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The table of contents for the first issue includes the headings local intelligence, obituary, shipping intelligence, correspondence, the Australian colonies, foreign intelligence, religious intelligence, scripture, biography, history, politics and poetry. Both the correspondence and the poetry section included works by Maori.

Te Karere Maori included translations of the Christian scriptures into Maori but also contained Maori legends, stories, laments and poetry translated into English. Speeches by Maori chiefs were transcribed and printed in the journal. Letters by Maori were included; in fact they were actively sought after. These letters were either addressed to the editors or the governor or other officials. Te Karere Maori was more than simply religious and cultural indoctrination on the side of the colonisers but also attempted to be a means of communication between the two cultures.

While religious, political and literary matters were discussed within the periodical the paper also included articles on more practical matters, such as general agricultural advice and advice on sheep farming. Writing on this latter topic may have been politically motivated, as at that time settlers were interested in using Maori lands in the south of Auckland for sheep farming. Other economic issues covered included essays on the origin of English wealth, the disadvantages of debt and the advantages of savings banks.

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