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What is banned?

Centrifuges at King's CollegeCentrifuges at King's CollegeA detailed list of prohibited substances used to improve athletes' performance is published by the World Anti-Doping Agency and by national organisations such as Sport UK.

The Drug Control Centre seeks to detect the presence of unauthorised concentrations in urine test samples or the presence of diagnostic markers that reveal their use.

Many so-called endogenous substances, including some hormones, occur naturally in the human body in small quantities, but are supplemented by dishonest athletes.

Distinguishing between their natural occurrence and this artificial enhancement constitutes an important part of the work of the Centre.

Some chemicals, such as Beta-2 Agonists, are banned in all sports and at all times, while others are prohibited in certain sports, notably alcohol during dangerous activities including motorcycling and archery.

It is the responsibility of the individual athlete, trainer and dietician to be aware of the contents of the banned list and seek to avoid deliberate or accidental contamination.

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