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Cartwright, Sophia Ellen

Miss Cartwright was a member of the Matron's Council and of the League of St Batholomew's Hospital Nurses. Beloved by many, honoured by all who knew her, she has passed to her rest an example of uprightness and honourable dealing to all who come after. Would that there were many of such singleness of purpose and high professional ideals as were demonstrated in her noble life of duty well performed, of quiet beauty and purity of action. Never more than at present were they needed in our Profession


Registration number237
First name(s)Sophia Ellen

Ulceby Manor, Alford, Lincolnshire
12, Holles Street, Cavendish Square. W.

Date of registration7 March 1890

Certificate, St Bartholomew's Hospital, 1885 - 89


Withdrawn August 30 1899

Personal details

Date of birth1857
Place of birthUlceby, Lancashire
Date of death2nd March 1925
Place of deathAlford, Lancashire
Additional personal details

Address 1891: 12 Holles Street, Cavendish Square, St Marylebone
Address 1901: 7, Gt Woodstock Street, St Marylebone
Address 1909: 431, Oxford Street, W.

Professional details

Additional qualifications

Cert. for Home Nursing, Gordon House Home Hosp., 1889 - 96

Work experience

Registered Nurse, 1890
Cert St Bartholomew's Hosp. (Pro. & Staff Nurse), 1885 - 89
Cert for Home Nursing, Gordon House Home Hosp. (Staff Nurse & Sister), 1889 - 96
Worked alongside Dr Bedford Fenwick on an unusual Hysterectomy Case in 1895 (See 'Nursing Record and Hospital World' pub. Feb 1895)

Professional activities

Member of the Matrons' Council. Secretary to Registered Nurses' Society 1896 'to date' (ie 1909)
Memb. League of St Bartholomew's Nurses
Delegate of Reg. Nurse Soc. to Nat. Union of Women Workers, 1897
Delegate of Reg. Nurse Soc. to International Nurses' Conress, Buffalo, USA, 1901
Read before the Congress a paper on 'The Registered Nurses' Society'
Memb. of the Matrons' Council
Resigned from RBNA with 9 other Matrons in Aug 1898 in protest at the manner in which the affairs of the Association were being conducted
4th member to be elected to the Society for the State Registration of Nurses in March, 1902
Wrote to British Journal of Nursing in Nov 1922 (29 years later) deploring lack of progress in matters of State Registration of nurses.

Additional professional details

Name summarily removed from the Register of the General Nursing Council for England and Wales in 1924 for the non-payment of the relevant 5s retention fee. Miss Cartwright had suffered two cerebral haemorrhages in 1923 (she was nursed by Miss Hannah Brewerton, RBNA Regn No 92, at the time of her first attack) and then became a patient at the Alford War Memorial Hospital. The Matron at Alford paid the 5s fee and arranged for the related correspondence to be printed in the British Journal of Nursing, highlighting the poor practices of the staff at the Register which Miss Cartwright had worked so hard to establish


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