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Cureton, Mary Newcombe

It is with deep regret that we record the death of Miss Mary Newcombe Cureton, which took place recently at her home at Bournemouth.
Miss Cureton, who had great personal charm, waswell known to many nurses as Lady Superintendent of Adden-brooke's Hospital, Cambridge, was a subscriber to THE BRITISHJOURNAL OF NURSING at, first the Nursing Record, from the first number to the day of her death.
She was one of the signatories to the Royal Charter of the Royal British Nurses' Association, and to the last retained her keen interest in nursing matters


Registration number13
First name(s)Mary Newcombe

Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge
36 Richmond Park Rd., Bournemouth
9 Bingham, Bournemouth

Date of registration7 March 1890

Certificate, Addenbrooke's Hospital Cambridge, 1881 - 1882
St. Bartholomew's Hospital, 1882
Lady Supt. Addenbrooke's, 1885 to date


Revise; Deceased, April 29th 1925

Personal details

Date of birth1849
Place of birthWestbury, Salop
Family details

Father was farmer of 450 acres
Came of a large and prosperous family
In 1911 retired, and living with sisters at 86 Richmond Park Rd., Bournemouth

Date of death29 April 1925
Place of deathBournemouth
Additional personal details

Personality of singular charm
Great beauty of character and quiet dignity of manner

Professional details

Work experience

Addenbrooke's Hospital Cambridge (Probationer), October 1881- April 1882
St. Bartholomew's Hospital (Probationer), August 1882 - February 1883
Addenbrooke's Hospital (Sister), March 1883 - June 1887
Addenbrooke's Hospital (Lady Superintendent), June1887 - November 1901

Professional activities

Member, RBNA - signatory and supporter of Royal Charter
Member and Councillor, Matron's Council - retired in 1915
Member of Society for the State Registration of Nurses 1902 - number 150
Foundation Member and Councillor of International Council of Nurses

Additional professional details

Appointed matron at Addenbrooke's in July 1887 from 19 applicants
Dissatisfied with salary - in 1893 applied for post of Matron at Worcester Hospital, but Board of Addenbrooke's matched the salary and she stayed
Feud with Staff Nurse Kelly in 1894, which came to attention of governors
Presentation of oriental brass tray by probationers in 1894
Period of prolonged sick leave from January 1896
Resigned in July 1901 - "did not feel equal to the work and worry of another winter here"
Board placed on record "its deep appreciation of the many services rendered to the Hospital and its patients by Miss Cureton" - presented an illuminated framed resolution of thanks and regret, and a purse containing a cheque for £822. 2s., with the names of 300 subscribers
Supporter of Addenbrooke's Missionary Guild;


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