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Hanson during the 1940s

an outline drawing of a lateral view of a section of the body of a worm with parts labelled, elsewhere on the page are notes and another simple drawingAeolosoma drawn by Hanson (1944-1948) During the War, Hanson was evacuated to the Strangeways Laboratory in Cambridge. Here, she undertook work on the rat epidermis and focussed on studying the histology of the vascular system of annelids (worms), research that resulted in the publication of a number of important academic papers.

Arguably the most significant of these anticipated her later achievement and was entitled, 'An usual type of muscle fibre' Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Science (June 1948), s3-89, 139-141 .

Towards the end of the War, Hanson was appointed a Demonstrator at Bedford College (1944-1948).

She continued her work using tissue cultures to study the processes underlying the cellular development of the epidermis in mammals exposed to carcinogenic substances.

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