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Jones, Victoria Elizabeth

Miss Victoria Elizabeth Jones, who was Matron of Guy's Hospital from 1882-1892, has recently died at the age of 98 at her home in Veronica Road, Balham.

She followed the celebrated Miss Burt as the Matron of Guys and was an exceedingly able woman who took hold of an onerous task with success. When about 30 years of age the Tractarian Movement in connection with the slums of London attracted her, she went into a Sisterhood at Haggerston for a time, but she soon realised that her vocation was that of a nurse and not that of a Religious Sister.

Later she trained as a probationer at Charing Cross Hospital, from there she became Staff Nurse at St Bartholomew's Hosiptal for a few months. In 1880, she was invited to be a Sister at Guys Hospital under MIss Burt, on whose marriage two years later she was appointed Matron by the Governors. This office she filled until 1892. In 1892, it became necessary for her to give up her hospital work owing to the serious ill health of her two Sisters, after whose death she settled down quietly for many years in Balham.

We well remember our first meeting with Miss Victoria Jones who was the only Matron to call on the then young Matron of Bart's. We received her in the pretty sitting room of the now demolished Matron's house and, having introduced herself, she informed us that she had come to borrow the pattern of a shroud. We sent for one - a most unworthy garment, made of calico paper with a frill at the neck after the habit of Punch's dog, Toby. We made friends over the horrible garment and rules it out of Christian consideration.

We learned to admire and respect Victoria Jones. Guy's was in those days very difficult in the transition stage of nursing organisations and, after her day, a succession of Matrons, many still on pension, came and went.


Registration number4
First name(s)Victoria Elizabeth

Guy's Hospital, S.E: 4 Veronica Road, SW17

Date of registration7 March 1890

St Bartholomew's Hospital

Personal details

Date of birth1837
Place of birthHammersmith
Date of death1935
Place of deathVeronica Road, Balham
Additional personal details

1867, joined the Sisterhood of the Tractarian Movement - also know as the Oxford Movement, a movement within the Church of England, originating at Oxford University in 1833, that sought to link the Anglican Church more closely to the Roman Catholic Church - in Haggerston, working in the London slums

Professional details

Additional training

Probationer, Charing Cross Hospital
Staff Nurse at Barts

Work experience

1880, Sister, Philip Ward, Guys
1882 - 92, Matron Philip Ward, Guys
Resigned 1892 because of serious ill-health of her sisters

Additional professional details

Matron at Guy's [in her time] was comparatively the most laborious and worst paid post in London


Nursing Record, 2 February 1893

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