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Constantin Silvestri

Piano Suite No. 3 premiere and piano recital

During the event, the sound of Silvestri’s compositions was heard on a rare film with Silvestri conducting his greatest orchestral work. A recording of Silvestri in rehearsal with the BSO was also played. 

Anda Anastasescu, president of the Silvestri International Foundation, performed Silvestri’s piano suites Jeux d’Enfants No. 1 and 2 and gave the UK Première of Piano Suite No. 3.

Recital: Constantin Silvestri - Piano suites 1,2,3
Anda Anastasescu piano

Piano Suite Op. 3 No. 1
Children’s Games (1931). Lead soldiers. Pastorale The little shepherd.
Chinese shadows. The cane. Blind man’s bluff. 
The Sandman. Catch me if you can.

Piano Suite Op. 3 No. 2
Children’s Games (1931-33). Hide and seek. Sleeping Doll. Clown.
Slumber. In Grandma’s crinoline. Little Imp. 
The Bogeyman. Spinning Top.

Piano Suite Op. 6 No. 1
(1933) UK Première. Preludio. Duetto. Capriccio. Notturno.
Danze sacre. Baccanale.

Excerpts of the recital recording are available online, courtesy of Verbs Describe Us.

Anda Anastasescu performing Silvestri's piano suitesAnda Anastasescu performing Silvestri's piano suitesAnda Anastasescu performing Silvestri's piano suitesAnda Anastasescu performing Silvestri's piano suites

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