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Images of Lord Lister

Lister, aged 68. From the original painting by John Henry Lorimer, 1895Lister, aged 68. From the original painting by John Henry Lorimer, 1895Joseph Lister, pioneer of antiseptic surgery, worked at King's College London 1877-1893 as Professor of Clinical Surgery and Surgeon to King's College Hospital. Following cataloguing work recently funded by The Wellcome Trust, these pages offer a first glimpse of previously unseen images drawn from the Archives held at King's College London.

Lord Lister is acclaimed as the father of modern antiseptic surgery, which he helped develop in the 1860s and 1870s. Lister published key papers on the subject in The Lancet in 1867 then spent the following 20 years perfecting his techniques to minimise surgical infection. He was endebted to the German Robert Koch, who developed a germ theory of infection, which postulated the role of disease causing micro-organisms. His most important work was carried out in Glasgow, Edinburgh and at King's College Hospital.

The showcase, divided into four sections, includes portraits, images of Lister's equipment, images of King's College Hospital in Portugal Street during Lister's time and some of Lister's colleagues in the medical field. There is also a map showing the whereabouts of some of the key events in Lister's life.

Viewers of this exhibition seeking further information are invited to view Learning from Lister, an exhibition prepared by Brandon High of the Foyle Special Collections Library.

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