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LIDDELL HART, Capt Sir Basil Henry (1895-1970)

Papers relating to clubs, societies and political parties, 1922-1970

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Papers relating to the All Souls Foreign Affairs Group, All Souls College, Oxford University, created for the discussion of foreign policy and international politics, including copy minutes of meetings and related papers, Jan 1938-Feb 1938; paper stating recommendations of the Group on relations with Czechoslovakia, Italy, Germany, China and Japan [1938]; memoranda on the political situation in Spain, Mar 1938, and in Czechoslovakia, Jun 1938. With correspondence in 1961 with the Hon Sir Harold (George) Nicolson on members of the Group, 1937-1938. 1 file



Papers relating to the Anglo-Belgian Group, Belgrave Square, London, including correspondence relating to membership, Jun 1956-Non 1970; 'Bye-laws 1955' (Echo Press, Loughborough, 1955), lists of members at 31 Aug 1957 and 1 Jan 1969; and leaflet [1956]. 1 file



Papers relating to the Society for Army Historical Research, London including printed note of eighth annual general meeting nominating LIDDELL HART for membership, Jul 1930; correspondence with Honorary Secretary A S White, 1930-1947. 1 file



Papers relating to the Army League, London, formed in 1937 (name changed to the Army and Home and Empire Defence League, 1938, known as the Army Defence League) to draw attention to military unpreparedness including 'A policy for the Army, report of the Army League Committee' (St Clement's Press, London, 1937); correspondence with Leopold Stennet and Julian Amery relating to revival of the League in 1950 and League papers, including 'Our defence problem' by Maj Gen John Frederick Charles Fuller [1950], and 'Some questions of military policy' by LIDDELL HART, 14 Dec 1950; notes on meeting between members of the Army League and the Templer Committee, formed to investigate distribution of manpower in the Army, Sep 1951; minutes of League meetings, Nov 1950-Dec 1952. With 'European movement, basis for an eastern European policy' issued by the Eastern and Central European Section (St Clements Press, London, [1950]). 1 file



Papers relating to the Army and Home and Empire Defence League, known as the Army League, London, including comments by Sir Desmond Morton, 1953, on LIDDELL HART's article 'If I were Russia's chief of staff' in John Bull; League papers, including 'Suez Canal Zone', Mar 1953; draft League report on defence tasks of the British Army, Nov 1954; 'The army in the nuclear age, report of the Army League sub-committee 1955' (St Clements Press, London, 1955) with newspaper reviews. 1 file



Papers relating to the Army and Home and Empire Defence League, renamed in 1956 the Army and Commonwealth Defence League, and known as the Army League, London, including 'Memorandum and new articles of association of the Army and Commonwealth Defence League' 1956 and income and expenditure accounts and balance sheets, Mar 1956-Mar 1958; summary of speeches made in debate on European defence at the Western European Union, Oct 1956; 'The army in the nuclear age' issued by the Army League (Stellar Press, Hertfordshire, Nov 1959; minutes of League meetings, Jul 1956-Dec 1959; minutes of Study Group meetings, formed to identify the present and future role of the Army, Nov 1958-Mar 1959, with related papers including 'The ratio of force to space' by LIDDELL HART, Feb 1959; resignation of LIDDELL HART from executive committee, Feb 1961. The League was wound up in 1961. 2 files



Correspondence and papers relating to the Athenaeum, London, including certificate of membership, 25 Jan 1933; election of Harold (Kim) Philby to the Athenaeum, and letter from Philby thanking LIDDELL HART for his support in securing membership, 10 May 1937; printed minutes of annual general meetings, 1943, 1956, 1961 and 1965. 1 file



Correspondence with T Corder Catchpool, Secretary of the Bombing Policy Committee, London, formed to consider development of area bombing by the RAF in Germany, including invitation to sign letter to The Times by Professor H S Jevons in opposition to bombing of civilians, Jul 1942. 1 file



Correspondence with and papers relating to the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, London, including refusal of invitation to join, Nov 1958; draft programme for nuclear disarment discussion weekend, Guildford, Jul 1959 and for conference in Accra, Ghana, May 1962; 'After Cuba-steps towards peace', Nov 1962 issued by the Campaign and outlining current policy. With 'The valley of decision, the Christian dilemma in the nuclear age' by Canon Theodore Richard Milford for the British Council of Churches (1961). 1 file



Correspondence with Rev Canon Lewis John Collins, Chairman of Christian Action, London, and related papers, including report of discussion at conference for Christian pacifists and Christian non-pacifists at Haywards Heath, Sussex, Dec 1951; draft programme for conference 'Modern war still challenges Christians' at Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, Sep 1961; Christian Action paper 'The nuclear deterrent and Christian conscience' [Nov 1961]; draft paper, Nov 1961, in answer to 'The valley of decision, the Christian dilemma in the nuclear age' by Canon Theodore Richard Milford for the British Council of Churches (1961) advocating prevention of nuclear war by British retention of nuclear weapons. 1 file



Papers relating to the Common Market, including LIDDELL HART's agreement to sign statement issued by the Common Market Campaign to join the European Economic Community, May 1961, with newspaper cuttings. 1 file



Papers relating to the Declaration of Atlantic Unity, New York, USA, created in 1954 to support NATO against perceived threat of Russian aggression, including printed papers 'Declaration of Atlantic unity', 1957 and 1962; list of signatories, Nov 1957; petition to Atlantic Congress, Jun 1959, to endorse proposals; summary of activities, 1954-1958. With minutes of annual general meeting of British Atlantic Committee, London, Nov 1961 and 'The Atlantic Institute, a prospectus' issued by the Provisional Committee for the Atlantic Institute (Hallet, Brussels, May 1960). 1 file



Papers relating to the Voluntary Euthanasia Legislation Society, Leicester, later the Euthanasia Society, London, including letter from Honorary Secretary Dr Charles Killick Millard thanking LIDDELL HART for his support, 28 Mar 1939. With 'The case for voluntary euthanasia (Headley Brothers Ltd, London, 1961) and 'A plan for voluntary euthanasia' (Headley Brothers Ltd, London, 1962) both issued by the Euthanasia Society. 1 file



Papers relating to the New Fabian Research Bureau, London, later the Fabian Society, including Bureau draft papers 'The Labour Party and the Air Force' and 'The Labour Party and the Navy', 1937; conference papers 'The strategic situation in Europe', Jun 1938, 'Labour and national defence' Jan [1939] and 'War for what?' Oct 1939. 1 file



Papers relating to the Federal Union, London, created in 1939 to promote international cooperation through the creation of a federation of of nations, including policy statement 'Federal Union' (Ditchling Press, Sussex, [1939]); draft discussion paper on an international police force, Feb 1957 and meeting papers for discussion of a permanent United Nations force, Feb-Apr 1957. With 'Peace by federation?' (Alden Press, Oxford, 1940) by Sir William Henry Beveridge and 'Let's not make the same mistake twice' (Baynard Press, London, [1941]) and 'Proposals for a permanent United Nations force' (Edgar Dunstan and Co, London, 1957) issued by the Federal Union. 1 file



Correspondence with and papers relating to the Freedom Defence Committee, created in 1945 for the defence of civil liberties, including correspondence relating to specific cases of alleged injustice, such as Dr Alan Nunn May, jailed under the Official Secrets Act in 1946, and invitations to LIDDELL HART to add his name to letters of appeal sent to newspapers. The Committee was closed down in Jun 1949 due to lack of funds. With printed papers 'Constitution of the Freedom Defence Committee' [1945] and Bulletin of the Freedom Defence Committee, Jul 1945 issued by the Freedom Defence Committee. 1 file



Papers relating to the Agency for Intellectual Relief in Germany, of which LIDDELL HART acted as co-vice chairman, founded in 1946, including list of statutes [1946]; minutes of meetings, Nov 1946-Dec 1947. 1 file



Correspondence with and papers relating to the International Brigade Association, London, formed by men of the British Battalion of the International Brigades who fought for the Republican government in the Spanish Civil War, including LIDDELL HART's view on the future progress of World War Two; summary of speech by LIDDELL HART to the Independent Labour Party summer school, Aug 1941, for publication in the Association's magazine The Volunteer. With incomplete copy of The Volunteer, 1942. 1 file



Correspondence with and papers relating to the International Law Association, Amsterdam, including correspondence relating to election of LIDDELL HART to the Committee on the Protection of Civilian Populations in Time of War, Dec 1937; two pamphlets entitled 'The International Law Association' (Richard Clay and Sons, Bungay, Suffolk, 1937) and 'Bulletin of the International Law Association' (C F Roworth, London, Nov 1938); pamphlet entitled 'Draft convention for the protection of civilian populations in time of war' issued by the Association (Oct 1937). With papers relating to the Sanctuary Committee, for the prevention of air attack on civilian populations, including list of members, Jul 1938 and 'A sanctuary plan for the prevention of air attack on civilian populations', Jul 1938. 1 file



Correspondence with Capt H W Luttman-Johnson, Honorary Secretary of the January Club, London, formed in Jan 1934 to provide a platform for Fascist sympathisers, including invitation to LIDDELL HART to become a founder member, Jan 1934 (not taken up); note on objects, membership and list of members, Jan 1934. 1 file



Correspondence with and papers relating to 11 (Service) Bn King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry Officers' Association, including arrangements for unveiling of memorial to those killed in World War One at the Prince of Wales Hotel, Harrogate, Sep 1929; arrangements for reunion meetings, 1946-1963 with menu cards signed by those present; note dated Apr 1958 on the death of Maj Charles Allix Lavington Yate, VC, in 1914. With copies of The Bugle, monthly journal of the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, Jun-Jul 1926, and 'Rules of the KOYLI Regimental Association' (W McGowan, Pontefract, [1925]). 1 file



Papers relating to the Labour Party defence policy, with related correspondence, including Defence Policy Sub-Committee papers 'Brief survey of the Army hierarchy of the United Kingdom as it is today', Mar 1938, 'What's wrong and suggested reforms', Apr 1938, 'What kind of an army', Apr 1938, 'A ministry of defence' Jan 1939, and 'Labour and the armed forces', Apr 1939 with comments by LIDDELL HART; 'Memorandum on the position regarding air defence', Jun 1938, paper presented to Neville Chamberlain, Prime Minister; 'Labour and defence, statement of policy to be submitted to the annual conference at Southport' issued by the National Executive of the Labour Party (London Caledonian Press, London, May 1939). 1 file



Papers relating to the Liberal Party, including text of speech dated 14 Jun 1945 by LIDDELL HART to Liberal party meeting (location not known); agreement to join the British Liberal International Council, and draft constitution, Aug 1947; list of members of the Liberal Campaign Fund National Committee, [1947]; agreement in Dec 1948 to become President of the North Buckinghamshire Liberal Association, with related correspondence, including resignation, Jul 1954; text for article in The Bucks Standard, 11 Feb 1950, 'Why I have joined the Liberals', with cuttings; draft statement on defence dated Mar 1957, published in the Liberal News, 5 Apr 1957, with related correspondence with Arthur Frederick Holt, MP; 'Liberal defence policy: notes for speakers' issued by the Special Research Department, Liberal Central Association, Mar 1960. With election leaflet for Adrian LIDDELL HART, Liberal Party candidate for Sowerby and Liberal Party manifesto for the General Election, 1950 'No easy way', (Liberal Publication Department, London, [1950]); 'National defence, the report of a committee of the Liberal party (Liberal Publication Department, London, [1950]); minutes of a meeting of the Foreign Affairs Committee, House of Lords, 30 Apr 1954 and related 'Notes on the hydrogen bomb'. 1 file



Correspondence and papers relating to the Military Commentators' Circle, formed during World War Two, disbanded in 1945, and recreated in Mar 1954, including correspondence with Capt Eugene Hinterhoff, Honorary Secretary, on revival of the Circle, 1953-1954, and suggested speakers for meetings, 1954-1961; minutes of meetings, Dec 1956-1959; lists of speakers and topics, 1954-1959; lists of members and constitution, 1957-1963. LIDDELL HART was President of the Circle, 1954-1960. With leaflet issued by the Free Europe Committee, of New York, USA entitled 'Weapon in the struggle for freedom' against perceived threat of communism [Jul 1955]. 4 files



Correspondence and papers relating to the Military Commentators' Circle, including correspondence with Capt Eugene Hinterhoff, Honorary Secretary, on speakers for meetings, 1960-1969; resignation of LIDDELL HART from the post of President, Aug 1960, and election of new President MRAF Sir John Cotesworth Slessor, Sep-Nov 1960 (LIDDELL HART appointed President Emeritus); cancellation of talk by Gen Rav-Aluf Haim Laskov, Chief of Staff of the Israeli Armed Forces, due on 7 Nov 1960, following pressure by the British Government and in view of proposed cordial relations with Egypt, with newspaper cuttings; text of speech to Circle, Oct 1966. 4 files



Correspondence and papers relating to the Military Commentators' Circle including H S Woodham, Chairman of the Circle, 1953-1964; correspondence with and articles in The Tablet by Capt Eugene Hinterhoff, Honorary Secretary, including 'The new West German army', 27 Apr 1957, 'The Cyprus agreement', 28 Feb 1959, 'Deterrence and defence', 17 Jun 1961, 'Background to Berlin', Jul-Aug 1961, 'The defence of the Baltic', 16 Dec 1961, 'De Gaulle and NATO', 2 Jun 1962, 'NATO's exposed flank', 6 Apr 1963, 'Hong Kong', 17 Dec 1966; his appointment as Founder and Honorary Secretary, 1958. With obituaries on his death, Mar 1972. 1 file



Papers and correspondence relating to the creation of The Hundred Thousand, originally known as the Movement for Freedom, for the promotion of principles of freedom and democracy in Britain, including drafts of manifesto by LIDDELL HART, Jules Menken and Duncan Edwin Duncan Sandys, MP, Dec 1938, under the name Movement for Freedom; LIDDELL HART's reasons for withdrawing his support for the organisation, including his denial that the movement constituted a new political group, and disagreement with Duncan Sandys, MP, over rushed inauguration of the Movement, Jan 1939; relaunch of the Movement as The Hundred Thousand, to promote a policy of resistance to German aggression rather than appeasement, Jan 1939. With newspaper cuttings on LIDDELL HART's speech to the Youth Peace Conference at Friends' House, London, Oct 1938, LIDDELL HART's letter of withdrawal from the Movement, published in the Daily Telegraph, Jan 1939, and on the launch of The Hundred Thousand, Jan-Mar 1939. 1 file



Correspondence and papers relating to the Multilateral Disarmament Information Centre, London, created in opposition to the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, including LIDDELL HART's agreement to act as member of the advisory panel, Oct 1963; notes from meetings of the panel, May-Oct 1963; LIDDELL HART's withdrawal from the panel following disagreement over his role and the purpose of the Centre, Jan 1964. With publications issued by the Centre including 'Nuclear stalemate', 'Unemployment' [1938] and 'War and peace, digest of the speeches of President John F Kennedy' [1964]. 1 file



Correspondence with and papers relating to the National Council for Civil Liberties, London, including appointment of LIDDELL HART as vice president, May 1940; copy of resolution adopted at conference on anti-semitism and fascism, Apr 1943. With copies of Civil Liberty, Aug-Sep 1940 and Apr-May 1944, monthly journal of the National Council for Civil Liberties. 1 file



Correspondence with and papers relating to the National Peace Council, a federation coordinating the efforts of societies working against War, including arrangements for LIDDELL HART to speak on limitation of war at Kingsway Hall, London, Dec 1946; policy statement on disarmament, [1952]; typescript article by Eric Baker, General Secretary entitled 'Psychological warfare a challenge to democracy' and policy statement on 'Campaign to secure international agreement on the prohibition of nuclear weapons', Dec 1959. With publicity leaflet 'The NPC, what it is, what it does' [1952]. 1 file



Correspondence with and papers relating to the British Parliamentary Group for World Government, London, supported by LIDDELL HART including typescript articles by him entitled 'Is a world force practicable?', dated 1947 and revised in 1956, and 'A permanent international force', Jul 1957; statements, including those by FM Sir Claude John Eyre Auchinleck and MRAF Sir John Cotesworth Slessor, on a report by the Federal Union on plans for a Permanent United Nations' Force [1957]; Group's statement to the press suggesting establishment of United Nations police force in Berlin, Apr 1959; 'The creation of a world security authority based on the lessons of the Congo', paper prepared by the World Association of World Federalists for the Vienna Congress, Jul 1961; draft volunteer registration form for a world police force, issued by the Group [1962] and minutes of National Council of the Volunteers Register for a World Police Force, 23 Jul 1962, 16 Oct 1963 and 16 Jan 1964. 1 file



Papers relating to the Peace Pledge Union and Operation Jetsam, organised by Denis Riley of the West Yorkshire Region of the Peace Pledge Union, for the renunciation of war, disarmament and an international police force, including publicity leaflet 'Operation Jetsam' (Herbert Lodge and Sons, Dewsbury, [1946]). 1 file



Papers relating to the PEN (Poets, Essayists and Novelists) Club, a worldwide association of writers, including routine correspondence on meetings, planned publications and subscriptions, 1927-1969; proposed establishment of permanent headquarters in London, Apr 1943; article in the Picture Post, 19 Feb 1949, on a PEN gathering in London; programme for the 28th International Congress of the PEN, 8-13 Jul 1956, with paper for the final plenary session on 13 Jul 1956 and newspaper cuttings; text of Hermon Ould memorial lecture in London, 1958, by Alfred Leslie Rowse entitled 'The role of intellectuals in society', with newspaper cuttings; list of members, Aug 1969. With Bulletin of the English Centre of International PEN, Autumn 1958; pamphlet entitled 'The PEN rules of the English Centre' (Arthurs Press Ltd, Gloucesterhire, [1962]); brochure issued by PEN 'The project for a new English centre' [1969] for new premises, with newspaper cuttings. 1 file



Papers issued by Political and Economic Planning Group, London, mainly draft policy statements with covering letters including 'Economic priorities', 10 Nov 1939; 'First draft on armed forces', 23 Nov 1939; 'European order and world order' 2 Jan 1940, with comments by LIDDELL HART; 'Restatement of war aims' 23 Aug 1940; 'The need for a new policy of social reconstruction', 25 Jul 1940. With paper issued by the Post-War Bureau, 'Allied war and peace aims digest (no 2)' [1940]. LIDDELL HART arranged to act in a consultative capacity for the executive of Political and Economic Planning in Nov 1945. 1 file



Papers relating to committees and organisations concerned with the Spanish Civil War, including drafts of and printed statement issued to members of Parliament entitled 'General Franco's demand for belligerent rights' (St Clement's Press Ltd, London, Dec 1938), and draft for leaflet entitled 'Truth will out', Jul 1939, issued by the Parliamentary Committee for Spain; report on the deputation to the Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain on 7 Jan 1939 by the Spain Emergency Committee of the International Peace Campaign; leaflet appealing for funds issued by the Westminster and City Foodship for Spain, Dec 1938, of which LIDDELL HART was patron. 1 file



Papers relating to Toc-H, organisation created in the Ypres Salient, 1915 and known as Talbot House, a Christian fellowship for British servicemen, including correspondence with padre-founder the Rev Philip Thomas Byard (Tubby) Clayton, 1955-1969; leaflet 'A guide to living' by LIDDELL HART, on the aims of Toc H [1955], and related correspondence with F G Chesworth of the Toc H organisation, London, on its production, 1954-1955; papers relating to events held by the Wolverton branch of Toc H, 1955-1968, including garden party at Wolverton Park, Buckinghamshire, 6 Aug 1955; booklet 'Happy Returns' (Toc H Journal, London, 1955) on Clayton's seventieth birthday; 'Vista, the first fifty years of Toc H' compiled by Geoffrey Martin (Jarrold and Sons, Norwich, [1965]); newspaper obituaries for Clayton and leaflet for memorial service, 19 Dec 1972. With account dated 27 Oct 1957 by John Callf, then commander of B Company (Jats), Punjab Regiment, of his experience of the first Arakan Campaign, Burma, 1942-1943. 1 file



Papers relating to the Western European Union, including 'Background notes', Aug 1960; routine correspondence relating to and draft ordinary session papers for 1957, 1959, 1961, 1962, 1964, 1966 and 1967. With including 'Assembly List' for the Assembly of the Western European Union, sixth plenary session, mainly in French, listing representatives and substitutes attending the assembly (Strasbourg, 1960) and Council of Europe News (Strasbourg), Jul and Nov 1961. 1 file



Papers relating to the Wyndham Place Trust International Police Force Commission, established in Sep 1960, to which LIDDELL HART acted as adviser from 1961, including papers 'Purpose of the Commission' [1961]; 'Role of an international or supranational force in a disarming world', paper prepared for Drafting Committee meeting on 1 Jun 1961; draft reports of the International Police Force Commission, Oct 1961 and Feb 1962. With papers dated 1963-1964 relating to the National Council for the Registration of Volunteers for a World Police Force, set up in Mar 1963, including publicity leaflet 'Policemen for peace' [1963]; minutes of meetings (incomplete), Mar 1963-Mar 1964; paper outlining programme since creation, [1964]. 1 file



Papers relating to and routine correspondence with various clubs and societies, including the Savage Club, 1926-1939; Royal Historical Society, 1924, 1939; Army and Navy Club, London, 1927, 1939; English Speaking Union, London, 1938-1939; No Conscription Council, London, 1948-1956; Royal Society of Literature, London, 1950, 1966; International Mark Twain Society, Missouri, USA, 1928-1970; Knights of the Round Table Club, 1927-1951; London Vegetarian Society, Jan 1947; Central Board for Conscientious Objectors, 1944-1945; Anglo-German Association, 1952-1957; Council of Action for Peace and Reconstruction, 1939; European-Atlantic Group, 1960; Association of Writers for Intellectual Liberty, 1938; World Assembly for Moral Re-armament, 1947-1952; the 1941 Committee against Naziism and fascism, 1941; Non-Violent Defence Group, 1960; Peace Research Centre, 1968; Proportional Representation Society, 1954; Social Credit Party, 1942; Women's International League, 1950; Territorial Army and Air Force Association of the County of London, 1926-1927. With booklet 'For intellectual liberty', issued by the organisation founded in 1936 (Edgar G Dunstan and Co, London, [1941]), and related papers, 1936-1940. 1 file


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