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LIDDELL HART, Capt Sir Basil Henry (1895-1970)

Papers of Maj Henry Ellis D Harris (1913-1983)

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LH 15/10 Papers of Maj Henry Ellis D Harris (1913-1983)

LIDDELL: 15/10/1


Papers relating to workshops of Royal Army Ordnance Corps and Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Middle East Command including report entitled 'Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, base statistics Middle East, Jan 1943'; graphs of workshop repairs completed at base and advanced ordnance workshops for vehicles of 1 Armoured Div and 22 Armoured Bde, Oct 1941-Mar 1942; graphs comparing tanks awaiting overhaul with tanks awaiting repairs and preparation for desert conditions, Middle East Command, Mar 1942-Jul 1943; statistical tables and graphs comparing output of base workshops in Middle East Command, 1939-1943. 1 file

LIDDELL: 15/10/2

1941 Oct-Dec

Papers, including photographs, relating to defects in the axle arm of Cruiser Tank Mk 6. 1 file, 17 photographs

LIDDELL: 15/10/3

1941 Apr-Sep

Papers relating to visit to South Africa, 19 Aug-5 Sep 1941, by Brig William Watson Richards, Director of Ordnance Services, Middle East Forces, and Col Jack Waycott, Assistant Director of Warlike Stores, War Office, following invitation from FM Jan Smuts, including reports on production of munitions in South Africa and proposed aid for Imperial Forces in Middle East. 1 file

LIDDELL: 15/10/4


Papers relating to supply of ordnance stores including report from Allied Forces HQ on lessons relating to ordnance from Operation TORCH, Mar 1943; notes on supply of clothing from UK and India to New Zealand and Indian forces in Middle East, Apr 1940; correspondence between Maj Gen (William) Ronald Penney, HQ 8 Army and Maj Gen William Watson Richards, Deputy Quartermaster General (Army Equipment), GHQ, Middle Eastern Forces, on difficulties in distribution of ordnance stores to 8 Army, May 1942. 1 file

LIDDELL: 15/10/5

1942 Jun-Jul

Two reports on visits to Libya, 4-14 Jun 1942, and to 8 Army area, El-Alamein-Quattarra Depression battlefront, 1-16 Jul 1942, by Col Jocelyn Barlow, Staff officer, GHQ Middle East Forces, to assess performance of British, German and Italian weapons. With photographs, some captioned, showing effect of 2 pounder anti-tank gun fire on four disabled Panzer 3s, 2 pounder and 6 pounder anti-tank gun portees and quadruple Browning machine gun mounting for use in railway trucks. 1 file, 28 photographs

LIDDELL: 15/10/6

1942 Mar-1943 Feb

Papers relating to creation of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers and re-organisation of Royal Army Ordnance Corps and Royal Army Service Corps including report by Gen Sir Daril G Watson, Director of Staff Duties, on first phase of formation and organisation of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Mar 1942; minutes of Committee and 'Control' sub-committees, GHQ, Middle Eastern Forces, on formation of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, 3 Jun-19 Jul 1942; report by Lt Gen James (Stuart) Steele, Chief of the General Staff, on second phase of formation and organisation of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, 21 Feb 1943. 1 file

LIDDELL: 15/10/7

1942 Jun-1943 Mar

Papers relating to formation, organisation and functions of Quartermaster (Army Equipment) branch, GHQ, Middle East Forces including minutes of meeting to consider responsibilities of post of Deputy Quartermaster-General (Army Equipment), arising from re-organisation of Quartermaster branch, GHQ, Middle Eastern Forces, 1 Jun 1942; copy of Middle East General Orders 1010 and 1396 on creation of Deputy Quartermaster-General (Army Equipment), Jul 1942; correspondence between Lt Gen Bernard Law Montgomery, General Officer Commanding, 8 Army to GHQ, Middle Eastern Forces, critical of changes to Quartermaster branch and to creation of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, 9-13 Sep 1942; report on Quartermaster (Army Equipment) branch, Middle Eastern Forces, for Duncan Edwin Sandys, Financial Secretary, War Office, 30 Nov 1942; questionnaire from US Army observer, completed by Quartermaster (Army Equipment) branch, GHQ, on ammunition supply in Middle East Command, Jan 1943; War Office memorandum on reorganisation of Quartermaster-General's Department, Mar 1943; 1 file

LIDDELL: 15/10/8


Papers by Maj Gen William Watson Richards, Director of Ordnance Services, 1940-1942, and Deputy Quartermaster-General (Army Equipment), 1942-1943, Middle East Command, including memorandum entitled 'Middle East planning and maintenance' on operational and administrative planning and field maintenance of ordnance stores [1942]; text of lecture on importance of rubber to the war-effort, 16 Nov 1942; correspondence relating to ordnance services including transfers of Royal Army Ordnance Corps officers and advice for British Embassy, Ankara, Turkey on Turkish plans to raise an armoured division, 2-18 Dec 1942. 1 file

LIDDELL: 15/10/9

1939 Jun-1943 Feb

Papers relating to organisation and functions of Royal Army Ordnance Corps, Middle Eastern Forces, 1939-1943 including vehicle, ammunition and weapon requirements of a division, Jun 1939; ordnance requirements for troops in Middle Eastern Forces, Jan 1940; statistical tables showing numbers of vehicles per brigade and division, Aug 1942. 1 file

LIDDELL: 15/10/10


Papers relating to Royal Army Ordnance Corps in Middle East including order of battle and methods of supply of ordnance to 8 Army, Feb 1942; report entitled 'Royal Army Ordnance Corps in the Middle East, Sep 1939-Jun 1942' detailing methods of supply and role of Royal Army Ordnance Corps in Western Desert campaign; statistics on movement and supply of stores for Royal Army Ordnance Corps, Middle East Base, May 1942; manuscript map of ammunition control in Middle East Command area showing distances between major ports, factories, depots and dumps, [1942], scale not given; manuscript map showing Royal Army Ordnance Corps installations in Palestine and Syria, [1942], scale 1:1,000,000. 1 file

LIDDELL: 15/10/11


Specification and captioned photographs of US White Scout Car M2A1 or M3. 1 file, 5 photographs

LIDDELL: 15/10/12


Technical reports and captioned photographs of US 75mm Gun, M1916 A1 and US 155mm Howitzer, M1918. 1 file, 13 photographs

LIDDELL: 15/10/13


Papers relating to .45" pistol firing test, location and date not given, comparing protective properties of British, German, Italian and French steel helmets with captioned photographs of helmets before and after testing. 1 file, 16 photographs

LIDDELL: 15/10/14


Captioned photographs illustrating German Afrika Korps clothing and equipment. 1 file, 15 photographs

LIDDELL: 15/10/15


Royal Army Ordnance Corps booklet, 'Brochure of captured German and Italian equipment'. 1 booklet

LIDDELL: 15/10/16

1945 May

Report on Royal Army Ordnance Corps, Captured Stores Depot, Alexandria, Egypt, including summary of history and role of depot, list of captured weapons stored and captioned photographs of German and Italian weapons. 1 file, 8 photographs


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