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Establishing the port of Courland, page 36

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In the Result of the above statements, - Tabago, considerd
as a British Island, has many advantages for Trade, and for the
Becoming an Emporium, and Depôt, of British Commerce, in
the west-India Seas;- on the South side by traffic by the Oronooko,
-and on the North,- with Great Britain and Ireland;- with
Canada, Newfoundland, & nova Scotia;- with the British west
Indies;- with the united States of America;- and, last not
least, with Margarita, Cumana, and the long Range of Coast
within the Great Bay.
The Port of Courland, has lately on my Recommendation
been legalizd, as a Port of Entry;- the appointments of Custom house
are arranged;- and on its Establishment being secured, by present
measures, declaratory of the intent, however indirectly, and
not by proclamations, (unwise, if premature,) but
Equally announcing its being a determind possession of the
British Crown, and the tenure of its subjects to be secure;- and
Every vestments in its concerns Of Trade, to be good & safe;- I
am of opinion,- ‘that in, and from the Port of Courland, this
Island, will rise to an high Comparative Importance, in the
Scale of west india Commerce:- Vessels from every Quarter,
will in their course westward, often touch at Courland, and
leave assortments of Cargo;- Plymouth Town will have new

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