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LIDDELL HART, Capt Sir Basil Henry (1895-1970)

Papers of Col Roderick ('Rory') Macleod (1891-1984)

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Papers of Col Roderick ('Rory') Macleod (1891-1984)

Liddell Hart: 15/14/1


Memoirs of Macleod entitled 'An artillery officer in the First World War' including accounts of Curragh incident, Mar 1914, retreat from Mons, Aug 1914, Western Front 1914-1917 and Asiago Plateau, Italian Front, 1918. 1 vol

Liddell Hart: 15/14/2

1968 Nov 5

Lecture by Macleod to the Royal Artillery Historical Society on third Battle of Ypres, 31 Jul-13 Oct 1917, with text of post-lecture discussion and replies to points raised by Capt Sir Basil Liddell Hart. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/14/3


Typescript text of poem by Macleod entitled 'Third Ypres, 1917'. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/14/4

1957 Jan

The Journal of the Royal Artillery including review by Macleod of The Turn of the Tide (Collins, London, 1957) by Sir Arthur Bryant. 1 booklet

Liddell Hart: 15/14/5


The Journal of the Royal Artillery including review by Macleod of Winston Churchill and the Second Front (Oxford University Press, New York, 1957) by Trumbull Higgins. 1 booklet

Liddell Hart: 15/14/6-8

1959 Aug 18-20

Copies of three articles from The Scotsman on the career of FM Douglas Haig, 1st Earl Haig, Commander-in-Chief, British Army, Western Front, 1915-1918, by Maj Gen Sir John Kennedy. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/14/9


Bound copies of letters, 'Ironside's letters to Col R Macleod', relating to FM (William) Edmund Ironside, 1st Baron Ironside of Archangel and Ironside's career 1921-1959 including opinions on mechanisation, German Army manoeuvres 1937, appointment as Chief of the Imperial General Staff, Sep 1939, reflections on World War Two and post-war correspondence with copies of reports on Lord Ironside by superior officers including King George V, Gen Henry Seymour Rawlinson, 1st Baron Rawlinson of Trent, FM William Riddell Birdwood, 1st Baron Birdwood of Anzac and Totnes, FM Sir Philip Walhouse Chetwode, 1919-1934. 1 vol

Liddell Hart: 15/14/10


Unbound copy of 15/14/9 with copies of reports on Macleod by superior officers including Maj Gen (William) Edmund Ironside, Gen Sir John Stuart Mackenzie Shea, Maj Gen Charles Arthur Ker, Maj Gen Clive Gerard Liddell Hart, 1918-1939. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/14/11-12


'A Secret Service agent in South-West Africa', an account by Macleod on Lt (William) Edmund Ironside's service in South Africa, German South-West Africa and British Bechuanaland, 1902-1904 including search for Boer outlaws north of the Orange River, 1902-1903, the Bondelzwart and Hereros Rising in German South-West Africa, 1903-1904 and Ironside's covert enlistment into the German Army, 1904. 2 vols

Liddell Hart: 15/14/13


The Journal of the Royal Artillery including obituary of FM (William) Edmund Ironside, 1st Baron Ironside of Archangel and Ironside by Macleod. 1 booklet


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