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LIDDELL HART, Capt Sir Basil Henry (1895-1970)

Typescripts and page proofs of books, with related correspondence, 1935-1970

References on this page: LIDDELL HART: 15/7/1-54

Liddell Hart: 15/7/1


Photocopy of the Alexander Memoirs 1940-1945 (Cassell, London, 1962) relating to FM Harold Rupert Leofric George Alexander, 1st Earl Alexander of Tunis, edited by John North. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/7/2


Galley proof of The bastard war, the Mesopotamian campaign of 1914-1918 (Dial Press, New York, USA, 1966) by Arthur James Barker, published in Britain as The neglected war: Mesopotamia 1914-1918 (Faber, London, 1967), with covering letter from Michael Magzis, editor, Dial Press. 1 vol, 1p

Liddell Hart: 15/7/3


Typescript of The Desert Generals (William Kimber and Co, London, 1960) by Correlli Douglas Barnett, with copy letter to the author commenting on the book. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/7/4


Page proof of An introduction to strategy (Faber and Faber, London, 1965) by Général André Beaufré, translated by Maj Gen Richard Hugh Barry. 1 vol

Liddell Hart: 15/7/5


Page proof of 1940 the fall of France (Cassell, London, 1967) by Général André Beaufré, translated by Desmond Flower. 1 vol

Liddell Hart: 15/7/6


Page proof of The duel for France, 1944 (Riverside Press, Houghton Mifflin Co, Boston, USA, 1963) by Martin Blumenson. 1 vol

Liddell Hart: 15/7/7


Galley proof of Sicily: whose vistory (Macdonald and Co, London, 1969) by Martin Blumenson. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/7/8


Typescript, galley and page proofs of The Athenian empire and the British (Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London, 1961) by Thomas Callander. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/7/9


Typescript of 'Kautilya: art of war in ancient India' by Capt Shankarrao Gangadharrao Chaphekar. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/7/10


Page proof of Why France collapsed (Cassell, London, 1968) by Guy Patterson Chapman. 1 vol

Liddell Hart: 15/7/11


Galley and page proofs of Guerilla warfare (Cassell, London, 1962) by Mao Tse-Tung (translated by Samuel Blair Griffith) and Ernesto 'Che' Guevara (introduced by Maj Harries-Clichy Peterson), with foreword by Liddell Hart. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/7/12


Typescript of 'The loss of Crete' by Alan Clark, published as The fall of Crete (Anthony Blond, London, 1962). 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/7/13


Page proof of The Donkeys (Hutchinson, London, 1961) by Alan Kenneth McKenzie Clark. 1 vol

Liddell Hart: 15/7/14


Page proofs of Brasshat, a biography of Field Marshal Sir Henry Wilson (Secker and Warburg, London, 1961) by Basil Collier. 2 copies, 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/7/15


Typescript of 'The siege of Bastogne' by Peter Elstob published as Bastogne the road block (Macdonald and Co, London, 1968), with notes on the book by Liddell Hart. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/7/16


Newspaper cuttings serialising Reiter, ritter, retter, mit offenen augen, erinnerungen eines alten Württembergischen offiziers (Rider, knight and saviour, with open eyes, memories of an old Württemberg officer) by Generalleutnant Moriz von Faber du Faur. Newspaper not known. In German. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/7/17


Page proof of The general (Michael Joseph, London, 1936) by Cecil Scott Forester, with related book reviews. 1 vol

Liddell Hart: 15/7/18

1966 Oct

Typescript of '1914 la vraie guerre dura un mois' by Col Adolphe Goutard. In French. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/7/19


Typescript and page proof of The battle of France, 1940 (Frederick Muller, London, 1958) by Col Adolphe Goutard, translated by Alfred Robert Paul Burgess and foreword by Liddell Hart. With related book reviews. 1 vol, 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/7/20


Typescript of 'Sun Tzu the art of war', published as The art of war (Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1963) translated and introduced by Samuel Blair Griffith. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/7/21


Page proof of The Suvla Bay landing (Macdonald, London, 1964) by John Gordon Hargrave. With letter to publishers, declining to write foreword. 1 vol, 1p

Liddell Hart: 15/7/22


Galley proofs of Soldiers of the sea, the United States Marine Corps 1775-1961 (United States Naval Institute, Annapolis, 1962) by Robert Debs Heinl, foreword by Liddell Hart. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/7/23


Typescript of Armed forces in peacetime, Britain 1918-1940, a case study by Robin Higham (G T Foulis and Co, London, 1962), with comments by Liddell Hart. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/7/24


Page proof of The price of glory Verdun 1916 (Macmillan and Co, London, 1962) by Alistair Allan Horne. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/7/25


Page proof of To lose a battle: France 1940 (Macmillan and Co, London, 1969) by Alistair Allan Horne. 1 vol

Liddell Hart: 15/7/26


Galley proof of Stalingrad: the turning point (Macdonald and Co, London, 1968) by Geoffrey Jukes, with comments by Liddell Hart. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/7/27


Page proof of The unfought battle (Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London, 1968) by Jon Kimche, with related book reviews. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/7/28


Page proof of Defence in the nuclear age (Victor Gollancz, London, 1958) by Cdr Sir (William) Stephen (Richard) King-Hall, RN with correspondence with the publisher concerning date of publication. 1 vol, 3pp

Liddell Hart: 15/7/29


Page proof of Our times 1900-1960 (Faber and Faber, London, 1961) by Cdr Sir (William) Stephen (Richard) King-Hall, RN. 1 vol

Liddell Hart: 15/7/30


Page proof of Rommel as military commander (Batsford, London, 1968) by (George) Ronald Lewin. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/7/31


Galley proof of Wellington the years of the sword (Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London,1969) by Elizabeth Pakenham, Countess of Longford. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/7/32


Page proof of Bedford Forrest and his critter company (Eyre and Spottiswoode, London, 1938) by Andrew Nelson Lytle. 1 vol

Liddell Hart: 15/7/33


Typescript of Some aspects of administration in the Middle East campaign 1939-1943 (Atma Ram and Sons, Delhi, 1957) by Maj B N Majumdar, with correspondence with the author. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/7/34


Typescript of 'Mud, blood and men, a study of policy and military strategy in Britain, 1914-1918' by US Lt Richard Lee Malzahn, with comments by Liddell Hart. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/7/35


Typescript of 'Memoirs of an outspoken soldier' by Lt Gen Sir Giffard le Quesne Martel, with comments by Liddell Hart. Incomplete. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/7/36


Typescript of 'The sacrificial ground' by Noel Monks. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/7/36a


Copy typescript of 'Mobility and strategy in the civil war' by John G Moore, USA. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/7/37


Typescripts of 'Logic and military thinking', dated 1960 and 1966 by Col Joseph Nazareth, with covering letters. 2 copies, 1 vol, 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/7/38


Page proof of Spy by Bernard Newman (Victor Gollancz Ltd, London, 1935). 1 vol

Liddell Hart: 15/7/39


Page proof of Speaking from memory (Herbert Jenkins, London, 1960) by Bernard Newman with comments by Liddell Hart. 1 vol

Liddell Hart: 15/7/40


Page proof of The blue ants (Robert Hale, London, 1962) by Bernard Newman. 1 vol

Liddell Hart: 15/7/41


Galley proof of The German army and the Nazi party 1933-1939 (Cassell, London, 1966) by Robert John O'Neill. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/7/42


Galley proof of French revolutionary warfare (Frederick Praeger Inc, New York, USA, 1964) published in England as French revolutionary warfare from Indochina to Algeria (Pall Mall Press, London, 1964) by Peter Paret. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/7/43


Typescript of Yorck and the era of Prussian reform (Princeton University Press, Princeton, 1966) by Peter Paret. Incomplete. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/7/44

1961 Jun 30

Typescript of 'Guerillas' published as Guerillas in the 1960s (Pall Mall Press, London, 1962) by Peter Paret and John Willard Shy. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/7/45


Typescript of 'Subversive operations', dated 1954, by Charles Peach of Pennsylvania, USA, with related correspondence. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/7/46


Galley proof of War in the modern world (Duke University Press, Durham, USA, 1959) by Theodore Ropp. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/7/47


Page proof of La guerre moderne (Paris, 1935) by Polish Gen Wladyslaw Sikorski. In French. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/7/48

1969, 1970

Page proof of Singapore: too little too late (Leo Cooper, London, 1970) by Ivan Simson, with Liddell Hart's comments to the publisher. 1 vol

Liddell Hart: 15/7/49


Typescript of 'Words of wisdom on war', edited by Brig Rajendra Singh, Indian Army. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/7/50


Page proof of British generalship in the twentieth century (Arms and Armour Press, London, 1970) by Maj Gen Eric Keir Gilborne Sixsmith. 1 vol

Liddell Hart: 15/7/51


Typescript of 'Against two colonels, an illumination of the Cyprus problem with a Suez interlude' by Capt Humphrey Adam John Westrop Stacpoole, Duke of Wellington's Regt (West Riding). 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/7/52


Typescript of 'John Calvin' by C T T Taylor of Broomehill, Western Austalia, with letter to Liddell Hart from George Allen and Unwin, London, rejecting the work for publication. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/7/53


Galley proof of 1940 (William Marrow and Co, Inc, New York, USA, 1966) by Laurence Thompson published in Britain as 1940 year of legend, year of history (Collins, London, 1966). 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/7/54


Page proof of An echo of trumpets (George Allen and Unwin, London, 1964) by Reginald William Thompson, with comments by Liddell Hart to the publishers. 1 vol, 4pp


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