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LIDDELL HART, Capt Sir Basil Henry (1895-1970)

Papers on the inter-war years, 1919-1939

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LIDDELL HART: 15/3/50-54 Papers dated [1925]-1941 on Army organisation, 1926-1939



Papers relating to Army organisation, including notes on Army Council Précis No 1254 concerning military organisation in Britain and India, representation of War Office military members in the field, and administration of mechanical vehicles by different departments within the War Office [1925]; transcript of War Office memorandum, 23 Aug 1927, and newspaper cuttings announcing administrative re-organisation in the British Army; notes on War Office meeting, 13 Nov 1934, for military correspondents, outlining proposals for army reorganisation; text of 'Some reflections of army expenditure by ex-regular (infantry)' with suggestions for reform of basic organisation of the infantry, artillery, cavalry, tank and other corps in both the Regular and Territorial armies and cost effective spending, by Lt Col George Julian Selwyn Scovell, dated 21 Jul 193[7]. 1 file



Papers relating to Army re-organisation of infantry battalions, comprising copies of War Office circular letter, 23 Mar 1926, directing Aldershot, Eastern and Southern Commands to adopt an experimental organisation in one brigade during the training season; letter to War Office from Gen David Graham Muschet Campell, Commanding in Chief, Aldershot Command, 14 Nov 1930, on the ideal tactical organisation for an infantry battalion; War Office circular letter on further changes to infantry organisation; official [War Office] 'notes on tactical handling of the new (1938) battalion'; 'Notes on the new Rifle Company organisation and formations as put into practice at a Territorial Army camp', unnamed author [1930-1935]. 1 file



Papers relating to organisation and re-organisation of the British Army, comprising 'Changes in army organisation' by J Keane, Jan 1928, covering 1899-1925; statistics, from official records, comparing Indian Army organisation and home units in the 1920s and 1930s; pamphlet guide (1934) to a collection of 20,000 scale model pieces representing all aspects of life in the British Army, owned by Mr A Leicester Hewitt of Northgate, Hunstanton; brief notes on responsibilities of the Deputy Director of Military Operations and training course at the Imperial Defence College. 1 file



Papers relating to organisation of armoured forces, comprising list of essential and desirable features for battle tanks and cruiser tanks in [1930s]; diagram of organisation of armoured forces administration in [1930s]; copy of War Office circular letter to regional army commands on plans to form two armoured divisions in place of the former mobile division, with details of composition of a new armoured division and units from which they will be formed, 25 May 1939; memorandum containing recommendations for organisation and handling of armoured forces, by Maj Gen Percy Cleghorn Stanley Hobart, Cdr 11 Armoured Div, Home Forces, 15 May 1941. 1 file



Newspaper cuttings relating to reconstitution of the Army Council in Dec 1937 by Leslie Hore-Belisha, Secretary of State for War, particularly introduction of promotion by merit instead of seniority, notably by appointment of Maj Gen John Standish Surtees Prendergast Vereker, 6th Viscount Gort as Chief of Imperial General Staff; lowering of the average age of Council members from 63 to 52 years; retirement of three of the four military members of the Council and their replacement by younger men; revival of the post of Deputy Chief of the Imperial General Staff; merger of post of Master General of the Ordnance under Director-General of Munitions Production. With feature articles on Hore-Belisha and Gort. 1 file

LIDDELL HART: 15/3/55-61 Papers dated 1924-1940 on Army education, 1920-1940



Report of the Committee on the Education and Training of Officers presented to Parliament, (HMSO, London, 1924) including supply of cadets and method of examination of candidates for the Royal Military Colleges at Woolwich and Sandhurst, direct commissions, training of young cadets and postgraduate courses. 1 booklet


1924, 1934

Regulations under which commissions in the regular army may be obtained by university candidates (HMSO, London, 1924 and 1934). 2 booklets



Royal Military College, Sandhurst, 'Syllabus of the course of instruction' (1926, reprinted 1929); 'Provisional syllabus, three term-18 months course' (Sep 1929); 'Syllabus, three term-18 months course' (Feb 1930). 3 booklets



Papers relating to military education of officers at at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst and Woolwich and Staff Colleges at Camberley and Quetta, India, comprising newspaper cuttings, journal articles and letters on educational standards, methods and policies at Sandhurst, measures and proposals for reform of military education and views on amalgamation of Woolwich and Sandhurst 1933-1934; memorandum 'Suggested organisation and syllabus of work for a joint war college' author not named [1930-1939]; text of a lecture describing organisation, teaching system and objectives, syllabus, instructors, examinations, games and sports at Sandhurst, delivered by the Assistant Commandant to the visiting junior division of the [Camberley] Staff College, 12 Feb 1930. 1 file



Papers relating to the Army Educational Corps, comprising LIDDELL HART's correspondence mainly with Capt Ernest B Deakin, Lt Col Selwyn G Simpson, Col Ronald Gorell Barnes, 3rd Baron Gorell, and Maj Edward Beirne, 1935-1939, on the poor prospects for promotion within the Corps, particularly for junior officers, reduction in officer establishments since it was set up in 1920, inadequate support and grants from the War Office, and LIDDELL HART's support for the Army Educational Corp's case in his Times newspaper column; Army Council Order on re-organisation of the Corps, issued by War Office, 8 Aug 1930; paper by LIDDELL HART 'The treatment of the Army Educational Corps compared with other departmental corps', 4 Jan 1938, with suggestions for improving organisation and promotion system. 1 file



The new spirit of military education by Professor Dr Hans Willi Ziegler with introduction by Maj Gen Sir Charles William Gwynn, paper No 25 (Friends of Europe, London, 1935), being a summary of Ziegler's book of the same title, Wehrerziehung im Neuen Geiste, outlining his ideas for military teaching and preparation required by the Third Reich. 1 booklet



Army education by Thomas Stevens, Research Series No 53 (Victor Gollancz Ltd in conjunction with the Fabian Society, London, 1940) covering the history of army education from 1802, role of the Army Educational Corps, systems in Canada, Soviet Union and Spain, system in Britain in the present war and recommendations for reforms. 1 booklet

LIDDELL HART: 15/3/62-67 Papers dated 1922-1949 on Army equipment and weapons, 1914-1949



Papers relating to the equipment, weapons and clothing of infantry soldiers and the effect on mobility, comprising Army Hygiene Advisory Committee Report No 1, issued by War Office, The load carried by the soldier by Maj Norman V Lothian, Army School of Hygiene (John Bale & Sons & Danielsson Ltd, London, 1922); list of the regulation load and weight in 1930, with proposals for weight reduction; copy of report by a committee of 3 Infantry Bde examining the existing load and recommending changes, Nov 1931; letter from LIDDELL HART to Col Samuel Lyman Atwood Marshall, stating history of infantry load since World War One suggesting changes, 9 Nov 1949. 1 file



Papers relating to artillery modernisation, comprising copy of army report on combined infantry and artillery exercise on 5 Aug 1925, author not named; newspaper cuttings notably on predictor instruments for anti-aircraft guns, 1937, and manufacture of 3.7 inch anti-aircraft gun, 1938; correspondence, Sep 1936-Apr 1937, between LIDDELL HART, A P Buquor of the Martin-Parry Corporation of Canada and the War Office, on the Corporation's unsuccessful attempts to supply the War Office with their Field Gun Adapter, a gun carriage equipped with high speed rubber tyred wheels and puncture proof tubes, and Artillery Trainer, a field artillery simulator; photograph of [sighting devices for artillery] in production. 1 file



Papers relating to army munitions and weapons supply, comprising paper criticising munitions development and supply with proposal for reform of administrative organisation under the Secretary of State for War, author not known, [1930s]; analysis of the department of the Master General of the Ordnance, responsible for development of new weapons and munitions, with proposal for re-organisation, author not known, [1930s]; newspaper reports on proceedings before the Royal Commission on private manufacture of and trading in arms, 1935. With translation of article by Marshal Ferdinand Foch on need for greater reserves of weapons and munitions in time of war, originally in Le Figaro, 1 Nov 1926. 1 file


1927 Apr-1931 Nov

Letters from Charles Bridge of Vickers-Armstrong Ltd, London, relating to Vickers' promotion of its armaments, notably the Carden-Loyd light armoured vehicles, Carden-Loyd light amphibious tank, Carden-Loyd Vickers tank, Pederson Rifle and Vickers-Berthier light machine rifle, with particular reference to competition with foreign manufacturers in the British market and the importance of foreign sales. 1 file



Papers relating to new small arms for the infantry, comprising newspaper cuttings and journal articles on trials of the Vickers-Berthier machine rifle and Pederson self-loading rifle, 1930, No 4 Mark 1 rifle, 1931, and Bren light machine-gun, 1937, training exercises with rifles including those fitted with telescopic sights, and development of ammunition, notably the new German super-velocity 'Halger-Ultra' bullet designed by Dr H Gerlich, 1931; memorandum by Guy F Dowding comparing efficiency of the recoil-operated Madsen and Kiraly machine guns, Mar 1931; promotional information on the A E B bomb thrower for infantry (which did not enter service), with instructions and photographs, 1937; notes and statistics on small arms. 1 file



Papers relating to exhibition and demonstration of new army weapons and equipment, notably small arms, artillery, ammunition, armoured vehicles, engineering, signals, anti-gas and anti-aircraft equipment, comprising guide to an exhibition inventions and scientific equipment in use in the army, at Staff College, Camberley, 18 Oct 1930, and programme of a demonstration of modern weapons and equipment, Miles Hill, Aldershot, 22 Feb 1939, with text of the demonstration commentary. 1 file

LIDDELL HART: 15/3/68-74 War Office press releases on the army, 1937-1940


1937 Jun 22-1938 Jun 30

War Office press releases mainly on the army, notably conditions of service; pay and allowances; pensions; recruitment, establishments and strengths; equipment; mechanisation; training exercises, including combined forces exercises at Singapore and Malaya, Feb 1938; vocational training; organisation and administration, including reforms in the Territorial Army, Nov 1937 and artillery re-organisation, Mar 1938; promotions and appointments to commands, with biographical notes; uniform, including experimental design to be tested in 1938; annual expenditure estimates for 1937-1938; anti-aircraft defences; public engagements and speeches by Rt Hon Leslie Hore-Belisha, MP, Secretary of State for War. 1 file


1938 Jun 9-1938 Dec 29

War Office press releases mainly on the army, notably conditions of service, including new conditions for combatant officers, Aug 1938; officer recruitment, training, commissions and promotions, including introduction of new rank Warrant Officer Class 3, Sep 1938; training, including new army technical schools at Jersey, Fort Darland, near Chatham, and Arborfield near Reading, Jul 1938; accommodation; organisation, including formation of women's Auxiliary Territorial Service, Oct 1938; promotions and appointments to commands, with biographical notes; anti-aircraft defences, including formation of light anti-aircraft units in Territorial Army reserve, Oct 1938; public engagements and speeches by Rt Hon Leslie Hore-Belisha, MP, Secretary of State for War. 1 file


1938 Jan 12-1939 Jun 14

War Office press releases on Territorial Army monthly recruiting statistics including anti-aircraft units, covering establishments, new intakes and strengths. 1 file


1939 Jan 3-1939 Apr 27

War Office press releases mainly on the army, notably training; recruitment, including national service, Jan-Feb 1939, high enlistment rates for Territorial Army, Feb 1939, and opportunities for reservists to rejoin their units, Apr 1939; promotions and appointments to commands, with biographical notes; organisation, including report of the committee on the Territorial Army finance and organisation, Jan 1939, and formation of the Royal Armoured Corps, Apr 1939; political situation in Palestine and role of British forces, Jan 1939; annual expenditure estimates for 1939-1940; public engagements and speeches by Rt Hon Leslie Hore-Belisha, MP, Secretary of State for War. 1 file


1939 May 3-1939 Jul 28

War Office press releases mainly on the army, notably recruitment, including the Military Training Bill and the Reserve and Auxiliary Forces Bill, May-Jun 1939; conditions of service; equipment; training, including arrangements for new conscripts, Jun 1939; organisation; promotions and appointments to commands, with biographical notes; public engagements and speeches of Rt Hon Leslie Hore-Belisha, MP, Secretary of State for War; military co-operation with Poland and France; British army operations in Palestine. 1 file


1939 Aug 1-1939 Nov 30

War Office press releases mainly on the army and war situation, notably recruitment and conscription, including instructions for national mobilisation, 1 Sep 1939; conditions of service; pay and allowances; training; organisation, including formation of Auxiliary Military Pioneer Corps, Oct 1939, and formation of the Council of Voluntary War Work by War Office, Nov 1939; promotions and appointments to commands, with biographical notes; public engagements and speeches of Rt Hon Leslie Hore-Belisha, MP, Secretary of State for War; war strategy, including despatch of BEF to northern France, Sep 1939. 1 file


1939 Dec 6-1940 Apr 23

War Office press releases mainly on the army and war situation, notably army food rations; conditions of service; allowances; uniform; recruitment, voluntary enlistment and conscription; censorship and restrictions on postal communications and parcels to British troops in France and Norway; promotions and appointments to commands, with biographical notes; army expenditure estimates, 1940-1941; public engagements and speeches of the Secretaries of State for War, Rt Hon Leslie Hore-Belisha, MP and, from [Jan] 1940, Oliver Frederick George Stanley; war strategy, including details of military situation in Finland and Poland; lists of German U-boat prisoners of war held in Britain. 1 file


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