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LIDDELL HART, Capt Sir Basil Henry (1895-1970)

Reference material: postwar, 1945-1970, Papers, 1927-1972

References on this page: LIDDELL HART: 15/5/1-61

Liddell Hart: 15/5/1-19 Non violent resistance, 1927-1969, including pacifism and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, 1958-1966

Liddell Hart: 15/5/1


Publications relating to non-violent resistance and pacifism, 1927-1939, including booklet by Rennie Smith, MP, entitled Military service in the British Empire. Do we want conscription? (National Council for Prevention of War, London, 1927); booklet entitled Patriotism Ltd. An exposure of the war machine (Union of Democratic Control, London, 1933); booklet entitled The secret international. Armament firms at work (Union of Democratic Control, London, Apr 1933); booklet by David Davies, 1st Baron Davies of Llandinam, entitled Wanted: a new strategy (The New Commonwealth, London, Dec 1933); booklet entitled Why war? Open letters between Einstein and Freud (The New Commonwealth, London, Jan 1934); booklet by Richard Bartlett Gregg entitled Training for Peace. A Programme for Peace Workers (George Routledge and Sons, London, 1936); booklet entitled Air Force for the peace front (The New Commonwealth, London, 1939). 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/2


Papers and articles relating to non-violent resistance and pacifism, 1928-1942, including two pamphlets by Edward C M Richards entitled Facing a Kurdish raid and Shall I shoot? (Tract Association of Friends, Philadelphia, 1928); article by Richard Bartlett Gregg entitled 'The chances for non-violent resistance. A study of Gandhi's method in the West' from Unity, 7 Oct 1940; correspondence between Liddell Hart, Richard Bartlett Gregg and The Very Rev, Canon Hugh Richard Lawrie Sheppard, on non-violent resistance, 1936-1942. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/3


Newspaper cuttings and articles relating to conscientious objectors and the Peace Pledge Union, 1939-1950, including imprisonment of Stuart Denton Morris, General Secretary of the Peace Pledge Union, for offences contrary to the Official Secrets Act, Feb 1943; court martial of Capt Hon William Douglas-Home, Royal Armoured Corps, for disobeying an order to attack during the Battle of Le Havre, France, Oct 1944. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/4


Publications relating to non-violent resistance and pacifism, 1940-1945, including booklet by Very Rev Arthur Stuart Duncan-Jones, Dean of Chichester, entitled The Crooked Cross (Macmillan, London, 1940); booklet by Peter Francis Walter Kerr, 12th Marquess of Lothian, entitled Pacifism is not enough (nor Patriotism either) (Oxford University Press, London, 1941); booklet entitled Cat and mouse. The repeated prosecution of conscientious objectors (Central Board for Conscientious Objectors, London, Oct 1942); booklet by Richard Bartlett Gregg entitled A discipline for non-violence (Pendle Hill, Pennsylvania) [1942]; booklet by John Somervell Hoyland entitled Gandhi: in defence (Headley Brothers, London, 1943); booklet by Grace M Beaton entitled Four years of war (Westminster Press, London, 1943); leaflet by David Davies, 1st Baron Davies of Llandinam, entitled The paramount question [1943]; booklet by Roy Walker entitled The Wisdom of Gandhi (Andrew Dakers Ltd, London, 1944); booklet by Stephen Henry Hobhouse entitled Christ and our enemies (Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, London, 1944); booklet by Stephen Henry Hobhouse entitled A confession of faith in wartime (Society of Friends Peace Committee, London, 1945); pamphlet by Diderich Lund entitled Resistance in Norway (War Resisters' International, London,1945). 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/5


Series of four Classics of Non-Violence booklets entitled Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau; The moral equivalent to war by William James; Letter to a Hindu by Leo Tolstoy (Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoi) and The Doctrine of the sword. The law of suffering modern politics by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, (Peace Pledge Union, London, 1943). 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/6


Newspaper cuttings and articles relating to pacifism and the abolition of war, 1949-1955, including article by Albert Schweitzer entitled 'The path to peace' from The Sunday Times, 7 Nov 1954; announcement by US Gen of the Army Douglas MacArthur for the abolition of war, New York, Jan 1955. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/7


Publications relating to non-violent resistance and pacifism, 1958, including booklet by Gene Sharp entitled Which way to freedom? A study in non-violence (Plaid Cymru, Cardiff, 1957); volume entitled Report on a study of non-military defense (Rand Corporation, Santa Monica, California, 1958); article by Arne Dekke Eide Naess entitled 'A systematization of Gandhian ethics of conflict resolution' from The Journal of Conflict Resolution, Jun 1958; article by Johan Galtung and Gene Sharp entitled 'Unarmed strategy' from Mankind, Aug 1958; edition of The Journal of Conflict Resolution with article by Gene Sharp entitled 'The meanings of non-violence: a typology', Mar 1959. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/8


Newspaper cuttings and articles relating to the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, 1958-1961, including march from Atomic Weapons Research Establishment, Aldermaston, Berkshire, to a public rally, Trafalgar Square, London, Mar 1959; resignation of Bertrand Arthur William Russell, 3rd Earl Russell, as president of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Oct 1960; article by Bertrand Russell, entitled 'Civil disobedience' from New Statesman, 17 Feb 1961; imprisonment of Bertrand Russell, and thirty other members of the 'Committee of 100' anti-nuclear organisation for incitement of the public to commit a breach of the peace, 12 Sep 1961; article by (Edward) Adam Roberts entitled 'The police at midnight', on Metropolitan Police brutality against unilateralist demonstrators, Trafalgar Square, 17 Sep 1961, from New Statesman, 22 Sep 1961; article by Bertrand Russell, entitled 'Thoughts on the 50 Megaton bomb' from New Statesman, 3 Nov 1961. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/9


Papers relating to non-violent resistance and pacifism, 1958-1965, including typescript memorandum by Gene Sharp entitled 'Non-violent inter-group conflict', Sep 1958; two typescript essays by Gene Sharp entitled 'The methods of non-violent resistance and direct action' and 'The need for a functional equivalent of violent conflict as a contribution to the solution of the problem of war' [1960]; typescript lecture text by (Robert Louis) Constantine (Lee-Dillon) Fitzgibbon entitled 'The right to resist', May 1962; typescript draft book chapter, by (Edward) Adam Roberts, for The Strategy of Civilian Defence: non-violent resistance to aggression (Faber and Faber, London, 1967) entitled 'Towards a civilian defence strategy', Nov 1965. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/10


Publications relating to non-violent resistance and pacifism, 1960-1969, including article by Frederick Martin Stern entitled 'Citizen armies for multi-dimensional defense' from Orbis, a quarterly journal of world affairs, Winter, 1960; article by (Edward) Adam Roberts entitled 'Resisting military coups', reprinted from New Society, 1 Jun 1967; article by Irma Kurtz entitled 'Pat Arrowsmith-rebel with a cause. A profile of the first inmate of a British prison to be adopted as a Prisoner of Conscience by Amnesty' from Sunday Times Magazine, 9 Mar 1969. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/11


Publications relating to pacifism and unilateral nuclear disarmament, 1962, including booklet by Raymond Fletcher entitled Military thinking and unilateralism. The technical argument (Union of Democratic Control, London, 1962); typescript article by Terence Heelas entitled 'The case against nuclear strategy', Aug 1962; article by Harvey Arthur De Weerd entitled 'British unilateralism: a critical view' from The Yale Review, Summer 1962. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/12


Newspaper cuttings and articles relating to the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, 1962, including trial and imprisonment of six members of the 'Committee of 100' anti-nuclear organisation for attempting to enter RAF Wethersfield, Essex, Feb 1962; edition of Peace News, 23 Feb 1962; article by Sydney Silverman entitled 'The law and the secrets trial' from Tribune, 23 Feb 1962. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/13


Newspaper cuttings and articles relating to the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, 1963, including article by Stuart Hall entitled 'CND and the Labour Party' from New Statesman, 12 Apr 1963; circulation of 'Spies for peace' pamphlet, during Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament Aldermaston march, containing classified Civil Defence information, Apr 1963. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/14


Papers relating to the Civilian Defence Study Conference, Oxford, Oxfordshire, 6-14 Sep 1964, including correspondence and papers between Liddell Hart and Gene Sharp, John Whitfield and (Edward) Adam Roberts on conference arrangements and the publication of Civilian Defence (Peace News, London, Mar 1964) by (Edward) Adam Roberts, Jerome Frank, Professor Arne Dekke Eide Naess and Gene Sharp, Jan-Dec 1964. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/15


Typescript conference papers for the Civilian Defence Study Conference, Oxford, Oxfordshire, 6-14 Sep 1964, including 'The nature and limitations of civilian defence' by James E Bristol; 'Nature and limitations of civilian defence' and 'Advance preparations for a civilian defence policy: political and economic problems' by April Carter; 'Freedom on the offensive', 'The strategy of civilian non-violent war' and 'Organisational preparations for non-violent civilian defence' by Dr Theodor Ebert; 'Norwegian experience in World War II. Possible future role of trade unions' by Johanne Reutz Gjermoe; 'Educational preparations for a civilian defence policy' by Nils-Petter Gleditsch; 'The coup d'etat' by Canadian Maj Donald James Goodspeed; 'Resistance in the Soviet zone of Germany' by Dr Rainer Hildebrandt; 'Forms of military attack' by Lt Col Alun Arthur Gwynne Jones; 'Possible forms of changeover from military to civilian defence' by George Russell Lakey; 'Lessons from resistance movements guerilla and non-violent' by Liddell Hart; 'Encouraging wider examination of civilian defence' by Stewart Meacham; 'What does civilian defence intend to defend?' by Professor Arne Dekke Eide Naess; 'How to meet measures of the occupying power against the civil resistance' by Dr Lars Porsholt; 'Alternative strategies in facing invasion' by (Edward) Adam Roberts; 'What price civilian defence?' by Dr Theodore Roszak; 'Economic problems of civilian defence encountered in the Ruhrkampf' by Wolfgang Sternstein; 'Facing totalitarianism' and 'Tactics, methods and related aspects of resistance' by Gene Sharp. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/16


Newspaper cuttings and articles relating to the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, 1964-1965, including article by (Basil) Kingsley Martin entitled 'After Aldermaston' from New Statesman, 27 Mar 1964; resignation of Canon Lewis John Collins as chairman of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, 9 Apr 1964. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/17


Typescript report entitled 'A Quaker inquiry into Non-violent national defense', American Friends Service Committee, Peace Education Division, May 1965. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/18


Two editions of The Month (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament Information Office, London, Jan-Mar 1966). 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/19


Papers by Gene Sharp, Center for International Affairs, Harvard University, Massachusetts, USA, 1967-1969, including typescript essay entitled 'Research areas on the nature, problems and potentialities of civilian defense', Apr 1967; typescript essay entitled 'The politics of non-violent action', Apr 1968; typescript book manuscript entitled 'A dictionary of non-violent action and civilian defense', Feb 1969. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/20-61 British society and domesticand foreign policy, 1927-1970

Liddell Hart: 15/5/20


Newspaper cuttings on predictions, 1927-1962, including the outbreak and course of World War Two, 1937-1945. With letter dated 25 Mar 1939 from John Carpenter of Leicester on the possible nature of a future war. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/21


Newspaper cuttings on sport and pastimes, mainly rugby union, football, cricket, horse racing and lawn tennis, 1932-1964, including England's first victory over New Zealand in rugby union, Jan 1936; ascent of Mount Everest by Edmund (Percival) Hillary and Tensing Norkey, Jun 1953; first sub four minute mile by Roger (Gilbert) Bannister, May 1954; victory in Epsom Derby by the French horse Sea Bird II, Jun 1965. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/22


Newspaper cuttings on cartoons and cartoonists, 1936-1961, including David (Alexander Cecil) Low in the Evening Standard and Daily Herald, 1936-1958. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/23


Miscellaneous newspaper cuttings, 1936-1969, including popularity of Christian names, 1949-1965; language, slang and use of words, 1964-1969; scientology and its founder, Lafayette Ron Hubbard, 1968; Freemasonry and prominent Freemasons, 1951-1967; anthropology, 1953-1967, including forgery of Piltdown man skull, Nov 1953-1955; archaeology at Knossos, Crete, 1960-1963; charities, including the British Legion, 1949-1964; the Scout Movement, 1945-1964; hoaxes, 1950-1960; coal slide at Aberfan, Wales in Oct 1966, causing death of 144 people; town planning and the countryside, 1939-1951, including survey for reorganisation of Greater London, by Professor Patrick (Leslie) Abercrombie, 1944; searches for Loch Ness monster, Loch Ness, Scotland, 1960-1969. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/24


Papers on the potential Channel Tunnel, to connect England and France, 1938-1968, including typescript article 'The Channel Tunnel question today' by E Liebenstein of Tel Aviv, Palestine, dated Dec 1938; plan of proposed Channel Tunnel, 1949; report by the Channel Tunnel Study Group, Apr 1960, estimating the cost at £109million. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/25


Newspaper cuttings on Gallup Polls, 1939-1952, including profile of Dr George Horace Gallup, May 1940; regular polls of public opinion on the conduct of World War Two. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/26


Newspaper cuttings on the civil service, 1939-1969, including the House of Commons Select Committee on National Expenditure on the organisation and control of the civil service, Nov 1942, with 'Civil Service reform' issued by the Liberal Publication Department (Vacher and Sons Ltd, London, 1942); findings of the Fulton Committee on the civil service, Jun 1968. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/27


Newspaper cuttings on honours and awards, 1940-1969, including rejection of the Noble Prize by Jean-Paul Sartre, Oct 1964; criticism of the system of awarding honours, Dec 1964; award of title Member of the British Empire (MBE) to the Beatles pop group, Jun 1965. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/28


Newspaper cuttings on the weather 1941-1965, including theory that large-scale wars affect the weather, 1943-1944; severe winter weather, 1962-1963. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/29


Newspaper cuttings on population, birthrate statistics and immigration, 1941-1969, including highest birthrate for 18 years and evidence of larger families, Aug 1944; estimate of the marriage of 70,000 British women to soldiers of the Dominions and other countries, Jun 1945; report of the Royal Commission on Population, Jun 1949, including reduction in size of average family; immigration and racial prejudice, including award of damages to Learey Constantine, West Indian cricketer, by Imperial London Hotels, 1943-1944; trial of Michael Malik, also known as Michael X, leader of British Black Muslims, for contravening Race Relations Act of 1965, Sep 1967; profiles of Enoch (John) Powell, MP, 1968-1969. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/30


Newspaper cuttings and booklets including The chipped white cups of Dover, a discussion of the possibility of a new progressive party by Michael Dunlop Young, issued by research organisation Unit 2 (Devonport Press Ltd, London, Oct 1960); creation of parliamentary ombudsman, also known as Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration, Nov 1965; aid to underdeveloped countries, including booklet British aid to developing nations by Dudley Raymond Barker, issued by Central Office of Information (Ebernezer Baylis and Son Ltd, Trinity Press, Worcester and London for HMSO, 1964). 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/31


Newspaper cuttings on international relations, 1943-1949, including measures to prevent leakage of military secrets including restrictions on foreign embassies and nationals, Apr 1944; visit by Rt Hon Clement Richard Attlee, Prime Minister, to USA for talks with President Harry S Truman, Nov 1945, including UK's role in world politics and military situation in Korea; statement on principles of British foreign policy by Rt Hon Ernest Bevin, Foreign Secretary, Oct 1946; preparation for the Moscow Conference, Jan 1947, to consider the future government and economy of Germany. 3 files

Liddell Hart: 15/5/32


Newspaper cuttings on bureaucracy, 1943-1968, including typescript copy of 'Statutory rules and orders 1943 no 1216, semi-manufactured and manufactured articles'. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/33


Newspaper cuttings on the National Health Service, public health and welfare, and social services, 1943-1969, including relationship between smoking and cancer, Jun 1954-1965; Voluntary Service Overseas, 1963-1967; euthanasia, 1967-1969. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/34

1944-1945, 1950

Newspaper cuttings on British politics, 1944-1950, including lists of ministers and offices in the Government in Jan, Aug and Sep 1945. 2 files

Liddell Hart: 15/5/35


Newspaper cuttings on economic recovery following World War Two, 1945-1950, including plans for rationing of bread, Jun-Jul 1946; replacement of silver coins with those of copper-nickel alloy, Sep 1946; Government White Paper, also known as 'Economic Survey for 1947', on need to economise on coal, increase labour force in mines, and increase exports, Feb 1947; Government plans for recovery, Aug 1947, including longer working day for miners, reduction in petrol allowance for private motorists by one third, and restrictions on eating in restaurants and hotels; targets for industrial exports to redress balance of payment, Sep 1947; Marshall Plan for aid from USA, Jul 1948, including some £1,000,000,000 in goods and dollars; provisional four year plan for national solvency, submitted to the Organisation for European Economic Cooperation, Dec 1948. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/36


Newspaper cuttings on the railways, travel and tourism, 1945-1968, including suggestions for holidays abroad, Apr 1949; strike by railway footplate men, May-Jun 1955; report by Dr Richard Beeching on reorganisation of the railways, Mar 1963, including passenger services to be withdrawn and stations to be closed; 'The truth about the great train robbery' by Peta Fordham in The Sunday Times, 21 Feb 1965, on the robbery of the Glasgow-Euston mail train on 8 Aug 1963 at Sears Green, Buckinghamshire. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/37


Newspaper cuttings on crime, the police, capital punishment, and the legal system, 1945-1969, including vote by members of the House of Lords to keep death penalty, Jun 1948; Royal Commission on Capital Punishment, 1949-1953, including recommendation that the minimum age for the death penalty be raised from 18 to 21 years; criticism of conditions in British prisons by Victor John Collins, Baron Stonham, 1962-1963; Police Federation vote for return of capital punishment, May 1969. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/38


Newspaper cuttings on the British Broadcasting Corporation and broadcasting, 1945-1970, including articles by John Charles Walsham Reith, 1st Baron Reith of Stonehaven, ex-Director-General, on the BBC in the Sunday Express, Aug 1949; new serial 'Magnolia Street' on BBC to rival 'Coronation Street', Jun 1961; transmission of live television picture by American satellite Telstar, Jul 1962; 'That was the week that was' 1963; 'The Forsyte saga', 1967-1969; 'Civilisation' presented by Sir Kenneth Clarke, 1969. With papers relating to the report issued by the BBC 'Broadcasting in the the Seventies' including 'Crisis in broadcasting' [1969] issued by the Campaign for Better Broadcasting. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/39


Newspaper cuttings on education, universities and delinquency, 1945-1970, including 'Report of fourth annual conference' (W H Barrell Ltd, Portsmouth, [1950]) of the National Association of Divisional Executives for Education at Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, Sep 1950; Eton public school, 1960-1962; school uniforms, 1953-1961; article 'English girls' schools' by Joyce Emerson in the Sunday Times, 1 Apr 1962; education of girls, 1955-1960; Labour Government policy on public schools, 1964; relocation of academics to America, called the 'brain drain', 1964-1967; 'Guide to student life' in The Observer, 8 May 1966. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/40


Newspaper cuttings on food rationing and production, 1947-1953, including large grain harvest, Nov 1946; further cuts in rations for sugar ration, Oct 1947; end of bread and flour rationing, Jul 1948. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/41


Newspaper cuttings on coal, electricity and gas shortages, 1947-1954. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/42


Newspaper cuttings on Britain as a world power, emigration and immigration, 1947-1961, including popularity of Canada, Australia and New Zealand as destinations for potential emigrants, Dec 1956. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/43


Newspaper cuttings on the Labour Party, 1948-1963, including profiles of Rt Hon Clement Richard Attlee, Prime Minister, Rt Hon Ernest Bevin, Foreign Secretary, and Richard Rapier Stokes, Minister of Works; Small man: big world, a discussion of socialist democracy by Michael Dunlop Young in the Towards Tomorrow series, issued by the Labour Party (Victoria House Printing Co, Feb 1949); profile of the Labour Party in the The Sunday Times by William Rees-Mogg, Apr 1962; death of Rt Hon Hugh Todd Naylor Gaitskell, and election of Rt Hon (James) Harold Wilson as leader of the Labour Party, Feb 1963. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/44


Newspaper cuttings on the House of Lords and the aristocracy, 1948-1968, including suggestions for reform of the House of Lords, 1955-1956; publication of the Peerage Bill, May 1963, enabling peers to renounce their titles; 'Anatomy of the aristocracy' by Anthony (Terrell Seward) Sampson in The Observer, Mar 1962. 2 files

Liddell Hart: 15/5/45


Newspaper cuttings on civil liberty in Britain, 1949-1958, including 'Freedom and the rule of law' by Dingle Foot in The Listener, 13 Jan 1949 and brainwashing, including 'The brainwashers' by Leopold Kohr in The Spectator, 15 Apr 1960. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/46


Newspaper cuttings on the Conservative Party, 1949-1963, including recommendation of blue as the official colour of the party, Mar 1949; policy statement entitled 'The right road for Britain', Jul 1949; election of Rt Hon Alexander Frederick Douglas-Home, 14th Earl of Home as new leader following resignation of Rt Hon (Maurice) Harold Macmillan, Oct 1963. 2 files

Liddell Hart: 15/5/47


Newspaper cuttings on science and scientists, 1949-1968, including Professor Albert Einstein, 1949, and his new generalised theory of gravitation. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/48


Newspaper cuttings on the UK, 1949-1969, including anniversary articles on the outbreak of World War Two, 1949; The Times 'Review of the year', 3 Jan 1949 and 1 Jan 1951; articles on 'The sexual behaviour of young people' report conducted by the Central Council for Health Education, May 1965; 'A nation hooked on gambling' by Peter Alexander in the Weekend Telegraph, 30 Sep 1966. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/49


Newspaper cuttings on the Liberal Party, 1949-1969, including reports on annual conference at Hastings, Sussex, Mar 1949; election manifesto, Feb 1950; rumours of Conservative-Liberal pact, May 1950; announcement by Lady Megan Lloyd George, former deputy leader of the Liberal Party, of her decision to join the Labour Party, Apr 1955; Liberal Party victory at Orpington, Kent, Mar 1962; resignation of Rt Hon Joseph Grimond from leadership and election of Rt Hon (John) Jeremy Thorpe, Jan 1967. 2 files

Liddell Hart: 15/5/50

1950 Feb-Mar

Newspaper cuttings on the general election, Feb 1950, won by the Labour Party with Rt Hon Clement Richard Attlee as Prime Minister, including list of candidates and results by region. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/51


Newspaper cuttings and articles on English social structure, 1950-1962, including 'The English aristocracy' by Nancy Mitford, reprinted from Encounter, Sep 1955 and 'Class and the English' by John Coleman in The Sunday Times Magazine, 1 Jul 1961. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/52


Newspaper cuttings and articles on exploration in space,1950-1969, including first landing on the moon by US astronauts Neil Alden Armstrong and Edwin Eugene (Buzz) Aldrin on Apollo 11, Jul 1969; sightings of unidentified flying objects, 1950-1969. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/53


Newspaper cuttings on British politics, 1951-1953, including plans for Four Power Conference in Paris, Feb 1951 between USA, UK, USSR and France; resignations from the Labour Government, Apr 1951 including Rt Hon (James) Harold Wilson, President of the Board of Trade and Rt Hon Aneurin Bevan, Minister of Health, over speed and scale of rearmament; general election, Oct 1951, with lists of candidates, won by the Conservatives with Rt Hon Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill as Prime Minister. 2 files

Liddell Hart: 15/5/54


Newspaper cuttings on British politics and economy, 1954-1957, including General Election, May 1955, with results by constituency, won by the Conservative Party, led by Rt Hon Sir (Robert) Anthony Eden; election of Rt Hon Hugh Todd Naylor Gaitskell as leader of the Labour Party, Dec 1955; articles on Eden during the Suez Crisis, 1956, his resignation and replacement by Rt Hon (Maurice) Harold Macmillan, Jan 1957; oil crisis, Feb 1957, following closure of the Suez Canal, 1956. With Signpost to success by Adrian Crawley on British industry (The Sunday Times, London, Jan 1957). 3 files

Liddell Hart: 15/5/55

1956-1963, 1967-1969

Newspaper cuttings relating to UK and the European Economic Community, also known as the Common Market, 1956-1969, including details of treaty, Mar 1957 and creation, Jan 1958; negotiations on UK's membership, 1961-1963, 1967-1969. With Common Market broadsheet numbers 2, 3 and 6 (Common Market Campaign, London, Aug 1961-Jul 1962); The Common Market debate in the House of Lords, 1 Aug 1962 (HMSO, London, Aug 1962; 'Forward Britain into Europe, the case for Britain joining the Common Market' by Sir Anthony John Charles Meyer and Norman Hart (Common Market Campaign, London, [1962]); Background to the negotiations, Britain and the European Communities (HMSO, London, 1962); 'Britain is being hoodwinked, a short case against the Common Market' by Noel Armstrong (F Crowe and Sons, Norwich [1962]). 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/56


Newspaper cuttings on British politics, 1958-1963, including General Election, won by Conservative Party led by Rt Hon (Maurice) Harold Macmillan, with list of results by constituency, Oct 1959; Cabinet appointments, Jul 1960; municipal elections, May 1962, including loss of Tory control in 33 towns; dismissal of seven Cabinet ministers, Jul 1962. 3 files

Liddell Hart: 15/5/57


Newspaper cuttings on communism, 1961-1962, including series of articles in The Times, Jun 1961, on communism in Europe. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/58


Newspaper cuttings on right-wing organisations, including the National Fellowship, 1962, chaired by Edward Drewett Martell; copy of The National Socialist, Aug 1963. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/59


Newspaper cuttings on the resignation of John Dennis Profumo, Secretary of State for War and Conservative MP for Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, Jun 1963, following admission of his association with Christine Keeler, who also had links with Soviet diplomat Capt Eugene Ivanov; and the Report of the Inquiry, led by Alfred Thompson Denning, Baron Denning of Whitchurch on security aspects of the Profumo affair, including text of the Report in the Sunday Telegraph, 29 Sep 1963. 1 file

Liddell Hart: 15/5/60


Newspaper cuttings on British politics and society, 1964-1969, including General Election, Oct 1964, won by the Labour Party led by Rt Hon (James) Harold Wilson, with list of results by constituency; resignation of Rt Hon Sir (Alec) Alexander Frederick Douglas-Home as leader of the Conservative Party, Jul 1965 and election of Rt Hon Sir Edward (Richard George) Heath as successor; General Election, Apr 1966 won by Labour Party led by Wilson with list of results by constituency. 2 files

Liddell Hart: 15/5/61


Newspaper cuttings on student protests and revolt, 1968-1969, including Britain, particularly London School of Economics, 1968-1969; 'Students in revolt' by Stephen (Harold) Spender in The Sunday Telegraph, 2 Feb 1969; student protest in America, including University of California at Berkeley, 1969. 1 file


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