago that Miss Miriam Ridley came as a nurse to St. Bartholomew's Hospital, though it must be half a century ago! We remember her so well because she was so exceedingly pretty, so gay and graceful, and full of professional feeling. Miss Ridley was trained at the Borough Hospital, Birkenhead, 1882 - 83, and then worked at St. Bartholomew's Hospital, 1883 - 87. She became Matron of Llandudno Hospital in 1889, and then returned to London as Matron of the Hospital for Epilepsy, where she worked earnestly for several years.

It was during this time that she became a member of the Royal British Nurses Association, and threw herself energetically into all its activities, for the Registration of Nurses and serving on its Committees. When the clash came, and the principle of State Registration was held in abeyance and later denied by the medical element in the Association - Miss Ridley stood with the minority very firmly for the principles for which the Association had been founded - and in later years lived to see the triumph of legal status for nurses in the Acts of 1919.

Miss Ridley married Dr. Bridges and went to Australia - where unfortunately the health of her greatly loved husband broke down and he came home to die a few years later - since which time Mrs. Bridges never failed to take a keen interest in nursing organisation and progress. She was a woman of deep and faithful affections, and kept in touch with the writer until the end of her well spent life.


Registration number741
First name(s)Miriam

Hospital for Epilepsey, Portland Terrace, Regent's Park, N.W.
c/o Mrs Poulter 47 ...............
36 Abbey Road Mansions, Grove End Road, St. John's Wood, N.6

Date of registration28 March 1890

Borough Hospital, Birkenhead, 1882 - 83
St. Bartholomew's Hospital, 1883 &1886 - 87
Llandudno Cottage Hospital (Matron), 1889
Hospital for Epilepsey (Matron), 1889 - 90


Mrs Bridges

Personal details

Maiden nameMiriam Ridley
Married nameMrs. Ashley Bridges
Family details

Death of husband, Dr. Bridges, at Germanton, New South Wales, Australia, The B.J.of N., Vol.31, 21st Nov., 1903, p.412.

Date of death1932
Place of deathNorthfleet
Additional personal details

Miss Miriam Ridley was married to Dr. Ashley Bridges at St. Stephen's Church, Avenue Road, on Monday last, by the Ref. F. Pover, Vicar and Chaplain to the Hospital for Epilepsy and Paralysis, Portland ........... Dr. and Mrs. Bridges leave England at the end of the month for Western Australia, as their home is to be made in Perth, where bright prospects await them." (The N.W.& H.R., Vol.19,Oct.1897)

Miss Ridley was very well liked and noted for her lively personality as well as her affectionate and generous nature. She was very active in the nursing profession and was one of the founding members of the RBNA. She organised entertainment for the patients at the Hospital for Epilepsy and took part playing a musical instrument.

Professional details

Work experience

Matron at the Sir Julian Goldsmith's Home of Rest for Nurses at 12 Sussex Square, Brighton, 1932

Professional activities

Elected to serve on the Committee of Registered Nurses
Also noted that she has been the most conscientious workers on the governing body of the RBNA., April 1895
Retired from Executive Committee of RBNA, 1894
Letter to The N.R.& H.W., Vol.19, 16th Oct., 1897, stating that she has refused to sit either upon the Executive Committee or the General Council in protest that the principals of the RBNA have been repudiated by the honorary officers and their dependents of the RBNA
Attended the 9th Annual Conversazione of the RBNA (December 1896) at which protests made regarding the placing of Asylum Attendents on the Register of Trained Nurses

Additional professional details

Took active part in helping to organise the Nursing Exhibition, 1896
Received high praise. (photograph included)
Letter of The N.R.& H.W., Vol.15, 7th Dec., p.422, 1895, supporting complaints made about accommodation provided for Sisters' accommodation in hospitals
Contributed her views in N.R.& H.W., Vol.11, 25th Nov., 1893, p.273 to the article on "What is a Trained Nurse"


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