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Dunn, Helen


Registration number1047
First name(s)Helen

Beech House, London Road, Red Hill

Date of registration2 May 1890

Children's Hospital, Birmingham 1870-75

Personal details

Date of birthabt 1850
Place of birthEast Woodhay, Hants
Family details

Father, John Dunn age 44 in 1861, a domestic servant Mother Ann, age 33 in 1861, servant's wife Helen was a scholar at this time.

Additional personal details

Helen wrote letters to the editor of The Nursing Record on more than one subject and showed concern for colleagues who had fallen on hard times. Volume 3 (Index) shows that one letter was entitled Poor Nurse. November 26, 1889 issue has her thanking the editor for sending money to the poor nurse who'd had to take in sewing as her son was in the last stages of consumption. Before that Helen sent a donation of one shilling (in stamps) to the Mrs. Duuyk Fund. The Nursing Record May 9, 1889.

Professional details

Additional qualifications

On the RBNA Roll of Members 1909 and on the RBNA Register of Trained Nurses 1892

Work experience

Private nursing 1875 until at least 1909

Professional activities

MBNA The Nursing Record of January 23, 1890 records 'I sent off my certificates, forms & c. for Registration.' She suggested a brooch for Members of the BNA. At first the editior was not supportive of her idea, but changed his views and added a footnote to that effect to her letter. She set off some correspondence in The Nursing Record about 'The Distressing Case' and thanked 'all for the kindness shown' (a gift of 15 shillings). The Nursing Record Vol. 3. She proposed, in the Nov. 27, 1890 issue, a Holiday Home for Nurses and offered to contribute 'about two shillings and sixpence' to the fund.

Additional professional details

Helen suggested to the editor of The Nursing Record in November 1890 that each member refunded the cost of postage of the report of the BNA as they are rmeant to 'have one free' every three months'. In Volume 4, there is a mention of her article entitled The Lady Manager Badge. She was trying to have influence over the young BNA's policies from her home in Red Hill.


Register of Trained Nurses 1892; RBNA Roll of Members 1909 and Register of Nurses (RBNA 4/1) - Royal British Nurses' Association Records, King's College London Archives 1861 census Nursing Record

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