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Young's Essay on Tobago

Further trade routes with South America, page 35

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to be supplied from, and deal, for British commodities,
through a DepĂ´t, to be formd at Scarboro, in Tobago:- The
Country vessels being the best suited to navigate in the Oronooko,
a deposit between these and the ships from the united Kingdom
is requisite,-- and no place can be better situated for the
constant & ready intercourse, The prevalent trade wind
Equally favoring the voyage to the Oronooko, and the Return
to Scarborough.
         The Speculation merits an experiment;- and I
recommend it to the Government of my Country, and to
its opulent merchants,-- strongly myself impress with
an opinion of its probable success.
In other directions of Commercial intercourse, from the
Southern Coast of Tobago, The Course of Voyage, is more or less
to windward, as the Continent of South America swells out
to the East;- The facilities of navigation to and from, Essequibo
Demerara, Berbice, Surinam, and far as the River Amazon, are
to be estimated, on refering the respective meridians, to the
Incidence of the Prevalent Trade winds in each Latitude. The
convoy is allowd, six days to reach Tobago from Surinam:
-The Voyage from Tobago to Surinam, may be taken at 10 days.

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