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LIDDELL HART, Capt Sir Basil Henry (1895-1970)

Papers relating to Deterrent or defence (Stevens; Praeger, 1960)

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LIDDELL HART: 9/29 Papers relating to Deterrent or defence by LIDDELL HART (Stevens; Praeger, 1960)



Deterrent or defence by LIDDELL HART, manuscript and typescript material for chapters, some based upon articles written earlier and bearing original dates. 1 file

LIDDELL HART: 9/29/2-3


Deterrent or defence by LIDDELL HART, typescripts of book with some annotations. 2 files

LIDDELL HART: 9/29/4-5

1960 Apr-May

Deterrent or defence by LIDDELL HART, galley proofs, with some corrections. 2 files

LIDDELL HART: 9/29/6-7


Deterrent or defence by LIDDELL HART, page proofs, with brief manuscript index. 2 volumes



Deterrent or defence by LIDDELL HART, notes on material and composition including, 'Outline of a new book on current defence problems,' Jul 1957; with lists of sections, chapters and proposed word counts. 1 file



Deterrent or defence by LIDDELL HART, serialised extracts, including articles in Viata Noastra/Lumea Noastra, Tel Aviv, Israel, 11-20 Nov 1960 in Romanian; 'Deterrence or Defence' series of 9 articles, Jerusalem Post, 16, 18, 21, 23, 25, 28, 30 Nov, 2, 7 Dec 1960; 'Why war can be avoided' Financial Post, Toronto, Canada, 21 Nov 1960; 'The Russians, the H-bomb and you,' in 6 parts, Cape Argus, Cape Town, South Africa, 15-22 Dec 1960; series of six articles, Rhodesian Herald, Salisbury, Rhodesia, 15-17, 20-22 Dec 1960 and parts 4-6 of series in Johannesburg Star, South Africa, 20-22 Dec 1960; also including part of a series in Hebrew. 1 file



Correspondence concerning Deterrent or defence by LIDDELL HART, including acknowledgements of complimentary copies, including John Grant, The Times; Rt Hon Kenneth Gilmour Younger, MP; Raymond Fletcher; John Freeman; K W Gransden, Literary editor, The Listener; Lt Gen Charles Cumont; Lt Nikolas Paparrodou; Donald Tyerman; US Lt Gen Arthur G Trudeau; US Gen Lyman L Lemnitzer; Frederick A Praeger; Lt Col Gershon Rivlin; V Adm Sir (Cecil) Aubrey (Lawson) Mansergh; C J M Faber; Australian Col E G Keogh; Capt Eugene C Hinterhoff; Richard Howard Stafford Crossman, MP; Professor Patrick Maynard Stuart Blackett; Maj Gen George Perrotis; C Horn; AM Sir (Robert) Victor Goddard; Anthony H Cordesman, US Department of Defense; Maj George Fielding Eliot; J G Wilson; Adm Charles Randall Brown, Commander-in-Chief, Allied Forces Southern Europe; French Gen Jean Étienne Valluy, Commander-in-Chief, Allied Forces Central Europe and West German Lt Gen Adolf Heusinger. 1 file



Deterrent or defence by LIDDELL HART; English reviews, including, 'War by accident' by Raymond Fletcher, Tribune, 1 Jul 1960; review by Reginald William Thompson, Reynolds News, 3 Jul 1960; 'Checks to war,' by Brig William Francis Kynaston Thompson, Daily Telegraph, 15 Jul 1960;'LIDDELL HART and the Hagana,' by Jon Kimche, Jewish Observer and Middle East Review, 26 Aug 1960; 'A lesson from Russia,' by Professor Norman Henry Gibbs, Birmingham Post, 13 Sep 1960; 'La situation militaire de l'ouest,' by Swiss Col Ernest Léderrey, Revue Militaire Suisse, in French; review by Belgian Maj Gen Emile Wanty, L'Armée/La Nation, in French, Nov 1960; and 'European education,' by Eugene C Hinterhoff, The Tablet, 21 Jan 1961; with correspondence including V Adm Sir (Cecil) Aubrey (Lawson) Mansergh, with copy of review by 'G M' from The Naval Review [Sep 1960]; Brig Cyril Nelson Barclay, editor The Army Quarterly with copy of his review, Oct 1960; Col Walter James Shoolbred, editor, British Army Review with cutting of review, Apr 1961; John Grant, of The Times with proof of review for The Director, Sep 1961; including advertising flyers for book. 1 file


3 Sep 1960

Deterrent or defence by LIDDELL HART, review by US Sen John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Saturday Review, 3 Sep 1960, with letter to Kennedy by LIDDELL HART, 3 Sep 1960; newspaper cuttings including, 'Senator Kennedy on defence,' Guardian, 12 Dec 1960 and 'Senator Kennedy on strategy,' John Connell, The Sphere, 24 Dec 1960. 1 file



Deterrent or defence by LIDDELL HART, US reviews including, 'LIDDELL HART argues the case for effective, non-nuclear defense,' by George Fielding Eliot, Herald Tribune, 28 Aug 1960; 'Instead of h-bomb gas is prescribed,' by Marshall Andrews, Washington Post, 28 Aug 1960; 'To meet "the most likely type of aggression",' by Courney Sheldon, Christian Science Monitor, 30 Aug 1960 and review by Henry C Ramsey, Foreign Service Journal, Nov 1960; correspondence with Dr Gordon Harrison, American Embassy, London, including copy of his review, published with title, 'Rockets are not enough,' New York Times, 28 Aug 1960. 1 file



Deterrent or defence by LIDDELL HART, reviews in French including a review by Raoul Girardet, Revue Française de Science Politique, Dec 1960; 'Comment défendre l'Europe?' by Paul Serant, XX Siecle, 29 Dec 1961; '"L'armée dans la nation" du général Paul Ély,' by Jean Planchais, Le Monde, 23 Jan 1962; '"Déterrent" néologisme ambigu,' Le Monde, 31 Jan 1962; 'Pouvons-nous nous défendre? Pouvons-nous attaquer?' by Pierre Dominique, Rivarol, May 1962; including typescript of article by LIDDELL HART, 'L'alternative militaire: déterrent ou défense, la voie la plus encourageante vers la paix,' issued by Agence France-Presse, 1961. 1 file



Deterrent or defence by LIDDELL HART, German cuttings including reviews of the German edition, Abschreckung oder abwehr (Rheinische Verlagsanstalt, Wiesbaden, West Germany, 1961), '"Wenn du den frieden willst, verstehe den krieg",' Deutsche Volkszeitung, Düsseldorf, 16 Sep 1960, in German with typescript translation, 'If you want peace, you must understand war,' reporting at the end that the book will shortly be published in German; some German reviews with typescript translations or summaries including, 'Höhere strategie nach LIDDELL HART,' by Wilfried Hertz-Eichenrode, Deutsche Zeitung mit Wirtschafts-zeitung, Stuttgart, 3 Dec 1960, translated, 'The higher strategy according to LIDDELL HART'; 'Eine patentlösung für den frieden gibt es nicht,' by Paul Mahlmann, Süddeutsche Zeitung, München, 4 Mar 1961, translated 'There can be no ideal prescription for peace'; 'Abschreckung oder abwehr,' by 'K', Frankfurter Allgemeine, Frankfurt, 5 Mar 1961; translated, 'Deterrent or defence'; 'Krieg ist kein ausweg,' by M Gus, Neue Zeit, Leipzig, 1960, translated, 'War is no way out'; correspondence including Arthur Ehrhardt. 1 file



Deterrent or defence by LIDDELL HART, foreign reviews including typescript entitled, 'Translation of an article in Berlingske Tidende, Copenhagen, 2 Aug 1960, "The limitations of the h-bomb," by Erik Kragh'; 'Legacy of the sputnik,' by LIDDELL HART, first of series of six articles 'on the nuclear arms race,' Jerusalem Post, 16 Nov 1960; '"Der hoffnungsvollste weg zum frieden",' by West German Capt G Däniker, Allgemeine Schweizerische Militär Zeitschrift, Dec 1960, translated as, 'The most hopeful road to peace,' and 'Si stanno rivalutando gli eserciti "convenzionali",' by Camillo Caleffi, Corriere della Sera, Milan, 18 May 1961 with untitled English summary. 1 file


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