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Young's Essay on Tobago

Securing against France, page 17

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and raising Batteries on the headlands, secure the lodgement for annoyance
of British Trade & Dominion;- at least secure it for a considerable
time, and at a Critical season, against whatever Island Garrison
was at Scarboro,- having to march through thirty miles of rugged
country impassable by Cannon, and on the narrow paths & defiles
of which, a Resolute piquet, might stop an Army.
In the moment not considering the active and greater uses
of the situation,- yet, merely as a measure of precaution or
defence,- ‘The Station should be preoccupied’:- The Ancient Pyrates
Carenage, should not be left, as it is, open as a resort, and easily
to be made a strong hold, for the Pyrates & Marauders of ye present day.
Their Great Captain,- has already had his eyes on the Spot:
-The red lines on the Chart, denote the Barracks, Batteries,
and other works, intended by the Engineers of Napoleon, when
in 1802, possessing the Island:- how I gained my intelligence
of these designs will be explained in the following essay.
           It occurs, that if a force from Scarboro, can little annoy
the strong hold at Manowar Bay;- The force at manowar Bay
can as little extend a timely protection to the rich Country, and
fertile plains west of Scarboro’.- my Political arrangements
for Tabago, would direct,- ‘ To the fixing the head Quarters, at
Mano’war Bay:- ‘ to the retaining a detached Garrison on the
Fort Hill covering Scarborough, the seat of Government;- ‘and to

With this reference to the 'Great Captain' (Napoleon) with his designs and eyes on the island and specifically Man o' war Bay, Young gives an indication of the main motivation behind his Essay - that of securing the island against the imperial plans of France and its ruler.

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