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LIDDELL HART, Capt Sir Basil Henry (1895-1970)

Reference material: postwar, 1945-1970, Papers, 1927-1972

References on this page: LIDDELL HART: 15/5/172-204

Liddell Hart: 15/5/172-181 UK Civil Defence, 1947-1969

Liddell Hart: 15/5/172


Publications relating to civil defence measures, 1947-1950, including booklet in French by Col J M Maruelle entitled Le Régiment de Sapeurs-Pompiers, Nov 1947; volume entitled Civil Defence. Manual of Basic Training volume II, Atomic Warfare (HMSO, London, 1950); article by 'Orontes' entitled 'Is Civil Defence in this country being organised on right lines?' from Fire. Official journal of the Fire Service, Sep 1950. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/173


Newspaper cuttings and articles relating to civil defence measures, 1948-1951, including announcement that UK Civil Defence services will be composed of the Civil Defence Corps, the Auxiliary Fire Service, the National Hospital Service Reserve and the Special Constabulary, Nov 1949; opening of the Civil Defence Staff College, Sunningdale Park, Ascot, Berkshire, 23 Jan 1950. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/174


Papers relating to civil defence measures, 1948-1964, including typescript copy of note by Maj Gen George Mackintosh Lindsay entitled 'Organisation of Civil Defence', 20 Dec 1948; typescript copy of letter from Brig John Alan Lyde Caunter, Cornwall Civil Defence Committee, on UK Civil Defence preparations, 8 May 1957; typescript copy of pamphlet entitled 'Danger official secret, RSG 6' on UK plans for military government in 'Regional Seats of Government' during a nuclear war [1963]; typescript article by Wg Cdr Sir (Eric) John Hodsoll entitled 'Leadership. The problems and needs of Civil Defence', Mar 1964. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/175


Publications and papers relating to French civil defence measures, 1949-1950, and the Session du Conseil Permanent du Comité Technique International de Prévention et d'Extinction du Feu (CTIF), Paris, 10-11 Jun 1950, including typescript article by Col J M Maruelle entitled 'La protection civile', 16 Jun 1949; typescript report, in French, from Col Maruelle to Directeur de l'Administration Générale, Départementale et Communale entitled 'Protection civile. Organisation du commandement du temps de paix', Feb 1950; typescript volume entitled 'Revue internationale du feu. Session du Conseil Permanent du CTIF, Paris, 10 et 11 Juin 1950'. With three photographs of delegates. 1 file, 3 photographs

Liddell Hart: 15/5/176


Publications relating to civil defence measures, 1951, including Peace Pledge Union leaflet entitled 'Civil Defence. What you should do now!' [1951]; information leaflet entitled You can survive in an atomic attack while in industrial areas (American Ordnance Association, Washington DC, Jan-Feb 1951); article in French by Lucien Serval entitled 'Défense passive contre bombe atomique' from Constellation, 1 Mar 1951; article by Roland Gibson Wild entitled 'Atom anxious America' from Illustrated, 3 Mar 1951; article by Harry Geoffrey Hopkins entitled 'A city plans its atom shield' from John Bull, 17 Mar 1951. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/177


Papers relating to civil defence measures, 1951-1966, including memorandum entitled 'Civil Defence Staff College, Demonstration CD UK', [1951]; typescript report by J W Goodyear entitled 'The hose unit plan. A measure in Civil Defence', with printed map of London [1955]; typescript article by Lewis Anthony Dexter entitled 'Civil defense as a problem in social innovation', Nov 1966. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/178


Newspaper cuttings and articles relating to civil defence measures, 1952-1959, including announcement of planned biological warfare tests on isolated Bahaman islands, Mar 1954; Civil Defence hydrogen bomb exercise, Coventry, Warwickshire, 30 May 1954; official support and expenditure on Civil Defence suspended by Totenham Borough Council, London, Jul 1954; appointment of Gen Sir Sidney (Chevalier) Kirkman as Director General of Civil Defence, 28 Sep 1954; article by Rt Hon Sir David (Patrick Maxwell) Fyfe, Secretary of State for Home Affairs, entitled 'The hydrogen bomb and Civil Defence' from The Listener, 30 Sep 1954; US military and Civil Defence exercise, Operation CUE, Nevada, USA, May 1955. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/179


Publications relating to civil defence measures, 1954, including article by Richard Howard Stafford Crossman, MP entitled 'Coventry and the H-bomb' from The New Statesman and Nation, 5 Jun 1954; article by Tim Raison entitled 'Who is right in the row about Civil Defence?' from Picture Post, 16 Oct 1954; article by Gershon Cooper and Roland N McKean entitled 'Is dispersal good defense?' from Fortune, Nov 1954; article by Richard Bolling and Lewis Anthony Dexter entitled 'Safety from atomic attack' from The New Leader, 29 Nov 1954. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/180


Publications relating to civil defence measures, 1955-1969, including booklet entitled Civil Defence. Report of the Labour Party Joint Committee on Civil Defence (Labour Party, London, 1955); article in French by Commandant B E M Verbruggen entitled 'La défense civile au cours de la 2e guerre mondiale' from L'Armee-La Nation, Dec 1956; article by Gerard Piel entitled 'The illusion of Civil Defence' from New Statesman, 8 Dec 1961; edition of The New Republic entitled 'Shelters and survival, a report on the civil defense muddle', 15 Jan 1962; edition of International Civil Defence (International Civil Defence Organisation, Geneva, Switzerland, Feb 1966); article entitled 'Importance of Civil Defence', author unknown, from NATO Letter, Feb 1969. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/181


Newspaper cuttings and articles relating to civil defence measures, 1960-1968, including article by M C Berenbaum entitled 'The Civil Defence fraud' from New Statesman, 3 Sep 1960; US and UK commercial production of fallout shelters, 1961-1962. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/182-186 Navies and shipping, 1947-1970

Liddell Hart: 15/5/182


Papers relating to the Royal Navy and other naval powers, including Exercise VERITY, manoeuvres by the Western Union of UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands, Jul 1949; unsatisfactory state of naval aviation, Feb 1953, including obsolete aircraft such as Fairey Firefly and Hawker Sea Fury; Exercise MARINER, Sep 1953, involving naval and air forces of NATO powers, UK, USA, Canada, France, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Portugal; launch of USS NAUTILUS, at Groton, Connecticut, first submarine to be propelled by atomic power, Jan 1954; disappearance of Lt Cdr Lionel 'Buster' Crabb, diver, and presumed death near the Russian cruiser ORDZHONIKIDZE, Portsmouth Harbour, Apr-May 1955. 2 files

Liddell Hart: 15/5/183


Papers relating to the Royal Navy, 1956-1963, including experimental high test peroxide submarines, HMS EXPLORER and HMS EXCALIBUR, Dec 1956; plan for Fleet Air Arm to play offensive tactical role and RAF to play mainly defensive tactical role, Sep 1956; abolition of midget submarines, Nov 1957; naval estimates, Feb 1958, including closure of Chatham naval base and Sheerness and Portland Dockyards, and abolition of the largest Home Command, the Nore; plans for second nuclear submarine to join the fleet in 1964 and launch of its predecessor, HMS DREADNOUGHT, Sep-Oct 1960; formation of 43 Royal Marine Commando, May 1961; testing aboard HMS LEANDER of new anti-submarine detection device known as Variable Depth Sonar, Oct 1963. 4 files

Liddell Hart: 15/5/184


Newspaper cuttings relating to the development of the hovercraft, also known as the flying saucer, 1959-1969, including Saunders-Roe SRN 1, Jun 1959; 'Flying saucers... a hard look' by Lt Col A R Nollet in the Marine Corps Gazette, Dec 1959; Government grant to Westland Aircraft for development of SRN 4, Jun 1965. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/185


Newspaper cuttings and articles relating to the Royal Navy, 1964-1970, including 'At full stretch' by V Adm Brian Betham Schofield in United States Institute Proceedings, Apr 1965 summarising developments in the Navy, 1957-1964; launch of first British Polaris submarine, HMS RESOLUTION, Sep 1966, and firing of first Polaris missile from a British nuclear submarine, off Cape Kennedy, Florida, USA, Feb 1968; phasing out of aircraft carriers, 1966-1970, including summary of plan by Adm Sir Varyl Cargill Begg, First Sea Lord, in copy of letter dated 6 Apr 1966 to 'Brian', and announcement of reprieve for aircraft carriers HMS EAGLE and HMS ARK ROYAL to mid-1970s; 'The quest for a maritime strategy' by Maj Gen James Louis Moulton in Navy, Nov 1969-Feb 1970. 4 files

Liddell Hart: 15/5/186


Newspaper cuttings relating to maritme affairs, 1967-1969, including, including 'Queen Elizabeth II a special report' on the ship QUEEN ELIZABETH II, known as QE2, in The Times, 21 Sep 1967; the wreck of the oil tanker TORREY CANYON off the Scilly Isles, Mar-May 1967; single-handed voyage round the world by Sir Francis Chichester in the GIPSY MOTH IV, May 1967. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/187-190 Civil-military relations, 1954-1967

Liddell Hart: 15/5/187


Publications relating to civil-military relations, 1954-1965, including volume entitled Civil-Military Relations, an annotated bibliography, 1940-1952. Prepared under the direction of the Committee on Civil-Military relations research of the Social Science Research Council (Columbia University Press, New York, 1954); article by William Thornton Rickert Fox entitled 'Civilians, soldiers, and American military policy' reprinted from World Politics, Apr 1955; article by Peter Paret entitled 'The French Army and la guerre révolutionnaire' reprinted from the Journal of the Royal United Services Institute, Feb 1959; article by William Thornton Rickert Fox entitled 'Representativeness and efficiency. Dual problem of Civil-Military relations' from Political Science Quarterly, Sep 1960; article by Lyle N McAlister entitled 'Changing concepts of the role of the military in Latin America' reprinted from The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, Jul 1965. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/188


Papers relating to civil-military relations, 1956-1962, including typescript article by Michael Eliot Howard entitled 'The armed forces as a political problem', Oct 1956; two typescript US Department of the Army 'Community Relations in action reports' entitled 'A successful local level community relations program', Oct 1956, and 'Successful community relations in an oversea area', Nov 1956. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/189


Newspaper cuttings, articles and book reviews relating to civil-military relations, 1957-1966, including series of four articles from The Listener on The control of military power I-IV, entitled 'Soldiers and governments' by Michael Eliot Howard, 'The role of the Minister of Defence' by Norman Henry Gibbs, 'Politics and arms in the United States' by Denis William Brogan and 'Army and autocracy in Russia' by (George) Hugh (Nicholas) Seton-Watson, 28 Feb-21 Mar 1957; article by David Thomson entitled 'Generals and hunger' from The Spectator, 26 Dec 1958. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/190


Correspondence between Liddell Hart, Oriol Pi-Sunyer, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, and Thomas De Gregori, Assistant Professor of Economics, Case Institute of Technology, Cleveland, Ohio, USA, on reviews for The Memoirs of Captain Liddell Hart (Cassell, London, 1965). With printed articles by Pi-Sunyer and De Gregori including 'Science and technology for development' reprinted from Technology and Culture, Fall 1965; 'Technology, traditionalism, and military establishments' reprinted from Technology and Culture, Summer 1966. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/191-204 Science and warfare, including chemical and bacteriological warfare, and operational research, 1939-1969

Liddell Hart: 15/5/191


Papers relating to operational research, 1938-1964, including facsimile of typescript memorandum by Professor John Desmond Bernal, Professor of Physics, Birkbeck College, University of London, entitled 'Science and national defence', Nov 1938; typescript extract from letter by Gen Sir Frederick (Alfred) Pile, 2nd Bt, entitled 'The development of operational research and of night attack', 25 Apr 1949; typescript article by O G Haywood, Jr, entitled 'Military decision and game theory', published in the Journal of the Operations Research Society of America, Nov 1954; typescript article in French by Capt R Moreau entitled 'La recherche operationnelle', published in Bulletin des Blindés, Mar 1959. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/192


Newspaper cuttings and articles relating to scientific military research, 1939-1950, including appointment of Dr Sir Charles (Galton) Darwin as Scientific Advisor to the Army Council, May 1942; article from The Listener entitled 'Should we call a halt to science?'a discussion between Cyril Edwin Mitchinson Joad, Reader in Philosophy, University of London, and Professor John Desmond Bernal, Professor of Physics, Birkbeck College, University of London, 8 Mar 1945; appointment of Sir Ben Lockspeiser as Chief Scientist to the Ministry of Supply, Dec 1946; article by Harry Geoffrey Hopkins entitled 'Britain calls in the boffins' from John Bull, 20 Dec 1947. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/193


Newspaper cuttings relating to chemical warfare, 1940-1943, including speculation on German use of war gases in bombing raids on UK, 1940-1943. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/194


Publications relating to the influence of the weather on warfare, 1944-1957, including article by John A Downing entitled 'Climate and the war. Snows of Russia, sands of Africa help win military victories' from Facts [1944]; article by Emile Lardinois entitled 'Meteorology as a servant of strategy' from An Cosantóir, the Irish Defence Journal, Apr 1952; article by Soviet Maj M F Vassilieff entitled 'Winter and war' from An Cosantóir, Aug 1953; article by Maj Reginald Cornwallis Hargreaves entitled 'Incalculable factor' from Military Review, Jun 1957. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/195


Newspaper cuttings and articles relating to speculation on wars, armed forces and weapons of the future, 1945-1950, including US Navy Exercise MICOWEX [Minor Cold Weather Exercise], North Pacific Ocean, Mar 1949; US development of surface-to-air missiles, Nov 1949, 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/196


Newspaper cuttings and articles relating to chemical warfare, 1945-1955, including death of Leading Aircraftsman Ronald Maddison, RAF, in nerve gas experiment, Chemical Defence Experimental Establishment, Porton Down, Wiltshire, Jun 1953; edition of Soviet News (Press Department of the Soviet Embassy, London, 24 Nov 1953) with article entitled 'Fresh evidence confirming the use of bacteriological weapons by the Americans in Korea and China', reprinted from Pravda, 11 Nov 1953; article by Cornelius Ryan entitled 'A new weapon of chilling terror-G-gas. We have it, so does Russia' from Collier's Magazine, 27 Nov 1953. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/197


Papers, newspaper cuttings and articles relating to scientific research and inventions, 1945-1969, including article by Maj Gen John Frederick Charles Fuller entitled 'Science and the General Staff' from English Review, Dec 1948, with typescript letter from Liddell Hart to Maj Gen Charles Anderson Lane Dunphie on the failure to use CDL [Canal Defence Light] in the 1944 battle for Caen, France, 17 May 1948; typescript article by Martin J Dent, Lecturer in Politics, University of Keele, Staffordshire, entitled 'Notes on the development and employment of more efficient bullet-proof armour', Sep 1969. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/198


Newspaper cuttings and book reviews relating to operational analysis and scientific military research, 1946-1961, including appointment of Sir Solly Zuckerman as Scientific Advisor to the Secretary of State for Defence and Chairman of the Defence Policy Committee, 1960; series of articles by Sir Charles Percy Snow entitled 'A secret war of Whitehall' on wartime antagonism between Sir Henry (Thomas) Tizard and Frederick Alexander Lindemann, 1st Viscount Cherwell of Oxford, from The Sunday Times, Mar 1961. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/199


Newspaper cuttings relating to biological and chemical warfare, 1946-1969, including US biological warfare tests, Utah, USA, Aug 1949; US development of psychochemical agents, Aug 1959; operational use of war gases by Egyptian aircraft against Yemeni villages, Jan 1967. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/200


Publications relating to nuclear, biological and chemical warfare, 1948-1962, including article by Jerome Feiner entitled 'If biological warfare comes' from Harper's Magazine, May 1948; article by Soviet Col Galkin entitled 'How the Japanese prepared for bacteriological warfare' from Soviet News (Press Department of the Soviet Embassy, London, 29 Jul 1948); article by US Lt Col S H Fletcher entitled 'Flame in the landing force' from Marine Corps Gazette, Dec 1954; article by US Lt Col S H Fletcher entitled 'Flame', on flame throwing weaponry, from An Cosantóir, the Irish Defence Journal, Mar 1955; booklet entitled Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Warfare Agents. Hearings before the Committee on Science and Astronautics, US House of Representatives (United States Government Printing Office, Washington DC, 1959); booklet entitled Research in CBR (Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Warfare). Report of the Committee on Science and Astronautics, US House of Representatives (United States Government Printing Office, Washington DC, 1959); article by Professor Ralph Morris Goldman, Professor in Political Science, University of Chicago, entitled 'Psycho-chemical weapons and disarmament' from NATO's Fifteen Nations, Aug-Sep 1962. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/201


Newspaper cuttings and publications relating to operational research, 1948-1967, including article by Sir Robert (Alexander) Watson-Watt entitled 'Operational research in war and peace', reprinted from The Advancement of Science (British Association, London, Feb 1948); article by Professor Patrick Maynard Stuart Blackett, Langworthy Professor of Physics, University of Manchester, entitled 'Operational research', reprinted from The Advancement of Science (British Association, London, Apr 1948); article by John Lewis Powell entitled 'The collapse of time', on industrial preparations for war, from An Cosantóir, the Irish Defence Journal, Sep 1958; article by H H Watson, Director of the Canadian Army Operational Research Establishment, Ottawa, entitled 'Army operational research: aims and methodology' from An Cosantóir, Dec 1961; article by Arthur Herzog entitled 'Report on a think factory' from The New York Times Magazine, 10 Nov 1963. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/202


Publications relating to scientific and technological developments in warfare, 1958-1964, including booklet by Professor Patrick Maynard Stuart Blackett, Professor of Physics, Imperial College of Science and Technology, University of London, entitled Technology and World Advancement (United Nations Association, London, 1958); illustrated volume by US Lt Gen Arthur G Trudeau, Chief of Research and Development, Department of the Army, entitled Time, Tactics, and Technology. A survey of Research and Development (US Government Printing Office, Washington DC, Aug 1959); article in French by Czech Lt Col Ferdinand Otto Miksche entitled 'Stratégie d'une guerre future' (No publication details) [1960]; printed book chapter by Albert Wohlstetter entitled 'Analysis and design of conflict systems', 1964. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/203


Newspaper cuttings, book reviews and articles relating to chemical warfare, 1968-1970, including US use of British manufactured CS [Corson-Stoughton] gas in Vietnam, Feb 1968; US nerve gas tests, Skull Valley, Utah, USA, Mar 1968; US use of chemical defoliants in Vietnam, 1968; chemical and biological warfare research at the Chemical Defence Experimental Establishment and the Microbiological Research Establishment, Porton Down, Wiltshire, 1968; Soviet development of chemical weapons, Nov 1968; speculation on control of chemical weapons treaty, 1969. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/204


Newspaper cuttings relating to the use, by the Royal Ulster Constabulary,of CS [Corson-Stoughton] gas to control riots on the Bogside estate, Derry, Northern Ireland, Aug 1969, including visit to the Bogside estate, Derry, by Rt Hon (Leonard) James Callaghan, Home Secretary, Aug 1969. 1 file


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