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LIDDELL HART, Capt Sir Basil Henry (1895-1970)

Early life and career, including service in World War One, 1914-1918

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1895 Nov 7,Nov 1960

French birth certificate of LIDDELL HART, born on 31 Oct 1895 in Paris, France, to Henry Bramley Hart and Clara Kate Adaleine Beatrice LIDDELL HART. With copy of LIDDELL HART's English birth certificate, dated 28 Nov 1960. 2pp



Exercise book used by LIDDELL HART as a child, containing mathematical exercises and sketches, mainly of ships and trains. Scrapbook, containing magazine illustrations on the Boer War, including wagons crossing Potgeier's drift; ships of the Royal Navy, including HMS RESOLUTION; Russian and Japanese naval ships, [1904]; newspaper cuttings on sports, including the Epsom Derby, 1904, 1908-1910; England versus Australia in test match, Sydney, Australia, 1903-1904. 2 vols


1907-1910, 1939

Reports on LIDDELL HART while attending Willington Preparatory School for Boys, Putney, 1907-1910. With letter dated 19 Jul 1939 from Annie Hale, ex-headmistress, to LIDDELL HART on his book The defence of Britain (Faber and Faber, London, 1939) and copy letter to ex-fellow pupil J L Carlin, of Mbala, Zambia, with reminiscences on the school. See 13/40 for further papers relating to Willington School, 1925-1969. 1 file



Papers relating to award of the Hamilton Prize for geography at St Paul's School, London to LIDDELL HART, with question paper. With 'Honours and distinctions and appointments obtained by past and present Paulines' issued by the School for 1911-1912 (Wertheimer, Lea and Co, London, 1912). 1 file



Papers relating to study at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge University, including notes on expenses, 1913-1914 and intercollegiate examination paper in English constitutional history from 1485, Jun 1914. 1 file



Copy typescript account by LIDDELL HART of his early life, 1895-1914. 4pp


1914 Aug-1915 Feb

Papers relating to LIDDELL HART's enlistment in the army in 1914, including certificate of appointment as 2nd Lt in the Land Forces, dated 6 Dec 1914. 1 file



Papers relating to service in France, 1915, including 'Note on policy with regard to the 2nd line' issued by Brig Gen Philip Howell, General Staff, 10 Corps, 13 Sep 1915, on defences from Hedauville through Millencourt to the Somme; postcard of railway station at Etaples, 1915; 'Collection of information regarding the enemy', card issued by General Headquarters, Oct 1915; circular dated 6 Oct 1915 issued by Lt Col Hubert Isacke, General Staff of 14 (Light) Div, forbidding the use of the command 'Retire' in written or verbal orders, following its use as a ruse by the enemy; circular note dated 22 Mar 1915 issued by Capt Lewis James Comyn, 14 Div, directing officers to shoot Germans prisoners found in possession of bullets they have tampered with. 1 file



Trench map entitled 'Belgium and France ('B' Series) Sheet 28', scale 1:40,000 showing Ypres (Geographical Section, General Staff, third edition, 1915). 1 file



Trench map entitled 'Boesinghe', part of sheet 28 (see 8/48) scale 1:10,000, produced for 2 Army and trenched corrected to 5 Oct 1915 ([Geographical Section, General Staff], 1915). 1 file



Trench map entitled 'St Jean', part of Sheet 28 (see 8/48) scale 1:10,000, produced for 2 Army and corrected to 4 Nov 1915 (1 Printing Company, Royal Engineers, 1915). 1 file



Trench map entitled 'Longueval', edition 2B of Sheet 57C, SW 3, scale 1:10,000, corrected to 5 May 1916 (Geographical section, General Staff, 1916). 1 file



Trench map entitled 'Montauban', trenches corrected to 2 Jun 1916, covering parts of Sheets 57D SE, 57C SW, 62D NE and 62C NW, scale 1:20,000 (Geographical General Staff, 1916). 1 file



Trench map entitled 'France', Sheet 57C SW covering Pys, Haplincourt, Saillisel and Montauban, corrected to 5 May 1916 (Geographical General Staff, 1916). 1 file



Papers relating to promotions and applications for appointments, 1915-1916, including entry from the London Gazette, 4 Jan 1916, on appointment of LIDDELL HART to temporary Lieutenant, as of 20 Apr 1915; copies of letters dated 5 May 1916 to the adjutant of 3 Bn, King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, requesting that commission as lieutenant in the regular forces be made permanent. 1 file



'Section or Platoon roll book' (Gale and Polden, Aldershot) completed by LIDDELL HART for D Company, 11 Bn King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, with names and details including regimental numbers of soldiers with surnames A to D. 1 vol



'The officer's pocket book' (Gale and Polden, Aldershot) manual including notes on military engineering, rations, ammunition. With a few notes by LIDDELL HART, including addresses. 1 vol



'Impressions and reflections of a French company commander regarding the attack' (HMSO, Harrison and Sons, London, 1916). 1 vol


1916 May

'Fourth Army tactical notes' (Stationery Services Press, May 1916) containing guidance on offensive tactics. 1 vol



Correspondence with R S and Hélène Carmichael of Paris, family friends, with photographs, 1920, taken by the Carmichaels of battlefield areas including the site of a destroyed village near the Somme and the remains of Montdidier. 1 file

LIDDELL HART: 8/71-111


Papers relating to service in World War One, including printed 'Extract from "Notes on the minor tactics of trench warfare" by "A casualty"' (Harrison and Sons, London, 1915); names of soldiers in C Company, 9 Platoon, King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry [1916]; 21 Div information summary, 23-29 Jun 1916, areas including Lozenge Alley, Dingle Trench and Sausage Trench; operational orders dated 25 Jun 1916 issued by Lt Col C W D Lynch commanding 9 (Service) Bn King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry for attack in the area south east of Boiselle; photocopy of extract from war diary of 9 Bn King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, covering the Somme, Jun-Jul 1916; typescript copy of account by Brig Gen Hugh Roger Headlam of action of 64 Infantry Brigade, to which 9 Bn was attached, on 1 Jul 1916; booklet '64 Infantry Brigade pilgrimage' (1931) to commemorate the attack on Fricourt, 1 Jul 1916 and unveil a memorial on Henin Hill, signed by those present, 4-5 Jul 1931. 1 file

LIDDELL HART: 8/112-129


Papers relating to to recovery of LIDDELL HART after gas attack, [Jul or Aug] 1916, including reports on attendance for examination at medical boards, Sep 1916-May 1918. 1 file

LIDDELL HART: 8/130-140

1917 Feb-Apr,1965-1968

Papers relating to appointment as acting adjutant to 68 (Australian) Squadron, Royal Flying Corps at Harlaxton, Grantham, Feb 1917, and transfer to Southern Command Headquarters, Salisbury, Mar 1917. With correspondence, 1965-1968, with T H Hampshire, also formerly of 68 (Australian) Squadron, Harlaxton. 1 file

LIDDELL HART: 8/141-161

1917 Apr-Aug

Papers relating to service as Captain and adjutant of 4 Battalion Gloucestershire Volunteer Regiment, Stroud, Gloucestershire, including orders for entraining and detraining of troops, [1917]; routine orders issued by LIDDELL HART for Maj C A Hope, Commander, in Apr and Jun 1917; suggested scheme of training for volunteers, [1917]; camp orders, issued by LIDDELL HART as Camp Commandant, 18 Aug 1917; paper on field engineering by Col H D Cartwright [1917];

LIDDELL HART: 8/162-198


Papers relating to service as Captain and adjutant of 4 Battalion Gloucestershire Volunteer Regiment, Stroud, Gloucestershire, including arrangements for equipment and line of communication on mobilisation [1917]; instruction paper on 'Rifle-bombing', Dec 1917; papers relating to LIDDELL HART's request for transfer due to ill-health, Oct 1917, and following disagreements over communications with commanding officer Maj C A Hope; correspondence in 1969 with D J Mason of the Stroud News and Journal, on the unveiling of the Wayside Cross at Woodchester in Jun 1917. 1 file


1917 [Nov]

Testimonial from troops of 4 Battalion Gloucestershire Volunteer Regiment to LIDDELL HART in appreciation of his work as adjutant, with names of non commissioned officers. 1p



Cuttings book relating to service as Adjutant of 4 Battalion Gloucestershire Volunteer Regiment and of 1 Volunteer Battalion Cambridgeshire Regiment, mainly newspaper reports from the Stroud Journal and Stroud News and Gloucester County Advertiser, on troop inspections and weekend camps held by LIDDELL HART, Apr-Nov 1917; and service as adjutant of 1 Volunteer Bn, Cambridgeshire Regt. With cuttings on the wedding at Stroud of LIDDELL HART to Jessie Douglas Stone, daughter of J J Stone of Stratford Lodge, Stroud, Apr 1918. 1 vol

LIDDELL HART: 8/201-228

1918 Jan-Dec

Papers relating to service as Adjutant of 1 Volunteer Battalion Cambridgeshire Regiment, Dec 1917-Dec 1918, including mobilisation scheme [1918]. With 'The training and employment of platoons 1918', issued by the General Staff, War Office (Feb 1918). 1 file



'Officer's Record of Service' including notes on courses attended, dates of promotion, and service. With comments of commanding officers. 1 vol

LIDDELL HART: 8/230-251


Correspondence mainly with R E Priestley, Assistant Registrar for Research Studies, relating to application to study at Cambridge University for a doctorate, rejected in Jun 1920, and as a research student, rejected Dec 1924; and letter from University of London, suggesting that LIDDELL HART try for a doctorate in military science, Dec 1924. 1 file

LIDDELL HART: 8/252-295


Papers relating to appointments, 1920-1922, including copy letters of applications to the War Office for a permanent commission, and for an adjutancy or staff appointment in the Territorial Force, 1920; appointment as Education Officer, 10 Infantry Bde, Northern Command, May 1920; certificate for appointment to a Regular Commission in the Army Education Corps, Jan 1921; appointment as Education Officer to 10 Infantry Brigade, Lichfield, Jan 1921; confirmation by the War Office of change of surname from Hart to LIDDELL HART, Apr 1921; confidential reports while officer in the Army Education Corps, 1920-1922. 1 file

LIDDELL HART: 8/296-297


Photograph of sandtable made by LIDDELL HART in 1922 for teaching minor tactics, and kept in the office at 10 Brigade HQ, Shorncliffe Camp, Kent, with related papers. 1 black and white photograph, 2pp

LIDDELL HART: 8/298-300


Papers relating to service at Shorncliffe, Kent as Brigade Education Officer, 10 Infantry Bde, including 'Official directory of the Shorncliffe sub-area' issued with the sanction of the Colonel Commandant, Shorncliffe sub-area (F J Parsons Ltd, Folkestone, Apr 1922); and copy letter [by LIDDELL HART], recipient not known, giving his plan for the introduction of a new draft of recruits to the barracks. 1 file

LIDDELL HART: 8/301-306


Correspondence relating to request to transfer to the Royal Tank Corps, and cancellation of request by the War Office, Oct 1923 following decision at medical board of Aug 1923 that LIDDELL HART was fit for sedentary duties only. 7pp

LIDDELL HART: 8/307-314

1923-1924, 1927

Correspondence relating to placement on half pay, May 1924 following decision by medical board in Aug 1923 that LIDDELL HART was fit for home duties only, with 'Statement of case' by LIDDELL HART [1924]; retirement from the Army in 1927, due to ill-health caused by wounds, Jul 1927. 1 file

LIDDELL HART: 8/315-356


Miscellaneous papers, including reminiscences 'Episodes and anecdotes', 1920-1923 and text for talk to Marlow Rotary Club, on 'Personal experience and reflections', Nov 1960; photocopied lists of 'The Duds', 1918-1919, the Society of Returned Cambridge University Service Men; correspondence with Maj Donald Franklyn, formerly GSO1, 21 Div, on plans to write a history of 21 Div, 1923-1924; letters from Lt Col H W L Hine, of Kew, Surrey, 1922-1923, including Hine's reminiscences of army life in the late 19th century; notes on earnings, 1922-1925; correspondence with Brig Clement Thurstan Tomes of Charmouth, Dorest, 1958-1962, including comments on use of flat nosed ammunition in World War One; 'Hints on training' (11 Oct 1916 issued by Lt Col A W A Pollock, General Staff, 10 (Service) Bn, King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, with covering letter, 1920. 1 file


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