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The Ethiopic Psalter of 1513

Additional resources

For further information on the techniques and output methods below, please contact Dr Ian Christie Miller, the partner who undertook the project, or email us through the address at the bottom of the page

  • PaperPrint images (PaperPrint images contain a front-lit image on its own ‘layer’ and a back-lit image on its own ‘layer’. Digital processing of PaperPrint images, for instance by the Multiple Images with Zero Movement process, can be used to reveal data which would otherwise be unseen. Examples of this technique are available on Dr Ian Christie Miller’s web pages)
  • reassembled whole sheets, as originally printed
  • a sample showing the effect of infra-red light in removing unwanted ink
  • information about the watermarks found on the paper
  • a PDF containing a digital facsimile of the copy of the Psalter held in the Foyle Special Collections Library, King’s College London [Marsden Collection R8/1]

For further information please contact

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