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Stories of Strand-Aldwych

Exhibition Bibliography


King’s College London.

KA/IC/M5 – 1831.

KA/IC/T4 – 1831.

KA/IC/W4 – 1831.

Online Collections

The British Museum, [Accessed August 2022].

English Crime and Execution Broadsides, Harvard Library, [Accessed August 2022].

Victoria and Albert Collections, [Accessed August 2022].

Wellcome Collection, [Accessed August 2022].

Secondary Works

Barry Anthony, Murder, Mayhem and the Music Hall, (London: I.B. Tauris & Co Ltd, 2015).

Mollie Clarke, ‘Fanny and Stella: Piecing together LGBTQ+ histories and telling the stories’, [Accessed August 2022].

Sarah Wise, The Italian Boy, (London: Vintage Digital, 2012).

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