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Subsequent studies at King's College

Boat Club menu, 1937Boat Club menu, 1937More recently, King's has hosted a number of important research studies in collaboration with partners including the Department of Health and the Medical Research Council that notably have explored childhood nutrition and the diet of expectant mothers.

Large-scale trials have also examined the effects of household income on food consumption and health, while diet and bone density studies have yielded valuable data that can be used to help mitigate the most debilitating consequences of osteoporosis and the effects of the menopause.

One of the most exciting areas of enquiry is to investigate the metabolism of muscle damage and decay - with obvious implications for the treatment of sporting injury.

Other studies examine ways of improving the British diet to reduce heart disease and cancer and to understand the risk factors in the diets of some ethnic minority groups in the UK.

This links with an investigation of the extent to which genetic factors can be influenced by diet.

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