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LIDDELL HART, Capt Sir Basil Henry (1895-1970)

Reference material dated 1870-1974 relating to World War One, 1914-1918

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LIDDELL HART: 15/2/30-82 Papers dated [1870]-1969 relating to the Western Front, France

and Belgium, 1914-1919


1918 Jan

Notebook, written in Jan 1918, on military mining, being an expansion of a report made by the writer (not named) in Mar 1915 on the instructions of the General Staff following inspection of the mining in progress in Flanders. Mining work was initiated several times between 1915-1918 but never completed. Including manuscript colour diagrams; need to develop methods of machine-mining; tactical advantages of mining enemy lines; directions for methods and machinery of systematic mining; tunnelling and excavating machinery; camouflaging mining operations. Given to LIDDELL HART by Austin Hopkinson in Feb 1939. 1 file



Printed letters and notes by Capt Charles Edward Piercy Henderson, Officer Commanding, 71 Battery, Royal Field Artillery, BEF, on the Western Front, Sep 1914-Nov 1916, found in his kit after he was killed in action, including principles and methods in employment of artillery at the front; qualities essential in generals, artillery commanders and officers; reasons for British failure at Loos, Sep 1915; criticism of British army staff officers German tactics. Given to LIDDELL HART by Edward Piercy Henderson of Capel, Surrey. 3 vols



Papers relating to military, engineering, chemical, and ideological inventions and innovations during World War One mainly on the Western Front, including notes, correspondence and journal articles on field engineering and types of trenches; specifications and projectile capabilities of the Paris Gun, a long-range artillery piece used by the Germans to shell Paris in Mar 1918; use of poison gas; development of submarines, tanks and aircraft; motorised transport of troops and artillery; communist ideology in Russia; new state controls of trade and industry in Britain. 1 file



Newspaper cuttings relating to World War One, 1914-1918, particularly the Western Front campaigns, military and political leaders, battlefield conditions and attitudes of infantry soldiers to the war, military leaders and German army, including The New York Times Magazine, 29 Jul 1934, issue marking the anniversary of the outbreak of World War One. 1 file



Journal articles relating to the Western Front, 1914-1918, including 'Maps, G H Q' by Brig Evan Maclean Jack, in Reveille, 1 Dec 1936, and 1 Jan 1937, describing work of the topographical section, General Staff, BEF, 1914-1918; 'A clerk in the First World War' by J Jellen, in Royal United Services Institution Journal, Aug 1960, on his experiences in the Army Service Corps, posted with 5 Corps HQ in Belgium and France; 'Mademoiselle from Armentieres' by Melbert Brinkerhoff Cary, in Reveille, 1 Feb 1938, on army songs of American Expeditionary Force, 1917-1918; 'Australia in France, some candid recollections' by Maj Sidney Rogerson, 2 Bn West Yorkshire Regt, in Reveille, 1 Apr 1937. 1 file



Extracts from books relating mainly to Western Front campaigns, 1914-1918, particularly pre-war army reforms and naval expansion; political situation in Britain and relations between and opinions of political and military leaders especially FM Horatio Herbert Kitchener, 1st Earl Kitchener of Khartoum and Broome, FM Sir Douglas Haig, Rt Hon David Lloyd George, Rt Hon Winston (Leonard Spencer) Churchill and Rt Hon Herbert Henry Asquith; trench warfare; troop morale and discipline; attitudes to the number of casualties produced by the offensive strategy of leading generals, including There's a Devil in the Drum by John F Lucy (Faber and Faber, London, 1938), Haldane 1865-1915 by Maj Gen Sir Frederick (Barton) Maurice (Faber and Faber, London, 1937) and The Anvil of War, letters between F S Oliver and his brother edited by Stephen Lucius Gwynn (Macmillan and Co, London, 1936). 1 file



Ypres Times Vol 7 No 4, Oct 1934, journal of the The Ypres League (Incorporated) and membership and society information leaflet for The Ypres League. 1 file



Papers relating to casualty statistics of World War One, particularly British and German on the Western Front, 1914-1920, including photocopies from Statistics of Military Effort of British Empire (War Office, London, 1922) of monthly casualties in France, Aug 1914-Nov 1918, casualties during Somme offensive, 1 Jul-30 Nov 1916, Arras offensive, 9 Apr-6 Jun 1917, and Third Battle of Ypres, 31 Jul-31 Dec 1917, and British and German bi-monthly casualties on Western Front 1915-1918; statistics of German Army Corps and Divs in the field, their reliefs and losses during Battle of the Somme, 1 Jul-31 Aug 1916, from official German history Der Weltkrieg, 1914 bis 1918, Vol 10: Die Operationen des Jahres 1916, prepared by Military History Research Institution of the Forces (E S Mittler and Son, Berlin, 1936). 1 file



Correspondence relating to British and German casualty statistics for the Battle of the Somme, 1916, and Third Battle of Ypres, 1917, and LIDDELL HART's conclusion that the British official history Military Operations France and Belgium, 1916, and 1917 (Macmillan and Co and HMSO, London, 1932-1948), edited by Brig Gen Sir James Edward Edmonds, substantially over-estimated German losses, including transcripts of correspondence with Anton F von Bechtolsheim, Military Attaché, German Embassy, London, 1938; Brig Gen Sir James Edward Edmonds; Michael (Eliot) Howard; Alan (Kenneth McKenzie) Clark, and Maj Gen Hubert Essame. With articles by Michael J Williams, 'Thirty per cent: a study in casualty statistics' and 'The treatment of the German losses on the Somme in the British Official History: Military Operations France and Belgium, 1916 volume 2, Royal United Services Institution Journal, Feb 1964 and Feb 1966. 1 file



Newspaper cuttings, mainly obituaries, relating to the career of FM Sir Henry Hughes Wilson, particularly his role as Chief of Imperial General Staff during the major German offensive on the Somme, Mar 1918; relationship with Marshal Ferdinand Foch; policy towards Ireland while Conservative MP for North Down, Feb-Jun 1922; assassination in London by Irish Republicans Reginald Dunne and Joseph O'Sullivan, 22 Jun 1922. With pamphlet 'The British Soldier as I have known him' by Wilson, written for The Democrat, published posthumously, [1922-1923]. 1 file



Newspaper cuttings relating to the military career of FM Sir John Denton Pinkstone French, 1st Earl of Ypres, mainly during World War One, particularly as Commander in Chief of the BEF in France and Belgium, Jul 1914-Dec 1915; policies as Commander in Chief of Home Forces, Jan 1916-May 1918; relations with FM Horation Herbert Kitchener, 1st Earl Kitchener of Khartoum and Broome, FM Sir Douglas Haig and FM Sir William (Robert) Robertson, including extracts from The Life of Field Marshal Sir John French, First Earl of Ypres, by Maj the Hon (Edward) Gerald French (Cassell, London, 1931), based on diaries covering 30 Jul 1914 to 28 Jun 1917. 1 file



Papers relating to the career of FM Sir William (Robert) Robertson, Quartermaster General, Aug 1914-Jan 1915, Chief of Staff, BEF, Jan-Dec 1915, Chief of Imperial General Staff, Dec 1915-Feb 1918, including extracts from his book Soldiers and Statesmen, 1914-1918 (Cassell, London, 1926), concluding that the nature of modern warfare has lead to the subordination of military chiefs to civilian government in the control of operations, with comments by LIDDELL HART; newspaper obituaries on Robertson, 13 Feb 1933. 1 file



Papers relating to the career of Marshal Ferdinand Foch mainly during World War One, particularly his character; relations with British and French Allied commanders; command of 9 French Army in First Battle of Ypres, 1914; role as Commander in Chief of Allied armies in France, Apr-Nov 1918. Including newspaper cuttings, 1929-1954; 'Marshal Foch's achievements as military commander' by Henry Tureman Allen, Current History, Aug 1929; 'Marshal Foch and his military testament' by Brig Gen John Hartman Morgan, The English Review [May 1932]; 'Le Maréchal Foch' Revue de Defense National, Oct 1951; letters from Maj Gen Charles John Cecil Grant, Oct-Nov 1931, commenting on his book Foch, the Man of Orleans (Eyre and Spottiswoode, London, 1931). 1 file



Newspaper and journal cuttings relating to the military career of FM Douglas Haig, 1st Earl Haig during World War One, including extracts and reviews of Haig Vol 1(Faber and Faber, London, 1935) by Rt Hon Alfred Duff Cooper; letters to editor, 1949, on Haig's motives for launching and continuing Third Battle of Ypres, 1917, arising from Brig Gen James Edward Edmonds' preface to Military Operations France and Belgium 1917, Vol 2 (HMSO, London, 1948); reviews of The Private Papers of Douglas Haig, 1914-1919 edited by Robert Blake (Eyre and Spottiswoode, London, 1952); extracts from Haig's diaries, quoted in Haig, the Educated Soldier by John Terraine (Hutchinson, London, 1963), Feb 1916-Jun 1918, published in Candide, Jan-Feb 1964, containing Haig's criticism of the courage of the French army and competence of the French military chiefs. 1 file



Papers relating to the military career of FM Douglas Haig, 1st Earl Haig during World War One, comprising extracts from his diary, 10 Feb-10 Nov 1915, including battles of Neuve Chapelle and Loos; notes from At GHQ (Cassell, London, 1931), by Brig Gen John Charteris, Military Secretary to Haig in 1914 and later his Chief of Intelligence, 16 Aug 1914-16 Jul 1918. 1 file



Correspondence relating to the military career of FM Douglas Haig, 1st Earl Haig during World War One, particularly as Commander in Chief of the BEF, 1915-1919; direction and prolongation of the Battle of the Somme and Third Battle of Ypres, 1917; relationship with military and political leaders, notably David Lloyd George; ability as a military leader; posthumous reputation amongst senior military figures and historians. Including transcripts of correspondence with Capt George Alexander Eugene Haig, 2nd Earl Haig, Gen Sir (Henry) Charles Loyd, Rt Hon Auckland Campbell Geddes,1st Baron Geddes, and A H Edmonds formerly Signal Section, 5 Australian Infantry Bde; transcript of letter from Prof Hugh Redwald Trevor-Roper to Alan (Kenneth McKenzie) Clark; transcript of letter from Michael (Eliot) Howard to Royal United Services Institute Journal, for publication in Feb 1960 issue; transcript of letter from Maj Gen Sir Desmond John Falkiner Morton to LIDDELL HART. 1 file



Newspaper cuttings, including an obituary, relating to FM Herbert Charles Onslow Plumer, 1st Viscount Plumer of Messines and Bilton, mainly during World War One, including his command of 2 Army in the Ypres Salient, May 1915; role in and opinion of the Passchendaele offensive commanded by FM Sir Douglas Haig, 1917; Battle of Messines, Jun 1917, as commander of 2 Army; popularity with the troops. 1 file


1915, 1964

Publications relating the Western Front, Aug-Dec 1914, comprising special edition of journal L'art et les artistes, 1915, entitled 'Au Front (1914-1915)' featuring pictures by French artists at the front, and Pallas, revue d'intérêt général, Jun 1964, containing articles on operations of the Belgian Army during 1914. 1 file



Newspaper and journal cuttings relating to the Western Front, Aug-Dec 1914, particularly Battle of Rossignol, 22 Aug; Battle of Mons and retreat of the BEF, Aug; Battle of Cateau, 26 Aug; Battle of the Marne, Sep, and reasons for German defeat; First Battle of Ypres, Oct-Nov. 1 file

LIDDELL HART: 15/2/49/1


Papers relating to the Western Front, Aug-Dec 1914, mainly typescript reports of battlefield tours undertaken by students of Senior Division, Staff College, Camberley, 1925-1927, on the Battle of Mons and retreat of the BEF, Aug, and Battle of Cateau, 26 Aug. 1 file

LIDDELL HART: 15/2/49/2

1915 Feb

North West Europe, map including Bruges, the Schelde Estuary, Antwerp, Brussels, Charleroi, Mons, Lille, and Ypres, in Holland, Belgium and France (Geographical Section General Staff No 2733b, War Office, Feb 1915, revised edition) sheet 1 and part of 4, scale 1:250,000. 1 map (fragile condition)

LIDDELL HART: 15/2/49/3

1917 Jun

Belgium and Part of France, map including Blaregnies, Rouveroy, Maubeuge, Hautmont, Berlaimont, Foret de Mormal, Bavay, Wargnies and Autreppe (Field Survey Battalion 10886 24-10-18, Geographical Section General Staff 2743, Ordnance Survey Jun 1917, edition 2) sheet 51, scale 1:40,000. 1 map

LIDDELL HART: 15/2/49/4

1918 Jan

France, map including Denain, Valenciennes, Le Quesnoy, Avesnes, and Féchain (Geographical Section General Staff 2743, Ordnance Survey, Jan 1918, edition 1) sheet 51A, scale 1:40,000. 1 map

LIDDELL HART: 15/2/49/5

1918 Apr

North West Europe, map including St Amand, Mons, Charleroi, Mézières, Laon, Amiens, Arras and Douai, in France and Belgium (Geographical Section General Staff No 2733, War Office, Apr 1918, revised edition) sheet 4, scale 1:250,000. 1 map

LIDDELL HART: 15/2/49/6

1918 Sep

Belgium and Part of France, map including Jurbise, Ville-sur-Haine, Mons, Frameries and Bernissart (Geographical Section General Staff 2743, Ordnance Survey, Sep 1918, edition 3) sheet 45, scale 1:40,000. 1 map

LIDDELL HART: 15/2/49/7

1918 Oct

Belgium and Part of France, map including Blaregnies, Rouveroy, Maubeuge, Hautmont, Berlaimont, Foret de Mormal, Bavay, Wargnies and Autreppe (Geographical Section General Staff 2743, Ordnance Survey, Oct 1918, edition 2) sheet 51, scale 1:40,000. 1 map



Papers relating to the Western Front, Aug-Dec 1914, including extracts from notes of the War Council, 5 Aug 1914, to decide initial destination of the BEF; notes and correspondence on the 'contemptible little army' statement, referring to British troops, falsely attributed to Kaiser Wilhelm II and used by British authorities as a propaganda and recruiting slogan; account of unofficial Christmas truce by Frank and Michael Wray, 1 London Rifle Bde; notes from mainly French and German publications, 1920-1932, notably French official history of the war, Les Armées Français dans la Grande Guerre, Tome I, Vol II, compiled by the Historical Section, French General Staff, (Imprimerie National, Paris, 193[6]), on conduct of Battle of the Marne by the French High Command, Sep. 1 file



Papers relating to the Western Front, 1915 particularly Battle of Neuve Chapelle, Mar, during the Second Battle of Ypres, Apr-May; British political crisis over shortage of artillery ammunition, May 1915; Battle of Loos, Sep 1915. Including newspaper and journal cuttings, 1925-1935 and 1965; notes from French journals and books, 1924-1931; 'The Canadian Scottish at the Second Battle of Ypres, Apr 1915, the impressions of a platoon commander' (source unknown, ND). 1 file



Sir Douglas Haig's Great Push, the Battle of the Somme, special series of illustrated journals, parts 1-6 (Hutchinson and Co, London, by arrangement with the War Office [1916-1918]). 1 file



Newspaper and journal cuttings relating to Western Front, 1916 particularly Battle of Verdun including the German offensive, Feb-May and French counter-attack, Jun-Dec; Battle of the Somme and faults in the offensive plan, extensive British, French and German casualties, and use of tanks, Jul-Nov. 1 file



Papers relating to the Western Front, 1916 including extracts from Military Operations, France and Belgium 1916, Vol 1, compiled by Brig Gen Sir James Edward Edmonds (Macmillan and Co Ltd, London, 1932) with Edmonds' reflections on tactical weaknesses in the launch of the Somme offensive, 1 Jul 1916; transcripts of correspondence, Oct-Nov 1963, with J Wilfred Staddon, former platoon officer in East Surrey Infantry Regt, on his experience of the first use of tanks at Flers, 15 Sep, Battle of the Somme; notes by Neville Rosher, Feb 1968, on employment of machine guns in trench warfare in the Loos Salient, Hulluch and Hohenzollern sectors, and Somme battlefront; notes from mainly French and German publications, 1915-1932. 1 file


1917 Aug 31-1917 Nov 2

Official summaries of operations at Ypres, 20 Sep-1 Nov 1917, issued by General Staff, 2 Army, under Maj Gen Charles Harrington Harrington, dated 31 Aug-2 Nov 1917, including narratives of operations, notes on tactics, use of artillery and ammunition, and lessons for future operations. 1 file



Correspondence relating to the Western Front, 1917 including comments on statements made by LIDDELL HART in The Real War 1914-1918 (Faber and Faber, London, 1930) and his preface to The 1st Tank Battle: Cambrai 1917, by Robert Woollcombe (Arthur Baker Ltd, London, 1967); accounts of battles of Messines, Jun 1917, Passchendaele, Oct-Nov 1917 and Cambrai, Nov 1917; letters from Dr Ernst Gottsacker, May 1961-Apr 1962, relating his experiences as a member of a howitzer battery on the German front-line in 1917 and enclosing notes from interrogations of British officers taken prisoner on the [Ypres] main battle front, Jul 1917. 1 file



Papers relating to the Western Front, 1917 including extracts from Field-Marshal Earl Haig by Brig Gen John Charteris (Cassell, London, 1929), Field Marshal Sir Henry Wilson, Bart: His Life and Diaries by Maj Gen Sir Charles Edward Callwell (Cassell, London, 1927), The Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-1918, Vol 4: The Australian Imperial Force in France, 1917, by Charles Edwin Woodrow Bean (Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 1933), and The Fifth Army, by Gen Sir Hubert (de la Poer) Gough, (Hodder and Stoughton, London, 1931), on Third Battle of Ypres, Jul-Nov; extracts from Journals and Letters of Reginald, Viscount Esher, Vol 4, on how a possibility of peace was forfeited in 1917; extracts from 'HQ Tanks, 1917-1918', (privately printed, 1920) by Capt Sir Evan Charteris, former historian with Tank Corps, describing staff at HQ and commanding officers; notes from mainly French and German publications, 1920-1932. 1 file



Newspaper cuttings and journal articles relating to the Western Front, 1917 particularly Battle of Arras, Apr; Battle of Messines, Jun; Third Battle of Ypres and conduct of campaign by FM Sir Douglas Haig, trench and battlefield conditions, and the Passchendaele offensive, Jul-Nov; Battle of Cambrai and the first successful use of tanks, Nov. Including article by Brian Bond on the Passchendaele offensive in The Listener, 4 Jan 1968, and 'The Cavalry at Arras, 1917' by Maj Thomas Preston, Yorkshire Hussars, Cavalry Journal, Oct 1931. 1 file



Stand-To, Vol 10 No 1, Jan-Feb 1965 containing article by A M J Hyatt on the role of Canadian Corps Cdr Maj Gen Sir Arthur William Currie at Passchendaele. 1 file


1920, 1933

Publications relating to the Western Front, 1918 comprising War Department, Document No 1016, 'Operations of the 2D American Corps in the Somme offensive, August 8 to November 11, 1918' prepared in the Historical Branch, War Plans Division, General Staff (Government Printing Office, Washington, 1920); article 'The capture of Valenciennes "A study in co-ordination"' (Nov 1918), by Chief of Canadian General Staff, Maj Gen Andrew George Latta McNaughton, reprinted from Canadian Defence Quarterly Vol 10 No 3, Apr 1933. 1 file



Newspaper and journal cuttings relating to the Western Front, 1918 particularly Battle of St Quentin, Mar; large-scale German offensives, Mar-Jun; retreat of 5 Army during German offensive on the Somme front, 21 Mar; Battle of Amiens, Aug; Allied Somme offensive and break through Hindenburg Line, Sep-Oct; signing of the Armistice at Rethondes in the forest of Compiègne, 11 Nov. Including extracts and reviews of memoirs, histories, and diaries and commemorative articles. 1 file



Papers of Aldershot Command Staff Tour of battlefields between Amiens and Avesnes, France, 1918, dated Mar 1926, including operation objective, narrative, tactics and results, with points for discussion, on attack by 2 Cavalry Div at Moreuil Wood and Rifle Wood, 30 Mar-1 Apr; British counter-attack at Villers Bretonneux, 24-25 Apr; attack on Hamel and Vairewood by 4 Australian Div, 4 Jul; Battle of Amiens, particularly attack of 9 Canadian Bde against Rifle Wood, 8 Aug; attack on Mont St Quentin by 2 and 5 Australian Divs, 31 Aug-1 Sep; attack by 137 Bde (46 Div) at Bellenglise, 29 Sep; operations of 3 Cavalry Div near Le Cateau, 9-10 Oct; attack by 50 Northumbrian Div at St Souplet and by South African Bde north of Le Cateau, 17 Oct; crossing of the Sambre-Oise Canal by 1 Div, 4 Nov. 1 file



Papers relating to the Western Front, 1918 including extracts from papers on a meeting at the War Office, 18 May, on improving mobility of army by replacing horses with tanks to transport supplies; correspondence with former soldiers and Donald Sterling Palmer Howard, 3rd Baron Strathcona and Mount Royal relating first hand experiences of the fighting, Mar-Sep, particularly the large scale German offensives on the Somme between Arras and La Fère and against the British front-line south of Armentières, Mar-May, and reasons for retreat of 5 Army on first day of the German offensive on Somme front, 21 Mar; 'Notes on recent fighting, Mar-Apr 1918', summaries of German tactics and machine guns, issued by General Staff, Apr 1918 (HMSO, London); notes from mainly French and German publications, 1921-1932. 1 file



Postcards of photographic portraits mainly of members of the British and German royal families, including Charles Edward, Duke of Saxe-Coburg; Kaiser Wilhelm II and Kaiserin Auguste Victoria; Louise, Princess Royal and Alexander Duff, first Duke of Fife; Mary, Princess Royal; King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra; Arthur, first Duke of Connaught and Duchess Louise Margaret with children Princess Margaret the Duchess of Scania, Prince Arthur and Princess Patricia; Queen Victoria and Albert, Prince Consort with children Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, Victoria, Empress Frederick, Leopold, Duke of Albany, King Edward VII, Arthur, first Duke of Connaught, Helena, Princess Christian, Beatrice, Princess Henry of Battenberg, Louise, Duchess of Argyll, and Princess Alice. Also Emperor Franz Josef I of Austro-Hungary, Princes Leopold and Charles of Belgium, Adm Boué de Lapeyrère, Rt Hon Arthur James Balfour and John Edward Redmond MP (Main publisher J Beagles and Co Ltd, London). 17 postcards



Postcards mainly relating to World War One, particularly the Western Front, including ruins at Ypres; British tank on display in England; Louvain after destruction by the Germans, Aug 1914; French troops, 1914; portrait of FM Sir Douglas Haig on horseback by J A Joets; troops landing at Anzac Cove, Gallipoli, 1915; army airship, 'Gamma II' at Kneesworth, Cambridgeshire, 12 Sep 1912; German constabulary unit, Karlsruhe, [1903]; anti-aircraft guns on the Belgian Front, Flanders; Belgian troops parting for the front; Gen Joseph Jacques Cesaire Joffre with Gen Édouard de Castelnau, 1914; Indian Army encampment at Marseilles, 1914; Officers' Training Corps camp at Oxney Farm, Bordon, Dorset; Battle of Vimy Ridge, Apr 1917, war memorial trench. 66 postcards



Postcards entitled 'The Great European War, 1914. Fire of Louvain, Belgium, Aug 22-23-24', showing ruins in the city following the battle for its defence and after the German army set it ablaze on 25 Aug. (Ed. P. Cam. Algoet, Balham, London). 6 postcards



Postcards of official photographs of the Western Front, France and Belgium, 1914-1918, and British, Australian, New Zealand, Canadian and Indian armies, including troops marching to the front, preparing trenches, in battle, transporting and firing artillery, returning from the battlefield, and with captured German soldiers, equipment and trenches; field ambulance crews treating the wounded; ruins in cities, towns and villages notably those captured during the Battle of the Somme, Jul-Nov 1916; King George V's visit to the front [Aug 1918]; ANZACs in France particularly New Zealanders (Daily Mail War Pictures, Series 4-21, incomplete). 170 postcards, 8 in colour



Postcards of the Western Front, Belgium and France, notably Antwerp, Arras, Meaux, Rheims, and Neufmontiers, 1914-1918, and British, French, Belgian, Indian and Canadian armies, including troops in action, transporting and firing artillery; field ambulance crews treating the wounded; captured German soldiers; ruins of cities, towns and villages after bombardment; Indian soldiers in France (Héliotypie E Le Deley-Paris. William Ritchie and Sons, Ltd. Edinburgh and London). 94 postcards



Postcards of the Western Front, France, particularly the area of Verdun and Meuse River, and the Aisne River, 1914-1918, including battlefield sites, ruins in cities, towns and villages notably roads, churches, factories, field hospitals and schools (Imprimerie Lévy Fils and Compagnie, Paris). 29 postcards



Postcards of the Western Front, France and Belgium, 1914-1918 and British, Belgian and French armies, including marines arriving at Ostend; troops at the front, firing guns and artillery from woods and trenches; hospital at Senlis, France, after bombardment; aeroplanes and airship of the Royal Flying Corps at unnamed base (War Photogravure Publications, London). 12 postcards



Postcards of French anti-German propaganda cartoons, by 'Mass'beuf'. Colour and black and white (Imp. Provençale, Guiraud, Marseille). 20 postcards



Postcards from Camp Silhouette Series of British army training camp cartoons, by 'G A S' (Photochrom Co Ltd, London and Tunbridge Wells). 12 postcards



Target practice cards for 25-yards miniature range, bearing photographs of the Kaiser, the 'Royal Robber Chief' [Crown Prince Wilhelm of Germany], and a German soldier ('True Life' Target Co. Marksman Series). 3 cards



Postcards of the Hôpital de "l'Alliance", foundation Anglo-Américaine, and Hôpital de la Croix Rouge, Yvetot, France, mainly pictures of hospital wards with wounded soldiers (Maison Delamare, édition Yvetot). 12 postcards



Postcards from the Daily Mail Active Service Exhibition of World War One trenches. 3 postcards



Book of postcards of a 'cimetery of English Tanks', Zillebeke, Belgium, after the armistice in Nov 1918 (Nelson). 9 postcards



Postcards of the German artillery piece, 'Lange Max', of Leugenboom, Moere, Belgium. O N I G War Sites series, N W O I Oorlogsoorden (Ern. Thill, Bruxelles). 16 postcards



Postcards of Ypres, Belgium, before, during and after World War One, including St Martin's Cathedral and the Clothiers' Hall (Collection Photo Antony D'Ypres). 16 postcards



Postcards of the Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres, Belgium (Ern. Thill, Bruxelles). 6 postcards



Postcards of the ruins of towns and villages along Le Chemin des Dames and the Ailette River, including Malmaison, Laffaux, Pinon and Anizy (Collection l'Aisne Dévastée. B Nougarède and H Lestrat, Soissons). 20 postcards


1961 Feb 10

Letter to LIDDELL HART from [Felicity] Hope Nicholson of Chelsea, London, dated 10 Feb 1961, enclosing 'old cards', of World War One (not identified). 1p



Photographs of 'Diamonds Fields' Artillery troops with big gun 'Long Cecil' in South Africa probably during the Boer War, 1899-1902; Household Cavalry at Horse Guards Parade, London, probably pre-1914; [St Quentin Canal], France [1918]; two soldiers, photograph labelled 'Albanian garde champetre' (keepers), [late 19th century]. 6 photographs


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