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Young's Essay on Tobago

Prospects of national advantage, page 37

[page 37]

new dwellings for Merchants & others;- and new warehouses & shops;-
and become a Depôt of British merchandize;- and a Surplusage of
of [sic] Commodities and of trading profits, will pass over to Scarboro, in
aid of Adventure by the Oronooko, & for the Interior Marts of South America.
         In whatever light may appear these Prospects of national
advantage from a future extension of British Commerce, - I have
yet another, and Greater Interest to explain, as appropriate to the
sovereignty holding the Possession of Tobago,-- an Interest of
‘Eventual Command and Power,’—of higher consideration,
than any to be derivd from mere Profits of Trade, or from
Returns of Revenue.

References to 'dwellings', ‘merchants’ and ‘warehouses’ create in the reader of the Essay’s mind an image of Tobago as a trading post, with affluence and prosperity being transmitted to its population and lands. 

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