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Port of enterprize and command, page 29

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Running from Courland westward to the Isles of Margarita,
and Curacçoa,- to Cumana, and the entire range, of the northern
coast of South America, within the Bay,- the Course is before
the wind:- for Return, the vessel must beat up, and it is not
the navigation the most favorable to Commerce;- The obstructions
to the voyage back, being in ratio with the facilities in going.
-Looking directly westward, to Trinidad, and to Islands and
Countries beyond,- Tabago appears rather as ‘a Port of
enterprize & Command’, than suited to the interchanges of Trade.
For Trade on mutually advantageous Terms, (by which
alone, It can be carried to great extent & be sustained,) we
must turn our Regard to Northern Countries, and to places
and Ports, in a direction not far varying from the Meridian
of Tobago.- in this course of favorable navigation are comprizd
all the west India Islands,- The British Provinces in North
America, and Those of the united States, from Kenny-bunk
to Virginia;- to Each and all of which,- Crossing with a
side breeze to the Northern Tropic, where the winds become
variable,- the voyage going, or for Return, has no difficulties
or dangers but such as one Ordinary at Seas.

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