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Coming to London

Students wearing various types of fancy dress riding in and sitting upon the outside of a vehicle coming out of the Strand entrance of King's College London. On the pavement either side of the entryway is a crowd of people, mostly men wearing hats. King's students at a rag event [1915]

King's location in the Strand guaranteed it a prime position in the unfolding political and social dramas that constituted life close to the heart of one of the world's greatest cities: London.

This exhibition looks at the experience of London through the eyes of King's students, exploring the challenges they faced during the nineteenth century, examining the wider role of the College within the capital, the effect of war on student life and celebrating the alternative vision provided by King's overseas students, many of whom were refugees fleeing from oppression.

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PLEASE NOTE: This exhibition was created for the web and is only available to view online. It initially appeared online in 2004 to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the founding of King's.

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