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The necessity to prepare for conflict, page 44

[page 44]

-    ‘Ships, Colonies, and Commerce’,- will be attackd, & defended;
and the west Indies for a course of successive wars, must be a
scene of Hostilities:- for if the ambitious Napoleon continues
Living, and enthroned,- that wars between Gt Britain and 
France will be successive, and with short intervals of Peace,
can be little doubted. If then the west Indies, as now, - so
again and often may be a scene of action;- some station of
Force and power is indispensable to the Conservation & attainment
of the British Empire, in parts so essential to the support of its
Commerce, and of its Navy;- its best and dearest Interests:- and
at this Crisis,- more especially viewing the continents of America,
-The factious Spirit of the North,- and Revolutionary Temper
of the South,’- I will add,’- it is from this station,- that ere
long, an active interposition may be required, and be most
advantageously directed.
The Question alone Remains,- ‘whether Tobago is comparatively 
and the best suited, to be such station of resource & adventure;
such Post of arms and enterprize?- so the Emperor Napoleon con
siderd, and considers it to be:- during the short period 1802-3 in which
he last possessed the sovereignty of the Island, His Orders came out
for the preparations to give His plans effect.

Comments in this part of the Essay about possible tensions with the United States presage the coming War of 1812, which saw naval conflict between the two nations in the Caribbean.

The Caribbean Sea and its archipelago, due to its strategically important location, has historically been a theatre of conflict, as rival powers seek to control and shape its destiny.

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