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Armies Abroad: Britain in Somaliland

'Their Symbol The Spear'

Photograph of Major General Arthur Reginald Chater with his wife Diana. (Ref: Chater 10/8)Photograph of Major General Arthur Reginald Chater with his wife Diana (Ref: Chater 10/8)By the end of the Second World War, the Somaliland Camel Corps which had fought alongside the British in the conflict against the Dervish forces earlier had disbanded following mutinies within the regiment.

Led by Major General Arthur Reginald Chater, the Somaliland Scouts was established in order to provide a local policing force that would be administered by the British.

These photographs were taken by Captain Allan Digby for an album entitled 'Their Symbol The Spear'.

Not only do many of these photographs demonstrate the various duties that a Scout would undertake, some of the captions hint at the message these images were intended to portray.

The emphasis on regular pay and job security ensure the mutinies witnessed within the Corps's predecessor, the Somaliland Camel Scouts, will not be repeated.

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